Etikettarkiv: Covid-19

Morning workout

I started the week with the new “try to change my training schedule” regime. So up early and do the workout before work. And what work out perfectly during weekends and when I work from home is a struggle knowing I have to stress home and go to work after.

Today I really could have done 90 minutes, fresh legs, but with a deadline to be able to get to work in time it’s a no.

At the same time, going to work by bike in rush hour takes me around double the time from earlier departure from home. So no time saving at all doing it this way.

As promised I will now, today, update the weekly covid cases in France for the last time and only talk about it if there is any changes worth noticing. Cause we have reached a place in the Covid pandemic where there is few changes in the daily reports.

With that, have a nice day, week and don’t give up


Not much to add

Typical Sunday here, not much to add to be honest. Gym, laundry and update of mp3s. Productive without being productive at all.

Rethinking of the work at home situation, I have my computer at home already and the plan was to bring it back and work from the office first half of the day, return home for the late zoom meeting. But then, weather, will be heavy rains in Paris tomorrow, and biking with he computer and stress home later (yes I have to stress since I must do my workout before the meeting start) felt stupid, so I will work from home all day instead.

Thats it, and here are the French Corona figures for the week we leave now to history.


TGIF, and Klarna

Yes, again, TGIF… And every Friday I use TGIF as a tag it feels like Fridays arrives very often… While the weeks feels like they never ends… Strange things. It’s like weekends, 1 hour on a Saturday can’t possible be as long as 1 Monday hour.

And why bring Klarna up here? Cause it is a shit company who taken over too much of the digital payment market in Sweden, and fuck things up. Let me explain, from what I noticed.

I have 2 Swedish Master Cards still in use, why? First of all to get a credit card in France is a nightmare and I do not plan to be in France for the rest of my life and want to keep my bank accounts.

All of a sudden the banks start to work together with Klarna and every time I buy something Klarna check with the Swedish population register, which now (since 2 months back) block all payments.

Calling the bank they say, “no we have never been able to have customers not living in Sweden”, upon I provide them with the letters from 2015 where I asked if I could keep the accounts and cards when I moved abroad, upon they answered “yes”. They have also, since 2015, sent the bills (paper) and new plastic cards to my French address. And around 2 months ago they changed to only digital invoices, and thats when all this started. And, even if it’s just a guess, they now use Klarna, cause way back, I have never been able to buy anything from webstores using Klarna, all cause I don’t have a Swedish address.

So, for fucks sake open up for EU at least. Happy enough to say Im not the only one who hates Klarna.

From that, welcome to this weeks Covid in France update:

And again then, TGIF



First, before talking about what happened yesterday with ABBA, Today it’s now 08h41 and I have 12.686 steps on my step counter, it’s 10.8 km, yes I feel very good about myself, even if it’s not Swedish at all.

What is Swedish is ABBA, and yesterday was the day when 5 million Swedes joined a lot of people around the world watching a YouTube channel. ABBA is back.

So what happened? Two new songs was presented, the “ABBA-tar” project was introduced, none of the two surprised anyone, been gossiping about that for weeks. BUT, what we knew before yesterday was the release of 4 new songs, so the surprise here was they recorded a new album, release November 2021.

About the show yesterday, the avatars, called “ABBA-tars”, looked scary, I’m still not onboard even if I get it, and when in London most likely will try to get tickets.

The two songs presented yesterday was a ballad I think reminded me a lot about ABBA ballads, will take a while before it stick in my mind. The uptempo song was a banger though, will be played a lot the upcoming months, for sure. And Swedish radio already repeat it over and over. Heard it twice before 6 o’clock this morning.

But overall the show felt very “Café Norrköping” (a so called café tv show, like a poor mans American late night talkshows), not as professional as I thought, very low key and all over the place. And when it ends with a view of a German ABBA fan crying over the new songs… Oh my God…

But I am happy that woke Björn Ulveaus not fell in the trap to write a “Hymn for Greta” or peace on earth, save the climate lyrics. It was a risk.

So bad show, good songs and we wait for the album. So I will get back to ABBA in a few months.

And we end with the current Covid situation in France.


TGIF-, Goal-, Covid- & Music Friday

Where to begin this Friday? I think I start with yesterdays celebration, sadly forgotten by the community. No parades, No Macron speech and not a word from the PM in Sweden… But I reached the goal, 365 days of workout. 365 days in a row! Goal, done! Prize? To allow myself, if needed, to have maximum 2 days of rest each week. Mainly Sundays to be honest.

365 days of work out, 365 days in a row.

With the celebrations done let me tell you of this strange morning. Friday mornings usually means a early rush hour, cause people want to go home early if they can. But today, not a car on the streets of Paris. It was so strange I actually started to think I missed out on a public holiday or something.

But I guess the reason is that “working one day from home” mainly is done on Fridays now. Which leads us to todays covid update.

So, we reach the end of this post, and I do that with some music. Still update my iTunes library after Apples decision to “delete” my tracking in iTunes. I have now tried to get as close as possible to how it was before my play count all was set to “0”. Still, after 8 months, still far from done. which gives strange “most played” charts. Not much “new” music there. I present you with the “last 7 days most played songs” & the “last 30 days most played songs”.

Passed 7 days most plays, my iTunes
Passed 30 days most played, August 2021, My iTunes

With that I give you TGIF, and let you all out to “behave”, and do it “bad”.


TGIF No 33

So, week 33, and finally TGIF again. Productive week locked up in my own little bubble of tasks at work, workouts in the afternoon, cursing at myself for repeating to forget to start my “outdoor cycling” timer on my iWatch (at least in one direction, going home or work), and the not so pleasant realization that the 15 minute program for washing workout clothes heavily impact your electric bill.

So overall it’s been a fantastic week, actually not stress. Not even the knowledge that budgets is coming up made me go bananas.

So for that reason I published this little poll on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram:

Guess the hidden animal and I might party tonight, I have in a clever way air brushed the animal out of the picture.

Let’s see if there will be a bottle of Casal Garcia tonight. Most likely I will keep myself in my apartment since I have stuff to do tomorrow morning and need to stand up and be ready for the gym, if not very early, at least no to late.

And the Covid count for France:

Again, not the best of statistics when you think of the fact that the spread of the virus goes up in the fall and winter…

But forget about it, and have a nice TGIF and weekend



The latest opinion poll result shown a 60% support for the French Governments vaccine pass (the health pass), and a 40% against. And even in minority the 40% succeeds to cause trouble by, in a very French way, demonstrate, riot and of course make things worse.

And I really want to put them in a room and discuss why they are against the health pass. Just like the Yellow wests they gather different opinions and most likely don’t like the reasons to be against from some of the other groups.

So we see pure antivaxxers (for some reason vaccines are ONLY dangerous in their eyes), we have the 5G people, who thinks the vaccine will connect to 5G and give Governments a tool to control the people, of course we also have the group who always demonstrate cause they want to and are in to destroy things and riot. And there are more reasons, all under same flag, “we don’t want the vaccine”.

Today I even heard that someone compared the vaccine against Covid too “The pandemic of domestic violence”, and no sanctions is imposed cause of that… Seriously?

To not take the vaccine is a choice, it’s your own decision and if you don’t you can’t do a lot of things. The only group I have some sympathy for is the care givers who might loose their jobs if they don’t take the vaccine. But even here I am split, cause in my world, if anyone working within any profession taking care of people, should not even think twice to make it as safe as possible for them they are there to care for.

The, in real Swedish, “Foliehattarna” (foil hats) I have no word for, to be honest the world will be better without you, even if I don’t support or hope that anyone dies caused by the Delta or “normal” Covid.

So why this blogpost? Cause I wish, for once, that the supporters of something could take the streets and show support, not only make it look like everyone is against something. It’s a very French thing I never will understand, strikes, demonstrations etc.

So please, take that jab now, and remember it takes more than a while before you are considered as fully vaccinated. So do it now. Before the next lockdown – it will come, for sure. And maybe the health pass is the free pass to now be locked in…