Etikettarkiv: Canada

Spelled wrong

We all been there… Starbucks spell your name in the wrong way, it is more surprising if the name turn up right on the side of the cup, and no matter if you are a Jane, Jim or Bill or a Gregorious, Al-Abdullah or like my name, Björn. Not 100% correct here:

Piyau – Not Björn at all. Starbucks in Mexico, Playa del Carmen

I seriously guess the staff is instructed to make silly spelling mistakes, cause people will take a picture (like me above), and post it on social media. Free marketing for Starbucks – well it’s only my guess.

From one kind of marketing to another. A minister in the Canadian government post on Linkedin her desire for new shoes, and tell the world the brand she will sink her teeth into… Yes, a Canadian brand but seriously? A Minister? I don’t know what the law is in Canada but it would never had worked in Sweden before media would have picked it up and trash the poor man or woman.


Chrystia Freeland on Linkedin

My visitors – encore

Way back I posted a blog post on the fact that I think that people reading (or at least visiting) my blog comes from strange places to visit my website.

There is, let us say, no connection what so ever…

And again, a few months later we have a new scenario

USA? Ukraine? I can say I can see a connection between myself and Sweden and France but China?

Let us see if this continues