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Conference week

We have a conference going on at work, and its on line. So the desk, the picture: desk during corona, will wait until Wednesday, but it was a nice day today actually. Even if I had o chance to shop anything to eat so after I closed the computer I needed to find a mix of things to eat, A bit of this, a sandwich and a bit of that.

So tomorrow home work again and as said above office from Wednesday.

oh forgot, I have a new kidney stone, so the first hours today was a nightmare, then the pain kind of came and went away again. But I must buy more water tomorrow so I can drink, drink, drink….


New Week then

There all, let us say that the weekend went on as expected part from the unexpected kidney stone entered the world. But it at least made me going out on Saturday and see some people around me. Not sitting at home trying to survive the kidney stone pains.

And now a new week and only a few weeks before works big conference and today is kind of the day when its time to get the conference work together so I have something to present in the beginning of May.

Have a nice week folks