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National Holiday

“National Holiday” you say? Yes, but not here in France, but my colleagues in Switzerland will enjoy a day in their beds eating chocolate and drink red wines all day. Celebrating an old angel or saint or something. I’m not even sure it’s a national holiday, or if it’s only the French speaking part of Switzerland.

In any case, I am FREE. And can dive into my emails without a risk to be attacked with accounting queries, Luv it.

Talking about love…. A time ago, soon a year, I loved my iTunes media player, and as you know by now all of a sudden Apple decided (or more my MacBook decided) to restore my play count to “0”. And since then I have tried to put some kind of “normal” back.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, the same MacBook decided to move all my mp3 to a new folder, Have no idea why. But instead of the external disc I use for music and photos a new folder appeared on my HD.

I love Apple, and all their products, but one thing I hate is that the computer (a.k.a. Apple) sometimes decide how you supposed to work, not you… Just caused by someone at Apple think it’s the best way ever to do it their way.

If I ever leave the Apple world and go back to a PC, it will be the reason, I want to set up my folders, cloud service etc MY WAY, not in Apples way. And don’t ask me about the apple cloud and how documents change place without you doing anything.

And why todays photo? Swiss French keyboard…. I rest my case.


21h00 tonight then

So we finally there, the ESC 2021, Semi one kick off. My views on tonights show can be found here as a PDF download.

Beside that, and the current situation in the world, let us remember Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and Madonnas performance. And let us remember it not mainly for her not so successful vocals but for her political standpoint in the now current situation in Israel and Palestine.

Not so sure that would have been popular 2021…

Another thing I cant wrap my head around at the moment is the green ring on the apple watch. Walking from home to work close the green ring, biking gives this:

Not much of an exercise really… So not I bike back and forth from work and still need to power walk in the evenings to close the ring. I mean, one reason for buying a bike was to put the exercise in the daily routines and no need for extra gym time. Not working, cycling do not burn at all. Downhill or uphill.

So enjoy tonight and let us be bitter tomorrow about the results from ESC Semi 1


As suspected

As suspected me joining Apple Music fu**** up my library – not from joining but when I decided to leave, again. I tried Apple Music when it was introduced and again a few days ago, but it is not for me. I hate Apple Music, a product developed from Apple not cause their users wanted it, they wanted it. And that’s OK, but for heavens sake why not ask the users what they want before create a monster like Apple Music.

I do not want all my playlists on my phone or iPad. I want to decide, not the cloud. And OK, leave the playlists, but for heavens sake synk all songs not some of them. I have my 40 most played songs / month in playlists, but on my phone only 38 or the worst one only 14 was synced.

I do not stream music, I buy music, CDs or mp3, so I want all songs to be there, but no…. some kind of magical disappeared.

So now leaving Apple Music so did a lot of my files and most important tags… So I have work to do. But what I hate the most right now, the play count is gone. Thank you Apple.


New update from Apple

New update, always means a lot of new stuff to learn to love, but as always some things always makes you go crazy. I had almost, almost decided to go for AppleMusic and upgrade. Even if I know I have to sit and re tag my complete music library – then came “Big Sur”.

I don’t care much if Apple change things that’s not important to me. Yes, selfish in date way. And iTunes is my holy grail and with the Big Sur update a lot of strange stuff all of a sudden happens.

First the thing that iTunes have its own life and jump between playlists without asking for it, and the red colors popping up all the time in the fields when you try to search or when copy a file to mp3 format album covers just dissaperes from the files. Again Apple try to force their customers to subscribe to Apple music. But I don’t stream music, thank you very much.

And the the two mystery files popping up every time and connect my phone to my laptop. Or the files they can’t find. Not description or name of the files, just the message you can see on the image above.

I loved computers when I told the computer what to do, now its the opposite the computer decide for you.

I wish Apple genius made house calls, I gladly pay for one to stay a few hours to put all devices together as I want it. Not what Apple want me to do.

And again Apple, when start to subscribe on Apple Music put a little tick box somewhere saying “Don’t change tags and don’t convert existing mp3 files”


Welcome Catalina

Apple released their new MacOS and as always I waited a few days for them to find all the faults and fix them before I downloaded the “Catalina”.

First of all, the download went well, took an hour or so but then… Completely trapped in a never ending update. After 7 hours I was forced to turn it all off and restart the system, and surprise, It worked perfectly. Have no idea why the screen said “Ställer in din MAC” for 7 hours.

So now I wait for all the new features to fu** up my life. Why? All updates, MacOS or iPhone, iPad and Apple TV always introduce something I never asked for, don’t want and can’t understand why someone at Apple even thought of it, and worse got it approved!

All that and the surprise that bad stuff still exists in the systems. Right now three features I really want to get rid off is the stupid feature in “Photos” called “Faces”. No one on this earth can be using this extremely stupid feature as long as it’s not working on all devises, and tag 100% random. For example I have friends who automatically are tagged with their own face as well as statues, paintings and animals, together with the fact that the same person is tagged with different faces on my iPhone, iPad and Mac Pro.

Apple, please take away that, NO ONE USES IT.

Number two is also in Photos, the selfie folder. Why? I don’t want a folder with only selfies and the nightmare is to not be able to delete it.

And then, my in Swedish so called “Käpphäst” (a thing, feature or situation you talk about for years and nothing happens, so you continue to repeat it, over and over), Apple Music.

And this is something I don’t understand why Apple don’t fix cause they want to earn money, I guess…

So if Apple just allowed their users, to connect to Apple Music, and when doing so, just with the introduction of a tick box; “I don’t want to convert my existing mp3s”, stop your complete music library to change all tagging and metadata, Apple would easy double their subscribers on Apple Music. But no, year after year, no changes at all. Why don’t they want to make money and beat Spotify and Deezer from a user experience point of view?

So, this is my reflections after less than a few hours with MacOS Catalina. I am sure I will find reasons to get back to the subject at a later stage.

Have a nice day



Yesterday I found some new applications for my iPhone to be able to get some more statistics out of iTunes media player. Might sound like a “petit” thing in a persons life but for me, a major list nerd, it’s like a 24th of December in September (Christmas in Sweden is on the 24th of December).

But still, I don’t have a way to get all this stats on my computer and from the complete music selection just on the phone and the music I downloaded to the phone.

So if you read this and have found a Apple App for iTunes or a program to download for statistics please let me know.


10 09 2019, Apple Event

Before yesterday I have never watched any of the Apple Events, just read about them, so when MacWorld from IDG published how to take part of this iconic events from your own home I jumped on the train.

So at 19h00 European time I was ready, the Apple TV app “Apple Evants” downloaded and I was ready to be the fly on the wall and experience all the fantastic keynotes, news and inventions I previously just read about.

What an anticlimax! Even if I really like to see the new products the event as an event left the viewers with a lot to wish for. The “fiesta” never took place and like an E.T. , just arrived to earth, I wondered why are the people in the audience so amazed all the time? All the, almost hysterical, applause?

But let’s see what Apple presented: A computer game platform, The new streaming service Apple TV +, news from the retail department, updated iPad, updated iWatch and the next generation of the iPhone .

To be really into this kind of event, your number one reason for step into hype mood is corresponding to the fact that you will buy a new product or love some of the services provided.

So first, I never play computer games so the new platform for gaming kind of fell through. OK, I lied a bit, I like geopolitical games but have no time to sit for hours and play. And since the game “Caesar” no longer is on the market I don’t play much. Another fact is that since I went from PC to MAC it kind of ended my computer game era. Since games on MAC is more about action games and not many geopolitical games or simulation games made for MAC. So the presentation on the game platform, not my cup of tea.

Apple TV +, turned out to offer the streaming platform to an reasonable price so I will most likely try it out. Not bad at all but a streaming platform kind of not feel like a new thing, even if it is on the Apple platform.

iWatch – Yes I have an iWatch and my take on this is so far that it is a toy. I am not at all sure I ever will buy another iWatch after this one. Things I wish for to use it more is obviously not even on Apples road map for iWatch and the presentation yesterday did not change my mind. It still is a “fun to have” gadget but far from necessary if you not a health fanatic. Counting steps, heartbeats and how many apples a day is nothing I ever will do. To show the artwork of the music you play instead of only showing the iTunes controls on the clock-face still not in the developers minds but stay on my wishlist.

iPad. iPad is a fantastic product but something you as a consumer most likely don’t upgrade as often as an iPhone. You buy it and keep the one you have until it’s not possible to upgrade it anymore. But the new features on the upgraded iPad was nice once and I will get a new one in future but maybe not yet. Even if, I made the mistake to buy an iPad Air last time I upgraded my own iPad. Useless device if you don’t live in an world with Wi-Fi everywhere.

iPhone. A new iPhone always put me in a state of panic and the “must have” mantra start to circle in my mind, and nothing changed this state of mind during the Apple event yesterday. An iPhone 11 Pro creates a feeling of “how is it possible to live without this device”, which is completely idiotic since I only use my phone for a few things: Social Media, read emails, text messages and play music. I hardly ever use it as a phone, it’s not a phone it’s a text message machine.

But still I want to upgrade but the only reason for not doing so is that the iPhone I have now is kind of my limit for how big I want my phone to be. I never upgraded to iPhone Xs cause it’s to big and the iPhone 11 Pro, if not bigger, do not shrink in size. So a purchase decision still pending.

And again i miss any news on the iTunes changes coming up and if Apple finally instructed their developers to look into the fact that if you have an enormous mp3 collection, tagged so it fits you and your lifestyle it’s not possible to subscribe to Apple Music. All I want is to join the Apple Music platform but when I join be able to click a box saying “do not upgrade existing mp3 files”. Music I then buy no problem, I can re-tag them one by one when purchased, but to upgrade with the mp3 collection you have ans see all files change tagging data into how Apple want it to be is not a choice if you have a music library with over 50 000 titles.

There is also a risk that you will end up with doublets in your library just as it happens today when iCloud sometimes gets, what we call in Sweden, “tuppjuck” (translates to “RoosterFucking”), and without your request download all purchased music in mp3 to their own format, AAC.

Actions like the above mentioned do not correspond to Apples promise during yesterdays event, to follow the single consumers needs and personal needs to customize their products and services. When it comes to iTunes it is iTunes who decides, not the consumer.

So this was my outtake from my first ever watched Apple Event and it’s presented products. All the above is my own input and not necessarily how anyone else in the world experienced it. In fact, I look forward to read some tech nerds reactions the upcoming days.

Live long and prosper,


The photo is copyright Getty Images, and downloaded from Internet to give a visual of Apples, and Apples different products presented yesterday.

Dear Apple

Yes I am sure you all thought I will stop to put this forward but not at all, cause it kind of stop me from being the 100% happy looked in Apple Customer.

I am happy with Apple, most of the times. Even if updates sometimes makes me go crazy cause of the changes and force you to sit down for hours to fix your photos or music or files when gettin´used to it it is usually ok.

But iTunes need your attention Apple. You must make it possible to click “Keep all mp3 files and meta data” IF you as a customer decide to subscribe to Apple Music.

My music library might be larger than most normal users and it have taken years of tagging, sorting and find correct album covers. Hours of get the genres I like and playlists I want. It is actually today impossible for me to subscribe to the streaming and Apple Music even if I really want to since if so all this hard work is in vain and as a customer you need to start all over to tag, sort and genre up your library.

All new bought music, ok then I can rename the metadata for each time I buy an album or song but the once already in place…. Must be able to say “No do not change to the version available in App Store” and it is so easy, as said above a “Do not match my mp3s” when starting to subscribe to the service.


My 2:nd Apple blogg

Apple TV

Picture from the webb if not allowed to use it please tell me and I will take a photo of my own apple tv and post that one.

Before the Apple event this week I touched the iWatch and my own use of this Apple gadget, missed it? Here it is.

As promised then, some other products from Apple I bought but don’t know if I will continue to use when the one I have now dies or get to old for updates.

First of all, I have no idea what version of the Apple TV i own, I can’t find that information, even if I am sure it’s there somewhere. But no, don’t find it and honestly not so important.

So why do I use Apple TV? I have my Netflix subscription via Apple TV, a surreal experience cause for some reason it’s a mix of the Scandinavian Netflix and the French, have no idea why… And most likely not Apple TVs doing. But information is sometimes in Swedish sometimes in French, the subtitles the same and maybe more confusing dubbing into French (often possible to change).

But I can also get Netflix from Orange, my Internet provider so really? Do I need an Apple TV?

Photos work well tho’ like to be able to see my photos on a bigger screen, but it took time before it actually worked. I dont know why but right now its good.

Since my Apple account is connected to Swedish Apple store (yes I still want to download Swedish music from iTunes, I can’t use some of the apps:

HBO – I want HBO but Apple store understand i’m in France so the Swedish Apple store like the computer “Say NO” – The same with SVT Play and other film applications. And I can’t connect Apple TV to a VPN service this is the most irritating thing really.

If not Apple TV will be able to provide the French selection of TV channels and I still need a TV subscription for the local stations in combination with the lack of more apps (free or subscription) for TV from other countries I most likely will keep my Apple TV until the version I have stop to work, cause I really don’t see the use right now in 2018. Things might change.

iTunes Apple TV, where I am supposed to be able to subscribe don’t work from the Swedish iTunes shop. No TV shows available.

OK – Apple movies, of course better with a Apple TV gadget BUT so many things don’t work. Apple TV ask me to grade my bought movies to be able to present better suggestions, I can’t do that on the films in the Cloud. I have all the movies graded in iTunes none of those grades are viewed on my Apple TV if I don’t download them to my devices (iPad, iPhone, iTunes). The point with a cloud is to not have to download them.

But a new version is coming up and even if all Apple updates fu** up some of the ways I like to use their products maybe some features will be better a month from now.



Happy locked in

Apple – and their products

I am a happy locked in Apple user sometimes angry as hell on some updates and ideas for me as a user to adapt to their products and not the opposite but over all the user infrastructure so far the best, for me.

And I do try out their new gadgets if possible but some products kind of never stick with me.

iWatch – I bought a iWatch when they arrived and so far the only thing my poor watch is doing besides being a watch is to moonlight as a remote for my iPhone when I listen to music. I have not found any other function working for me, or really needed. But the iWatch have made me like watches again after years just checking the time on my phone.

But the fact is, the iWatch slowly gets older and as all Apple products the version I have will most likely be to old for updates in upcoming years which leads to me thinking… Will I update to a new iWatch?

The answer right now is most likely no, if Apple don’t arrange for some kind of exchange program with a heavy discount on a new watch if “giving back” the old version. Most likely that will never happen so I think my time as a iWatch owner will end with this little machine on my arm or if I all of a sudden find a service I can’t be without.

In any case, the iWatch is not as necessary for me to change every second year as I do with the iPhone.

Next product to be discussed will be Apple TV

The picture of the iWatch is stolen from the NET, if not allowed please let me know and i post one of my own watch.