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A part of your brain

As you all know I try to learn French, a language not so easy to learn as you might think. So this summer I focused on another language, English, and mainly to understand “legal English”, reading a lot of contracts.

I am not going to write much about those classes but I learned something new… The part of your brain “learning” langues is not the same part “storing” your native language. Had no idea. So at the end learning languages is to train that part of your brain to store more information.

I any case, this Thursday is my last English class and soon time for the French again. Or more: Time for the French verbs again. So upon recommendation I invested in a new book, the Bescherelle book. So now I think I have around 15 French Verb books at home. Crazy… And also proof that my “foreign language” brain hard drive is kind of full cause still… I cannot wrap my brain around those verbs.

Have a Nice Day


2nd English Class and 2 new Metronom

Free from work today but to not miss any of the English classes I decided to keep the schedule and do the 2nd class today and when in the neighborhood around Invalide and Champs Elysees Clemenceau I decided to do two more chapters in the Metronom book so from today I have visit half of the stations.

Beside the above still hot in a sticky not always nice way during the sunshine hours. Despite the heat I still enjoy heat every day of the week before the weather we have in front of us.





I do not know if the kidney stones I’m passing at the moment (or shall I say the drugs to make the pain less painful) delivered the my most confused moment in my “living in France” experience…

Anyway, I decided to go back in time and listen to the playlist “Dalida” on my way to work and for some reason she recorded an English version of “Milord”, made famous by Edith Piaf.

So on my way to work, bus 81, I found myself listen to Dalidas version of the song and had the epiphany “WOW, I actually understand all the lyrics of Milord” – Without a single thought she sang it in English not French.

It was a short moment of satisfaction to finally understand French.