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Not much done

Calm weekend.

Even if it feels like nothing been done over the weekend I managed to do laundry, clean up (cosmetic clean up, not as planned but at least OK), worked some on the mp3 tagging but nothing on the 1990s Eurovision webpage…

And not visited YSL or the Atelier des lumieres, keep on waking on those.

And since its Sunday Des Devoirs, no need to stress today tho´cause no lesson on Monday but I’ve done them and it gives me one more week to study.

Second week with the new boss start tomorrow and I need to make a schedule for the upcoming Conference in Russia.


When you finally decide

The feeling of satisfaction

You know when you during the day think “Going out” / “Not going out” and then the calm when you  finally decides to stay home in your sweatpants (And yes they have seen better days days since you bought them back in 2004) watching bad sitcoms on the TV.

The same outfit join you for quick walk to the supermarket to buy some kind of snacks, nuts or candy and maybe a soda.

This is what happened right now in my life. The only thing not 100% “on” is that my Orangina addiction, not a taste of Orangina for a year now kind of backlashed tonight….



Well needed weekend coming up

As you all know by now I have been blessed with a new manager at work and it is amazing how tiered you get only by update, inform and explain tasks you more or less do everyday. So I can imagine how tiered the receiving part of all this must be after his first week. So, a well needed morning primal scream “TGIF!!!” for both of us.

So any plans for this weekend? Really, I wanted to have a haircut since I am now soon able to style my hair like Princess Leia. The supposed shorter parts of the hairstyle grown to fast as always. I planned for a cut when I am in Stockholm in a week but it’s really needed NOW. At the same time other things happening now in Paris. Both Atelier des Lumières and Le Musée Yves Saint Laurent present new exhibitions I like to see (OK not mandatory this weekend) and I also really need to clean the apartment including wash the windows before frost and cold days. It’s still none freezing outside during the days so… Let’s see how the weekend turns out, let me guess on Monday none of the above been executed.

Just remembered another thing I would like to do, just stay home doing nothing drinking a nice bottle of Vinho Verde. Might be the easiest plan to follow…

Have a Nice weekend all of you, Bon Week-End



Yes, I start my weekend after todays work. Not that tomorrow will be a bundle of joy, 6 month check up at the doctors office, doing the laundry (big one not fit for doing at home), des devoirs and tidy up my place.

But all to prepare for the “Gaultier Fashion Freakshow” on Saturday. And looking at the weather, since rain when you going somewhere like that is not fun, might be ok. Even if Sunday screams rain and it might rain leaving Folies Bergeres, I will be dry getting there.


Now official

If U not noticed, it’s official, summers over.

Yes, from 30 degrees to what I consider as minus degrees even it it’s not. And the dark dark mornings. Not as bad in Paris as in Sweden when you during winter with no problem at all can miss daylight completely if you have normal office hours. And I said it before, if anytime of the year Sweden need daylight saving it’s during winter, NOT summer.


Weekend’s over

Weekend – What a drag

No, the weekend as such is a nice invention but still… Doin’ nothing, nada, rien… For a lot of reasons. First of all rain, so much rain, and I need to downsize my money spending for October and November cause of the tax I wait for to be paid and then add the Halloween weekend in Norrköping and Stockholm. So stay at home and do the French homework and fresh up the mp3 tagging and have a look at this, my website. Amazed on how long it takes to get the Eurovision info ready….

But, now it’s Monday, after some bad nights with not much sleep cause of the full moon (picture bad I have no idea how to snap a good picture of the moon, cause it looks so much better IRL). And I know it’s only make believe but and maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy but I do sleep bad when the moon hanging over the Paris roof tops or where ever I am.

But let us hope for early nights this week and long sleep without interruptions from the younger crowd in the house either having a neverending apéro or storming in around 05h00 in the morning. As some of you know by now happening Mondays and/or Thuesdays.


What is considered a disease?

Today’s big question is what is considered a disease? And when is it OK to stay home.

Flue? A simple cold? Rain?

I go for rain…. I think rain is a valid sickness. It’s annoying, if you don’t stay in you will for sure catch it and like a pandemic all citizens in a huge city like Paris will be affected.

So Parisians… Shall we stay in today and call the Mutuelles?

Bonne Weekend folks


September – The starting point of everything

Let’s Go

So, already 5th of September. Kind of the start of everything.

  • autumn (Read: Paris, in rain and humidity)
  • budget planning at work (Read: “Budget you say? Means nothing to me”)
  • 6 month check up (Read: Might render a treadmill stress test)
  • Planning Halloween trip to Sweden (Read: “I do it tomorrow… What is it already October?”)
  • Winter depression (Read: It’s gettin’ darker and colder and I need sun)

And the worst thing… I have colleagues going to Morocco for work, never happens to me!!!! Not fair, I also want to go to Morocco for a few days.

Good things? Yes Ms Farmer soon release a new album



Darker mornings – and the Religion of Eeyore

So, now we really there…

Now, when I wake up in the morning it is actually dark more or less until I leave for the bus and I really meet the morning light when I reach work (picture).

Working through my photo library from my years in Paris I notice that the sunlight situation more or less the same in late August, so also the change of the colors of the trees but it looks like the amount of degrees in the early morning is lower 2018. People actually dress like early winter days back in Stockholm. And today the bus had the heat on… Awful, it was like stepping into a pre-heated sauna.

But with a fantastic summer behind us we are most likely to suffer a cold and long winter, that is Ior’ism (Eeyoreism) the only “religion” I can sign off on. Winnie the Poohs donkey friend and his “it can only get worse” insight really is the only thing you can be sure of.

If a good thing is “10” you know that what will come after is a bad “20”. All good things happening in your life will hit you back times two. Knowing this, as Ior (Eeyore), you will never be disappointed in life and soon you will see you are ready to follow a cartoon donkey and his views on life, the glass in always half empty, after rain it comes more rain even if it might be sun for a second or two…

Björn (actually not a pessimist)