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Shit hit the fan

Yesterday, the EBU, it was announced that the vote system at the Eurovision will change in 2023, and I am sorry EBU… What are you doing? Did the directors and the reference group decide to not have a normal meeting, but make decisions after a few hours at a bar or something?

No juries in the semifinals, online votes from “The rest of the world”, seriously? My guess is that the viewing went down 2022 and EBU in panic noted they lost money… So how to engage new voters? Of course by invite the rest of the world to vote, using credit card numbers to void countries to buy votes.

Invite the world is also a marketing tool to export the concept, even if both Asiavision and the American Song Contest never turned out to be popular. This way, EBU (who sold the rights) might boost the interest for local competitions and earn some more money.

The scrap the jury in the semi finals will give us final with catchy up-tempo songs and songs in style with Verka. And I loved that entry, but maybe 10 – 15 of the same kind?

I have loved the Eurovision since I was a child, the first one in 1971, and up until the early 2000 still in it 100%, loving it and followed every little selection going on. Then the changes really started to get through, and the interest declined since then, even if I of course watch it. But now more of tradition then anything else. The “chutzpah” is gone. And with this rules, I don’t know what to say? or watch? or engage.

Martin österdahl have made be very very disappointed.


New system Eurovision votes

Wrap 2022 Eurovision up

Let me start to say that yesterday we witnessed Eurovision going 10 years back in it’s evolution. Nothing, NOTHING, can make me believe that so many people in Europe and Australia actually thought Ukraine was the best song on the night. I am sure there are people who voted for it cause they loved it, but seriously?

Add that 6 countries votes was DQ:d and replaced with algorithms on usual voting patterns, Eurovision 2022 turns out to be a huge fail. And three real good songs ended up 2, 3 and 4 behind Ukraine. I just felt so tiered, and I am happy that it is a year until the next Eurovision. In Ukraine if you believe their President correctly. He aim to host, as if singers will go there.

And today we can also add that I hardly can walk, my left hip feel like it’s been crushed into pebbles, hurts like hell. The body is falling apart. Shit old. And watched a documentary on Netflix on growing older, and someone said the perfect thing “You don’t get wiser, you only get tiered”. I sign that statement.

So that’s it


Finally the final

So tonight is the big night after following this circus since December 2021, yes even before if you look at the countries who announced their singers but no song.

The feeling is that the second place song is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – cause who will be able to fight the fact that there is a war going on in Ukraine and Ukraine is in the Eurovision finals.

But overall, this is bad year, a lot of bad songs, a lot of them even passed to the final, RAI did a better job semi 2 than semi 1 – sound etc. But it was also in the second semi it was obvious how ugly the “sun” is standing on the stage not working as supposed. All entries with this half circle behind them.

And the nowdays completely toxic fandoms blamed Switzerland for everything in semi 1, and Belgium in semi 2, amazing to be honest how social media made a really nice little group of fans turn to a flesh eating monster. And without name them, it is fans from the same countries that year after year kill the joy within the fan pages on social media. Nationalism in its worse form.

So the final, here are my list and guesses for tonights final.


Semi 2

Not as many changes in my ranking yesterday than during semi 1, Sweden went on and I put Belgium at the top of my list yesterday. The yo-yo entry… I love it some days and skip it some days.

I was surprised that all three “boy ballads” went through, Australia, Azerbaijan and Poland that is. One might have been OK, but all three snoozers? And I had hoped Ireland and Cyprus would have passed instead.

But less surprises, and Im thrilled that Romania is in the finals, I still love it, I know it’s awful but can’t stop loving it.

Israel had a rough night. So confident to pass and then fail, ended up in tears. I just hope they release the revamped version as well, cause it is better than the original recording. But they did not do it with Dana Internationals “Ding Dong” so not much hope there.

Now we clear the mind and look at the songs in a new fresh way, presented here tomorrow.


Semi 2 tonight then

Learned from semi 1, this year change a lot of things when it comes to ranking after seeing the acts. Like Albanias fail and the surprise to find Iceland among my favorites. But that’s Eurovision, and it’s the final on Saturday that must be right.

But I do share my current comments, ranking and guesses as a PDF below. So have fun with it.

PDF here


So, on our way

What can be said about Eurovision Song Contest 2022 so far? Beside the fact that the worst semifinal this year is over, the one tomorrow kind of hold all good songs that’s not one of the big 5… While yesterday presented 17 songs where it was hard to find 10 I even wanted to pass to the final. So much better then when some songs actually turned out to be little gems live.

Lithuania raised to be much higher on my personal ranking on Saturday together with Portugal and Iceland. All three came out from the first semifinal with their dignity intact. Can’t say the same for Albania who I actually liked after their revamp and were 100% certain to pass to the final. But seriously? What was that? She managed to kill the song with one of the worst performances in Eurovision history. And of course the ESC fanbase (mainly the Balkan part of it) exploded in conspiracy theories – as if they did not see the disaster on stage. Many of the fans think the jury killed Albanias song this year, I am not so sure she did well with the televote either. Will be really interesting to take a look at the full results when they are out on Sunday.

And I am sure the Barbara Dex reward is already earned and will find a home in Albania, in a tough competition with Ukraine and Moldova.

Also Croatia abused the stage by being this years Kate Ryan entry, meaning to much weird stuff happening on stage at the same time. At least one song each year fail cause of the “Kate Ryan” factor.

Happy to see Switzerland passing through. I guess it might be thanks to the juries (I am so happy there is 50% jury) not the televotes. While I am sure France tele-voted for Lithuania and Portugal yesterday, and of course Ukraine out of pity.

Also to finally see Diodato on stage after the cancelled Eurovision 2020, and hear his “Fai Rumore” just made me go “wow”. So sure he would have won after seeing that. Perfection.

So now we can look forward to Thursdays semifinal number 2 with Il Volo on stage… Love love love (even if their last album was a disapointment).


All in Eurovision

Tonight is time for the Eurovision semifinal one out of two, and maybe the worst semifinal in the history of Eurovision. For me it is tough to even find 10 songs I want in the finals. Unfortunately many of the “hate” songs here turn out to be fan favorites, and high on the betting sites. No surprise, it is always one or two songs each year that ends up high on the scoreboard and I can’t understand why. But in this semifinal it is a majority of the songs I hate that has low odds and end up high on different polls. Nightmare.

So here we go then,

And the complete list, incl. my guesses who will qualify can be downloaded as a PDF

Enjoy Semi 1


ESC week start today

So now it’s time for the ESC week and after studying the photos from the red carpet (in the world of Eurovision the Turqouise carpet) event yesterday I can only say that fashion is not what fashion was. Among all “normal” dresses and suits there was the over camp guy from Israel, the nude trend was proudly introduced also to Eurovision by Sweden arriving in a bikini and a transparent dress, Albania went 100% over the top and Malta did not exactly go Maltese in her choice of dress. More Roman/Greek.

But what the Italians are doing is…. I don’t know, what is their message, apart from sounding like a warning signal when singing “Brividi”? Both looks like they are 5 minutes from announcing their non-binary status, and going back to Israel… He is 1 cm from a circumcision gone wrong and turn into Dana International pt. II.

Huge surprise though, this years so called bad boy from San Marino. He looked kind of “normal” and to my surprise even hunky in his suit. Something Australia did not, he fought so hard to be a “Billy Porter”.

Pictures from the freak show can be found HERE

PDF Semi 1 will be published tomorrow


TGIF – and it shows

Plan for the weekend… Finally have a chance to take my half Friday off that’s been cancelled a few weeks now, haircut, walk home in the sunny spring weather, celebrate “Valborg” tomorrow at the Swedish Student home and use the bike as much as possible.

So, TGIF is here and it has not started to rain yet… But let us say it will, soon, and if it rain tomorrow during one of the Swedish outdoor holidays, why even bother?



But it’s also 13 years ago since this:

Take care now, and I hope TGIF is better and more hopeful somewhere else in the world.


Sweden / France

So, second chance contest in Sweden this Saturday, when all the losers from the semifinals team up to complete the final start field for the final of the Melodifestivalen 2022. Too pick the Swedish entry to the Eurovision.

Tonight France also make their pick, so TV evening, from 20h00 to 23h00.

But, also, got an email from FNAC today that season 22 of Midsomer murders is out so I went to FNAC (after laundry and workout), and that was a mistake. Cause I also found out that “Murder in Paradise” have a new season out. Got way more expensive than I thought.

Let’s talk Eurovision entries tomorrow