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Another weekend swooshed by

Back to work then, and another weekend went by fast as usual. As you can see on the photo Laila got a new frock this weekend. Let’s hope people can leave this on alone and not rip it (as with the cheaper old one) or steal it (cause it’s not a cheap one).

I can also inform the world that yes, I did bike this morning as well… 5 degrees! And even if my colleague in Geneva claims Fahrenheit is more known than Celsius I do not agree. Especially not in Europe, so the 5 degrees is in Celsius, nothing else.

May I add the same person also write “z” instead of “s” for more or less everything a fact that take me to two different radio shows this weekend about Zarah Leander… Well worth two hours if you understand Swedish.

Ta Ta,


Startup – The French velo party

Now when more and more people coming back to Paris after their vacations the fact that I’m not even close to being a entrepreneur won’t stop me from coming up with a lot of smart idea when I take the bike around the city.

That said I think I have enough ideas to start a political party for us who choose to bike instead of Metro, Bus, Scooters and Cars etc. If anyone is a really good inventor feel free to steal the parts that is based on inventions.

  1. A device on the back of the bike that shut down the batteries used by electric bikes, scooters, mono wheels, e-skateboards and similar devices, when they are around 10 meters behind you… All to not surprise cyclists who actually use a bike like a bike is supposed to be used.
  2. Even better, all electric vehicles should be consider to be motor vehicles, need to be registered and not allowed in the bike lanes.
  3. Bike back wheels should be equipped with two big knife looking blades that folds out when pedestrians walk right out in the street when having a red light, or pass without using the zebra crossing. The blades will just cut their achilles tendon. (this idea is in line with my idea to create a backpack that propell an huge axe, when someone without a ticket try to act as an extra backpack and pass the ticket machine in the Metro at the same time as you. Just split them in half, or at least hurt them).
  4. Invent a buzzer who sounds like how a car sound when the driver must break in panic. Not just a “pling pling”. With a car break sound there is a chance that pedestrians might start to look up from their phones when passing a street.
  5. If the driver of a car don’t start to roll when they get a green light their smart phone, they must look at as soon as the vehicle stop, will melt in their hand, and being really lava hot.
  6. No children under 15 allowed on streets and sidewalks during rush hour, especially if they not reach a hight so they are visible behind a parked car.
  7. And why don’t France, like civilized countries, have a parking ban 10 meters from a zebra crossing? It actually helps to be able to see if someone is on their way to cross the street.
  8. Don’t allow white (or other colors), so called, “Child obduction vans”, to drive on narrow streets with parking on both sides of the street. It is a 30 centimeter space on both sides of such van. As a cyclist it’s not fun at all the see them coming knowing the meeting will happen. By the way, why is those vans so popular in France and Belgium?

So, now you can vote Björn in the next French election


Same, same but different

So, cause of a meeting this evening (one I, really not need to taking part of) I needed to plan a bit different today. No gym after work, but in the morning. Actually I arrived 2 minutes before the card started to work, extra points for dedication.

All went well, and as a nice surprise my company turned out to be Sting and Mylène Farmer…

Sting and Mylène Farmer “Stolen car”

Anyway, back home, turbo shower and try to be dry (stress after shower is a fungus infection in the near future) and bike to work.

Going to work in rush hour takes some planning, another route to be a bit more guarded (meaning broad roads, not the narrow ones). But it worked out well, even if I for some reason now have missed to stop the app on my watch when I arrive home or to work. Not good cause it change the daily calorie burning. Instead of 7 km in 20 minutes, 7 km in 1 hour and 20 minutes is not the same.

But all done, workout in the morning, bike to work, and still I’m first in place. But today I have to stay longer than 16h00. I guess the morning workout will be standard when we go back to original core hours.

So, that was this mornings struggle, let us now survive the day.



Rain in the morning is hell when you try to not go by Metro to work. Bike home in the afternoon is OK, who cares if you drippin’ wet arriving home? But to work?

So the options? Raining, yes, I give up and take the Metro, something that makes my day around 60 minutes longer and fu** up the evenings work out and must do (like pharmacy, groceries, laundry). If just stopped to rain or rain is in the air I put on the raincoat and go. Sound like a good and sane idea?

To bike in a raincoat is like putting a exercise bike in a sauna. When arriving to work your shirt is more or less related to a t-shirt in a wet t-shirt contest. I also developed, since I started to work out, the unfortune to sweat on my arse, so with the right kind of pants it looks like I wet myself. Fresh? Not at all, also the reason why on warm days make salt lines on the sofa. It’s a huge mon Dieu on that one.

So I can only put the AC at work on HIGH and hope to dry off before my colleagues arrive – if not specific meetings planned will most likely be around 2 hours from me arriving.


(Rumors at work is toxic.)


Even if I don’t have the answer, or handing out amazing prizes, I have a really interesting quiz on my blog today. Go wild and guess away, cause I am really curious…

Somewhere in the world there is a country where it is very dark mornings, no sunlight before 9h30 – ish, and in this country it is 100% normal to dress in a black tight tracksuit, without as much as a tiny tiny reflective devise on. It is like in the movies, camouflage yourself and go all in when it comes to a strange national sport.

When dressed up for playing the game, going out. Either walk around, invisible on the pavement, and now and then, run over the street to the other side without using the illuminated pedestrian crossing 5 – 10 meters away. Make it a sport to cross the street as many time as possible until reaching the crossing, when there… Finally… Walk against RED.

If there is a possibility cross the street where it is as dark as possible and why not just stop, and turn back?

This country also encourage the use of scooters, so the best thing for the track suit people is to buy or rent a scooter without any kind of light. So people on bikes and in cars actually can’t see them until they are max 2 meters away. This sport is even way more fun when the scooter is electric and fixed to go way faster than allowed.

The country I look for must have a deal with France so their citizens can move to Paris and there introduce this national sport to the French population.

If any of you now where in the world this country is and why they all end up in Paris when they move, please enlighten me.

In the meantime, it took ABBA 40 years to comeback, so we expect a second comeback in 2061…. The Abbatars alreay there…

Pic by: JLP @celebjacker27

Have a nice day


Added on bikes

In the middle of the workout yesterday I remembered I forgot something in yesterdays blogpost. But, no edit, I needed something for today as well, so here we go…

Another problem to bike in Paris is the visually beautiful cobblestone streets AND unfortunately also, the bike lanes.

Cobblestones gives a city an air of being old, charming and beautiful but from a practical point of view it’s not the best material.

Here in Paris they also realize this but attack the problem in a very strange way, the put asphalt over the cobblestones. Just two weeks ago they finalized this kind of work outside the office where I work… Took three weeks to dig up, place the cobblestones back and asphalt it.

Now two weeks later the layer of asphalt is worn down already and the street is not as smooth as expected.

In any case, a need, if you want to make Paris a bike friendly city is to asphalt the bike lanes. And do it well.

So that was the bike lane thingy of the day


Will Paris ever be a city for cyclists?

As all of inner Paris knows, the city of Paris work hard to make Paris more bike friendly and have set up a lot of different bike lines since the Corona pandemic started.

From the beginning it was a way to put less pressure on the Metro system, to not spread the virus, but it is said to be more or less permanent now when more and more people use bikes to get to work. But does it mean that Paris is ready for this?

Note that a few of my points now is my 100% own reflections and opinions. None might fit yours, or some or all.

First thing first, electric bikes and scooters is motor vehicles, NOT a bike. So no electric bikes or scooters on the bike lanes. Especially scooters cause you can’t hear them when they are behind you, and if you need to make a hard break or do a fast turn over cause of glass on the street or something you crash, for sure, not knowing you have a scooter behind you.

None of the above vehicles is eco friendly either which is the reason for them even being there. And why include electric bikes in this? Cause they are mopeds with drivers thinking they are on a normal bicycle. Complete killing machines.

The city must educate people that the bike lanes do not double as a secondary parking slot, especially in rush hour. The need to turn out in the traffic in rush hour cause someone parked in the bike lane to: “Just buy a baugette”, “Wait for my kid coming out from the school”, “Just needed to take a call” etc etc is as dangerous for the person on the bike as there was no bike lane.

In Sweden, and when a pedestrian or driving a car, the 10 meter law might seem redundant… But here in Paris I suddenly understand why. So what is the 10 meter law, you can’t park 10 meters before a zebra crossing. Here in Paris cars even park ON the zebra crossing for pedestrians, so coming on a bike you have not a chance to see if someone is stepping out to cross the street. Especially if it is a crossing without traffic lights.

Would Paris car drivers follow such a rule? Most likely not, that’s why it might be a good idea to put bike parking there, no car can then park there.

And talking traffic lights. The city have done a great job setting up traffic lights also for cyclists, but one big mistake… They switch from red to green at the same time as for the cars… Please, put the cyclist “green” 5 seconds before the cars… Cause going from a stand still on a bike to moving forward is a bit wobbly, and in rush hour it’s not a great idea to go a round of “whos toughest, car or bicycle”.

Narrow streets, with new bike lines… How did the city think there? To paint bike lanes in narrow streets it’s not possible to have:

  1. Car parking on both sides of the street. You bound to either crash with oncoming traffic, or scratch the parked vehicles.
  2. Restaurant terraces build on former parking spaces. I know the reason, I know it’s great when you sit there, but for traffic reasons not a fan.

And of course the city need more safe parking spaces for bikes, as a cyclist I can even subscribe, with a monthly fee, for some kind of safe parking for bikes – or at least put more parking spaces up (like the suggestion above, in the 10 meter area before a zebra crossing).

Also, the bike lanes painted in the middle of broad roads, is not there for car parking or passing the queue of vehicles waiting for a green light.

And… Don’t cyclists do anything wrong? Is it all just asking for more perks for the cyclists? Oh believe me, just as new more bikes on the Paris streets is to drivers of cars and motorcyclists, moped drivers and those annoying electric scooters – new cyclists also need to shape up and follow some rules.

My first is to make it as forbidden as when driving a car to text on your mobile. And let the police stop people doing that. Note that this dangerous activity is mainly done by cyclists on electric bikes since they can keep balance going forward by electric power. It’s tougher for someone on a normal bike.

Use the “pling” when passing another cyclist on the bike lane so he or she knows you’re going to pass.

Stop when it’s a red traffic light. You do not save a lot of time to just follow the rules.

Over all, I feel more or less safe in the Paris traffic, even if you really need to keep more of an eye on the traffic around you here than in Stockholm (which by the way not a paradise for cyclists). And if an accident ever will happen I am sure it will be more cause by a pedestrian or another cyclist than with a car. Cause they do strange things in traffic for sure.

Thank you for letting me take up some of your time.


Humongous Kissekatt

Left work yesterday and run into the paws of this little fellow feline watching Place de la Concorde in Paris. A “pop up cat” in the French capital at the same time as they dig up the street behind it. Ugly every day life meets art.

Remind me that there are a lot of Moroccans running around in Agadir calling the cats there “kissekatt” – and that is my fault…

This morning everything was ready for the first bike ride to (and later from) work when a glance at the weather app said: “no”. Maybe a good thing cause I should practice the planned route at least once before I do it for real. So, Weekend project.


First spin with Laila

Laila, my bike, was out for her first spin today. Took the same track as I power walked in the morning, just to get the feel of the traffic and how it will be to use the bike as my number one transport, and it will be interesting.

First of all, it’s true, you do not need to learn again how to bike, it’s in there. What you do need to learn though is the different traffic situation between Tungelsta and Paris. I used my bike in Sweden between my home and the commute station in Västerhaninge. A one way 6.3 km bike ride. From my Paris home to work it’s only 3 – 3.5 km so I think I will survive that even if it’s downhill all the way too work, and uphill home I hope that after a while I have enough power in my legs to not need to stop on the way.

And the traffic, yes it is a bit heavier than in Tungelsta. I mean, going from A to B then made me meet maybe 2 -3 cars on the way, so I need to learn to keep a bit more attention too what’s happening around me and learn that traffic lights also apply to me.

But if anything will cause me to fall or collide I realized today that it won’t be other vehicles it will be potholes and loose cobblestones, the real nightmare here in Paris.

But it was nice to finally get out there and be a bike guy again.


Passed weekend

Laissez-moi vous présenter Laila, Let me introduce you to Laila, Låt mig presentera Laila.

Yes it is a fact, I am with bike, and unfortunately with helmet. Helmet do not add to the “look of the day” as you all understand. But it might help to add more days alive to create the “look of the day” – so I got one. More or less just cause in my head I heard my mother go: “You do not ride a bike in Paris without a helmet”.

And it makes sense cause I truly do not have any balance at all. And just going from the shop to my home, not further away than maybe 200 meters, I realized that “Just riding a bike” is not true. Honestly you need somewhere to practice to get the hang of it, especially on narrow Paris roads with cars parked on both sides. To scratch cars is not a good thing.

So I might come back to the subject of riding a bike in Paris.


As you all know my iTunes decided to delete all my play counts when I decided to go back from Apple music to just iTunes again. So my playlists won’t look normal for a long time yet, but it’s still fun to follow what’s happening. So This mornings album plays, top 5:

Top 5 albums this morning

Good Helmet on you all.