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Today’s IKEA

You said it’s a what?

I don’t know if I can say I love IKEA, but the facts clear, when your incomes not in the level of people walking around on humongous lawns hitting small balls with a stick or run around together with others on a smaller but still big lawn trying to push a ball into a goal made of three sticks and a net, you need to downsize your furniture budget and shop everything from a sofa to a bookshelf covering a complete wall in flat, brown boxes from IKEA.

And if you not Scandinavian the IKEA catalog is a bundle of joy reading the names of the furniture. As a swede a bit easier, most of the times you know if the name is taken from a city, if it is a first name or just a Swedish word. You get the lingo and try to explain it as much as you can to the poor French man trying to say: “OXHULT” or the Spanish lady’s  “FROSTA”.

But to explain the logic behind the rocking horse, looking like an elk, named “Ekorre” is fu***** impossible. So I let them say Ekorre and say “no, its a make believe word”.

Gunghäst – Rocking horse

älg – Elk (moose) – wapiti

Ekorre – squirrel – écureuil