Etikettarkiv: Dschinghis Khan

Sunday, I thought

The thing with waking up a Sunday and then realize it’s Monday is not the best feeling in the world… OK, just took a few minutes before it hit me, but still…

So back at work and hopefully we can turn this ship around and get a good feeling back. Cause it must calm down soon, and go back to a normal work load with normal problem to solve. If not I am sure I will flip out soon.

This week is also a week of some “must do” that I don’t want too do. Include the fact that I have to book a time at the dentist before he leave for vacation. It’s not 6 months late, and for every day I don’t go the panic to go just increase.

Have a nice week,


8 most played songs the passed 4 weeks (source: Spotify)
10 most played artists the passed 4 weeks (source: Spotify)

Surprise, Surprise

Browsing might sometimes surprise you. I looked at single covers of Dschinghis Khan today and all of a sudden:

A song I never heard with them. “Give me a sign” Hate when this happens, especially in the time of digital music, if its not out there you can’t find it.

So until then, some of the better songs from D.K.


Time for Germany

I followed the German national final yesterday so why not add Germany to the list of countries I publish the best ESC songs from? First of all not a bad choice in Germany, the song “Sister” is for sure OK, not my number one yesterday (it was Linus Bruhn) and Im happy that Makeda failed, a mainstream ballad in ESC won’t do it for Germany.

So OK, the most played entries from Germany… If Spain surprised me look at Germany, not many new entries on that list… And again, note that the list is based on my iTunes play counter today.

  1. 1979 Dschinghis Khan “Dschinghis Khan”
  2. 1977 Silver Convention “Telegram”
  3. 2007 Roger Cicero “Frauen regieren die welt”
  4. 1986 Ingrid Peters “Über die brücke gehn”
  5. 1999 Sürpriz “Reise nacht Jerusalem”
  6. 2010 Lena “Satellite”
  7. 2002 Corinna May “I cannot live without music”
  8. 1994 Mekado “Wir geben ne party”
  9. 1985 Wind “Für alle”
  10. 1968 Wenche Myhre “Ein hoch der liebe”
  11. 1990 Chris Kempers & Daniel Kovac “Frei zu leben”
  12. 1989 Nino De Angelo “Flieger”
  13. 1976 Les Humphries Singers “Sing Sang Song”
  14. 1980 Katja Ebstein “Theatre”
  15. 1975 Joy Fleming “Bridge of love”
  16. 2003 Lou “Lets get happy”
  17. 2008 No Angels “Disappear (studio version)”
  18. 2015 Ann Sophie “Black Smoke”
  19. 1981 Lena Valaitis “Johnny Blue (English)”
  20. 1978 Irene Sheer “Feuer”

So will Sisters take there song top 20?