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Culture Tuesday

While the anxiety that vacation soon over (this is the downside with ever have vacation) I took a culture Tuesday, More culture is upcoming this week.

Atelier des lumières and the Dali exhibition, always amazing to visit this place. I highly recommend it even if this show was a bit of a downfall. Only the Dali part was worth the visit, the other two exhibitions was kind of blah.

I also got my new glasses today, and have no idea if I need to send the receipt myself to the insurance or not… I will do it to be on the safe side. And now I need to get used to the new pair of glasses, I will try to use them more, so the sight don’t get worse. But my AA (whatever that is) is actually better, even heard a “your eyes getting younger”. But the sight itself is worse on one eye.

So keep safe people.


Not much done

Calm weekend.

Even if it feels like nothing been done over the weekend I managed to do laundry, clean up (cosmetic clean up, not as planned but at least OK), worked some on the mp3 tagging but nothing on the 1990s Eurovision webpage…

And not visited YSL or the Atelier des lumieres, keep on waking on those.

And since its Sunday Des Devoirs, no need to stress today tho´cause no lesson on Monday but I’ve done them and it gives me one more week to study.

Second week with the new boss start tomorrow and I need to make a schedule for the upcoming Conference in Russia.



Well needed weekend coming up

As you all know by now I have been blessed with a new manager at work and it is amazing how tiered you get only by update, inform and explain tasks you more or less do everyday. So I can imagine how tiered the receiving part of all this must be after his first week. So, a well needed morning primal scream “TGIF!!!” for both of us.

So any plans for this weekend? Really, I wanted to have a haircut since I am now soon able to style my hair like Princess Leia. The supposed shorter parts of the hairstyle grown to fast as always. I planned for a cut when I am in Stockholm in a week but it’s really needed NOW. At the same time other things happening now in Paris. Both Atelier des Lumières and Le Musée Yves Saint Laurent present new exhibitions I like to see (OK not mandatory this weekend) and I also really need to clean the apartment including wash the windows before frost and cold days. It’s still none freezing outside during the days so… Let’s see how the weekend turns out, let me guess on Monday none of the above been executed.

Just remembered another thing I would like to do, just stay home doing nothing drinking a nice bottle of Vinho Verde. Might be the easiest plan to follow…

Have a Nice weekend all of you, Bon Week-End


Atelier des Lumières Paris

A chunk of culture

Todays activity in Paris, visit Atelier des Lumieres

The BIG thing right now is the Gustav Klimt exhibition and what everyone there waited for…. The painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer. So the hour of light and sound ends up in some kind of wait for a few seconds of one painting… Very strange feeling.

BUT on the other hand the Atelier des Lumieres turned out to be a amazing venue and even if not the best for people with no balance (me) or anyone with risk for epilepsy.

Well worth a visit, book in advance and visit the cemetery in the area and Piaf and Oscar Wildes graves the same day.


Gustav Klimt
Atelier des lumières