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Seriously… I usually only post work stuff on Linkedin but I found this article on the what kind of measures Rotterdam and EBU initiated to be able to air the Eurovision 2021.

So, Linkedin is the work “Facebook” and still, the EBU article is the most viewed one on the site since I joined Linkedin. Even when I post things we actually work on and assist clients with not many view it, but Eurovision? Yea, ESC is da’ shit!


Will Ferrell – Hallelujah

Will Ferrell stars in Eurovision Movie

The news kind of exploded yesterday, Will Ferrell to do the Movie on Eurovision Song Contest. For years now the word was that Sacha Baron Cohen worked on such idea but now we will see Will Ferrell in the role as… Christer Björkman????

In any case, I suppose it will be a comedy like the “Blades of glory”, and I hope for a soundtrack with 26 new songs composed by well known composers from the Eurovision World and Eurovision history. Mix them, not only the once from the last years competitions. The opportunities here is enormous to make a classic soundtrack.

I really do wish that they take the task seriously and go all in to make a good movie and even if Eurovision can be joked about not do everything to make it cheezy.

Good Luck Mr Ferrell, a whole world of fans will be watching and judge you on a scale from 1 to 12 points