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Humongous Kissekatt

Left work yesterday and run into the paws of this little fellow feline watching Place de la Concorde in Paris. A “pop up cat” in the French capital at the same time as they dig up the street behind it. Ugly every day life meets art.

Remind me that there are a lot of Moroccans running around in Agadir calling the cats there “kissekatt” – and that is my fault…

This morning everything was ready for the first bike ride to (and later from) work when a glance at the weather app said: “no”. Maybe a good thing cause I should practice the planned route at least once before I do it for real. So, Weekend project.


First spin with Laila

Laila, my bike, was out for her first spin today. Took the same track as I power walked in the morning, just to get the feel of the traffic and how it will be to use the bike as my number one transport, and it will be interesting.

First of all, it’s true, you do not need to learn again how to bike, it’s in there. What you do need to learn though is the different traffic situation between Tungelsta and Paris. I used my bike in Sweden between my home and the commute station in Västerhaninge. A one way 6.3 km bike ride. From my Paris home to work it’s only 3 – 3.5 km so I think I will survive that even if it’s downhill all the way too work, and uphill home I hope that after a while I have enough power in my legs to not need to stop on the way.

And the traffic, yes it is a bit heavier than in Tungelsta. I mean, going from A to B then made me meet maybe 2 -3 cars on the way, so I need to learn to keep a bit more attention too what’s happening around me and learn that traffic lights also apply to me.

But if anything will cause me to fall or collide I realized today that it won’t be other vehicles it will be potholes and loose cobblestones, the real nightmare here in Paris.

But it was nice to finally get out there and be a bike guy again.


Passed weekend

Laissez-moi vous présenter Laila, Let me introduce you to Laila, Låt mig presentera Laila.

Yes it is a fact, I am with bike, and unfortunately with helmet. Helmet do not add to the “look of the day” as you all understand. But it might help to add more days alive to create the “look of the day” – so I got one. More or less just cause in my head I heard my mother go: “You do not ride a bike in Paris without a helmet”.

And it makes sense cause I truly do not have any balance at all. And just going from the shop to my home, not further away than maybe 200 meters, I realized that “Just riding a bike” is not true. Honestly you need somewhere to practice to get the hang of it, especially on narrow Paris roads with cars parked on both sides. To scratch cars is not a good thing.

So I might come back to the subject of riding a bike in Paris.


As you all know my iTunes decided to delete all my play counts when I decided to go back from Apple music to just iTunes again. So my playlists won’t look normal for a long time yet, but it’s still fun to follow what’s happening. So This mornings album plays, top 5:

Top 5 albums this morning

Good Helmet on you all.


Told you all a few days ago how RATP hated me and the Paris population by cancelling the perfect bus line 81 in Paris and I needed alternatives. One option was to either buy a Scooter (Trottinette) or use the system with public scooters. All since the best and by me most wanted option, to buy a bike, not an option since I have no place for a bike.

But, now knowing that 81 will be replaced by 21 I think I will survive. The only change is that the bus last stop won’t be Chatelet it will continue out in the suburbs.

So no need for panic yet