Etikettarkiv: Eeyoreism

Learn as long as live…

Today’s post is about the fact that Eeyoreism actually is the only thread in life you need to live by. It’s amazing it’s not a real religion, or at least a obscure new age thing.

First, happy to finally get the 2022 Eurovision zip hoodie and then the facts of Eeyore hit you… They sent the wrong hoodie. No zip, another logo and another color. And a hoodie without a zipper is not a good look on someone abnormally obese.

And of course there is a string of stuff you need to do to send it back so at the end it’s 100% easier to keep it and order a new one. Believe me that webstores count on it.

You also learn, day by day and with Eeyore wisdom that it is impossible to get rid of the “meetings supposed to be an email”. It is a fun meme, been there for years, but it is actually true. Instead of 3 minutes writing an email you are called to a 2 hour meeting – it’s insane.

That said,

Have a nice day and “Our father who are in heaven, Eeyore be thy name”



… Started the day stressed as hell and where I thought I actually had a new package of coffee I did not… Then it happened, I don’t care anymore, so all of a sudden 100% tranquille Björn. My inner Eeyore reminded me of my life philosophy, “It can only get worse”

Whatever I do, I can’t change a thing in my life whatever people say and do. At the end they won’t hold your back if there is a risk it will reflect bad at them.

So in the name of “Eeyoreism”, when something good is happening to you be sure the backlash will be 100% worse compared to the good feeling. It’s an easy formula… If your good mode feels like “7” on a scale 0 – 10, the pendulum will go back to the bad side as an “14”.

If you win 100 euros on a scratch ticket, be sure to find your home flooded or your washing machine taking it’s last breath. Simple Eeyoreism – also called life.

Enough about that.

Any comments on that? Karma?


For people understanding: “YAZZ”

Soon it’s TGIF


First Metro trip in a month

Serious, to make this day work it’s a puzzle of time, tasks and transport to take into account, and of course we add some shit weather to it all. Why not? It just show the world that Eeyore (Ior) not depressed, he is only objective and see the world as it is.

But back into the Metro for a day then. Why? I need time to go back home before lunch so I can workout during lunch, and be ready to participate in a “end of the day” meeting. Add that it’s storm outside so to use the bike is not an option, the wind kind of push you over and into the traffic, insane.

But at the moment life is telling me to just stay in bed and never leave it. Just what Eeyore stand for, again, when things turn to something amazing the pendulum swings back to the dark side with some added force. And in all this there still is people out in the world thinking positive. Be realistic, if what is good in your life reach a +8, the “swing back” will be -8.1, it’s how a pendulum and life work.

So there is where I am today, the 2021 10 21 – and by the way… French daily new Covid cases is going up again – why not?


Darker mornings – and the Religion of Eeyore

So, now we really there…

Now, when I wake up in the morning it is actually dark more or less until I leave for the bus and I really meet the morning light when I reach work (picture).

Working through my photo library from my years in Paris I notice that the sunlight situation more or less the same in late August, so also the change of the colors of the trees but it looks like the amount of degrees in the early morning is lower 2018. People actually dress like early winter days back in Stockholm. And today the bus had the heat on… Awful, it was like stepping into a pre-heated sauna.

But with a fantastic summer behind us we are most likely to suffer a cold and long winter, that is Ior’ism (Eeyoreism) the only “religion” I can sign off on. Winnie the Poohs donkey friend and his “it can only get worse” insight really is the only thing you can be sure of.

If a good thing is “10” you know that what will come after is a bad “20”. All good things happening in your life will hit you back times two. Knowing this, as Ior (Eeyore), you will never be disappointed in life and soon you will see you are ready to follow a cartoon donkey and his views on life, the glass in always half empty, after rain it comes more rain even if it might be sun for a second or two…

Björn (actually not a pessimist)