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“Open up”

When do you count your country as opened up? Paris is sizzling, soon will the cafés open their outdoor seating and people gets a little twinkle in their eyes just thinking about it.

And seriously it is lovely but at the same time, the first weeks, we still have a curfew from 19h00 (will after a while be 23h00) – so open up?

It means in the week you can, after work, sit down, having a beer with friends for maybe 15 minutes before you need to leave to be home before 19h00. OK, this is a grown up problem since the responsible generation, now between 20 to 35 years of age already have given their finger to rules, masks and curfews. Why stay at home when you can Uber home after Midnight?

But, at least we look forward to the new world in front of us.

And note that “Open up” is also the slogan for the Eurovision 2021.


30th of April 2021 & TGIF

The first thing to do today will be to wish all my Swedish readers a Happy Valborg (or we can also add the fact that it’s the Swedish Kings birthday and say Happy Birthday).

I doubt there will be any “Valborgsmässoeld” in Paris this year even if the Swedish community usually very inventive, so some photos from way back in Tungelsta, Sweden.

Then we can make a jump into the Covid report, this week and the figures behind the new Corona restrictions the French Government will put in place from the 3rd of May, 19th of May and beginning of June 2021.

So what is the plan? Again the French Government will, if the gossip tells the truth, implement a plan without logic. So no doubt the French will interpret them so it fits into their own lifestyle.

  1. Curfew still in place, but from 20h00
  2. Opening of cinemas, museums and events for outdoor 1000 people and indoors 800 people
  3. Cafè, Restaurants can open up outside, but only 2 at each table
  4. You can have 10 people in your apartment
  5. Work from home is still the main option

So how to read this? OK, The Corona virus is still more dangerous in the late nights than at 19h00 or 19h30. Outdoor, on a terrace, the virus gets vicious if there is more than 2 people at each table but not at all at a sports event for 1000 people or at a mask free event in your home for 10 people.

And of course, again, alcohol is the worst thing ever when it comes to spreading the virus. Not the Metro, Supermarket or even worse the open markets.

Too me all this makes no sense and is hard to understand why. Most of the French people feel the same so people do not listen as much anymore. But I look forward to the second weekend of open terraces cause then I will be there (the first will be a nightmare), and for sure in June when the curfew is said to be 23h00.

Plan for the opening up

No, let’s wrap this up with a translation.. Hugs, TGIF, and take care…


TGIF – Oh yes it is

So, this week we learned that UPS is the worst courier company in the world, not flexible at all. I got a text message saying they will deliver my purchased new IQOS Duo. And since I’m in office I changed the delivery date to Tuesday next week, when I know I work from home.

But they actually still turned up yesterday, and left a message “Sorry we missed you, we will return tomorrow between 10h30 – 16h30”. Again, I still in office not working from home until Tuesday, and I have it confirmed in a text that I changed the date.

It’s been the same problem with UPS every time I bought something online and they use UPS. And even more stupid, I have a UPS pick up point 30 meters from my home, but they ask me to pick the package up, if not home today, at an UPS pick up point 3 km from my home. Usually the parcels have ended up in the place close to me, not this time. This never happens with DHL or normal post delivery. Only UPS.

So I’m worth a TGIF, ice in the freezer and Casal Garcia waiting at home, all depending on the how the day turns out. If the team meeting makes me angry I’m not in mood for wine. This is the worst thing with having the team meetings on Friday afternoons – Team meetings should be on Monday mornings to plan the week not get stressed over the weekend cause of tasks popping up.

Last Friday I was so longing for a glass of wine and ended up going to bed 20h00 instead.

And for you all who want to compare your countries new covid cases with the French, here they are, this weeks new cases.


New Morning and new test result…

So one more week, and the fact that I’m most likely to be the most tested person in the world kind of just rolls on and on.

But beside that the fun fact in April 2021 is that Greta is 18, Greta is an adult person and yesterday she was the guest on woke media (Public service or main stream media) to talk about the climate (chocker). At the same time she revealed what her nice parents gave her on her birthday, of course after a speech on the fact she asked for no “new” things.

Greta Thunberg on Public Service Radio 2021 04 12 – picture from P3 Instagram

So, note that she, this grown up person against all kind of plastic got plastic bubble wrap and brussels sprouts on her birthday, the 18th birthday. To see this interview is painful… And this is the person millions of people, leaders included, listen too. Or pretend to listen too most likely. This girl is not mentally sane.

But still, Plastic? Really? First shame plastic bags in supermarkets and go home and play with bubble wrap?

Think about it and have a nice day


Sudden death

To wish people to die a sudden death in Covid related sickness is not a nice thing, I am aware of that, but seriously… We hit almost 85.000 new cases yesterday and this stupid stupid woman (girl), with a runny nose enters the train, pull the hood up and mask down.

reintroduce pillory please


Paris – The worst example

To read the news this morning, Swedish news, it’s not that flattering for the French war on Covid… Paris is painted out as the worst place on earth at the moment, and no, we living in France is not surprised.

Aftonbladet article

Just look at the people at work, the younger crowd is not following the 19h00 curfew, even brag about it, and Im not sure if the employer should tell them: “OK, if you don’t follow the regulations, you are not welcome to the office, even if you need to”. I guess that is against some rules here in France. But it do not make me feel safe.

Yesterday at around 20h00 there was some kind of crowd outside my door at home… As a typical Swede I sneak up to the peephole and looked and there was around 8 – 10 people soon singing “Happy Birthday” to the neighbor. Not only to much people in one place at the same time, also one hour after curfew.

So the French is feed up. Just look at this picture:

Paris March 2021

And again, as said over and over the only way to get the covid figures down is a hard lock down, all over France for 3 weeks and then have additional 3 weeks whit travel restrictions in- and out of the country. No one can travel outside the country. Let people travel in France after the first 3 weeks but then no.

But a decision like that is something the EU leaders do not dare to take, but for the people, if we want a summer with open restaurants and cafès it’s a must even if a decision like that will make people pissed. But looking at how people in the French capital act right now it’s like they don’t understand that what you do today will decide what kind of summer you will have 2021.

And for heavens sake, close the schools and keep the little Covid viruses in the form of children away from normal people! Kids missed school during wars without turning into idiots and mentally ill citizens. Children and young people survive.


31 519 ?????

OK, we have been used to the around 20.000 cases per day in France, so WTF happened yesterday with 31.519 new cases in one day… We have restrictions here, figures is supposed to go down and the virus supposed to die now when the temperature is around 18 – 20 degrees.

Yesterdays figures can only be casued by the nice weather the pasted weekend and people not following social distancing, and with people I look with my evil eye to people under 28…


Mask in France

Today I learned, from the Paris Police Twitter account that they not only fines you if you don’t wear a mask, they can (and have done so) also catch you if the mask not a approved mask… Something that was news to me and I am sure for most of the people living here. Cause gosh you see a lot of not approved masks wandering around on the streets of Paris.

Of course not wandering around on their own, they are attached to someone. A human being most of the times.

But masks is only one thing that bother us in the French capital at the moment. Paris is restriction tiered. Something fun much happen soon, not only go to work, work and be home in time for the curfew to start. People need food and entertainment, not only work and pay taxes and I am sorry to say that the 18h00 curfew not helping at all, so at least bring the 20h00 back, or even better 23h00 and open the cafés for outdoor service again. Like it was this summer.

I only wish for the opportunity to sit outdoors watching people walk around, and of course buy an amazing glass of wine (yes, wine outdoors is now amazing, not only a drink).

And do not make start of the urge to go abroad and have some sun. Not even the tanning centers are open yet, or the gyms.

So we look forward to the next speech from Macron and hopefully they have decided to follow the UK and set some dates for the opening of the country. If not I think people will start a new 1789.