Etikettarkiv: Album


Twice in Eurovision and in collaboration with some famous singers Serhat released an album not long ago. An Album that will survive for a year or so… But the future?

I hope he will make at least 2 more covers, “Je t’aime, moi non plus” the old Gainsbourg/Birkin hit from 1969 and “31 All Ombra” from the Italian group Gli Uno.

His voice is like custom made for the male part of both those songs and imagen to do “Moi non plus” with a guy… Two duets, one hetero and one gay version. If he dares too without harm his reputation.

Gli Uno, in Italian, is a more unknown masterpiece but still Serhats voice in a duet with someone with a very girly voice, in a new slightly uptempo version? Heaven!!!

So Go for it Serhat…