Etikettarkiv: Eurovision

A surprise

All of a sudden Azerbaijan release their entry to the Eurovision 2023, and what a surprise? The song is not what the country usually send, and it is good even outside the Eurovision bubble. Congratulation to TuralTuranX and their song.

Listen here

Beside that, I am very very tiered of the garbage man strikes as well as cold winds in Paris at the moment. We do not like, at all.


Eurovision TGIF

Photo: When colleagues (Mr Timothy) brows the internet and find a photo of Gabriel Forss, with me in front of course.

But it is TGIF, a day when I am supposed to wrap up stuff and leave at lunch time with 0 mails in the inbox. Ha ha!!! No connection to the system with shared folders at work, so nothing can be done.

Hopefully the grey sky will clear up, temp go up so the Friday wine can be my support system this evening.

Have a nice weekend.


And the answer on todays question is?

“It’s unacceptable!” – So whats the question you might ask? Todays degrees with a question mark is enough. -1?

So lets jump on to something else. My current standing among the ESC songs released so far:

My current standing among the ESC songs. So many more songs to come, and changes will happen until May, so it’s not really saying that much.

More close in time is the Semifinal at Melodifestivalen, now on Saturday. I don’t think much will change there… What can someone do to change their act that much?

Melodifestivalen 2023, Björns current votes

Enjoy your day, and remember that tomorrow we enter March, so it’s time to make your budget for the upcoming month.


Is it even possible….

At the moment I am so tiered of winter so if I were suicidal my family most likely would have put some kind of spy ware on my person. But it is too close to Eurovision to take a chance and jump from the Eiffel tower. I am too curious to see if Ukraine will win again (now when they actually have a good song).

So on Saturday the first semi final takes place in Sweden, and the week after I am punished by my work and have to go to Geneva in Switzerland. Nightmarish.


TGIF – And Eurovision

So, it’s now a month ago since the Lucia celebrations at the Swedish church in Paris. It’s the reason behind the picture today. Time pass so fast and at the same time each day (if not a weekend or holiday) stands still, but we have a new TGIF today!

So yesterday we finally learned that La Zarra will represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, splendid choice and France can be sure that it will look and sound good on the stage in Liverpool in May 2023. Quality, not necessary the same as a success in Eurovision, but good!

La Zarra for France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

So maybe it’s time to look back at 2022 years Eurovision and Swedish selection by listing the top 10 most played Melodifestivalen- and Eurovision songs. (Please note that the Swedish Melodifestivalen winner is only listed in the Eurovision list, not under Melodifestivalen).

Most Played songs from Melodifestivalen 2022:

  1. “Bigger than the Universe” – Anders Bagge
  2. “In i dimman” – Medina
  3. “I can’t get enough” – Cazzi Opeia
  4. “Som du vill” – Theoz
  5. “Best to come” – Lisa Miskovsky
  6. “Suave” – Alvaro Estrella
  7. “Face in the crowd” – Browsing Collection
  8. “Moving like that” – Omar Rudberg
  9. “Lyckligt slut” – Lancelot
  10. “La stella” – Tenori

Most Played songs from Eurovision 2022:

  1. “SloMo (Eurovision dancebreak version)” – Chanel
  2. “Hold me closer” – Cornelia Jakobs
  3. “SloMo” – Chanel
  4. “Miss you” – Jèrèmie Makiese
  5. “Llàmame” – WRS
  6. “Saudade, Saudade” – Maro
  7. “Give that wolf a banana” – Subwoolfer
  8. “That’s rich” – Brooke
  9. “SNAP” – Rosa Linn
  10. “Ela” – Andromache

So, with that it’s time to leave you for this Friday, take care and don’t forget to drink a lot alcohol – it’s easier to find life funny then, especially in winter.


Shit hit the fan

Yesterday, the EBU, it was announced that the vote system at the Eurovision will change in 2023, and I am sorry EBU… What are you doing? Did the directors and the reference group decide to not have a normal meeting, but make decisions after a few hours at a bar or something?

No juries in the semifinals, online votes from “The rest of the world”, seriously? My guess is that the viewing went down 2022 and EBU in panic noted they lost money… So how to engage new voters? Of course by invite the rest of the world to vote, using credit card numbers to void countries to buy votes.

Invite the world is also a marketing tool to export the concept, even if both Asiavision and the American Song Contest never turned out to be popular. This way, EBU (who sold the rights) might boost the interest for local competitions and earn some more money.

The scrap the jury in the semi finals will give us final with catchy up-tempo songs and songs in style with Verka. And I loved that entry, but maybe 10 – 15 of the same kind?

I have loved the Eurovision since I was a child, the first one in 1971, and up until the early 2000 still in it 100%, loving it and followed every little selection going on. Then the changes really started to get through, and the interest declined since then, even if I of course watch it. But now more of tradition then anything else. The “chutzpah” is gone. And with this rules, I don’t know what to say? or watch? or engage.

Martin österdahl have made be very very disappointed.


New system Eurovision votes


New day, new morning and in office. Means I survived another winter day on my bike. Today is also vaccine day, both flue and covid in one shot. Most likely I will be sick as hell tomorrow after a night with high fever. It’s the normal first reaction when I get a flue vaccine, as well as the first covid shot. The two after rendered no reaction at all. So we will see.

Yesterday they premiered the Christmas lights at Champs Elysèes, turned out to be some blinking lights in the trees, but thousands stood there in the shill waiting for something amazing I guess… People are idiots. It’s like the mania around fireworks… I mean, you seen one so you have seen them all. The same goes for magicians and circuses.

Champs Elysèes yesterday 2022 11 21, premier Christmas lights

At the same time I must shout out a huge Congratulations to my buddy Fabrizio Faniello, once again a contender in the MESC (Maltese Selection to represent Malta in Eurovision 2023).

Fabrizio Faniello in MESC 2023, Eurovision ready


TGIF 2022 10 07

Welcome the the world of huge noses, seems like the stupid thing still growing. Not saying I’m a liar though.

Fun fact: Had green lights this morning from L’église Saint-Augustin all the way to Place de la Concorde. At the end it turned out to be a 12 minute gain in travel time. Just caused by green lights. My thighs though went out of energy without stops on the way. But still, 12 minutes!

So it finally is TGIF, now I am supposed to stay at home and save money but right now an evening at Le Championnet with a nice wok and wine feels like a perfect thing. At the same time… maybe a bit of stay home luxury with take out and maybe open a bottle of Champagne instead, and put an old Eurovision year on will take me through a Friday at home. We will see. Answer tomorrow.

Not fun fact, Men with expensive bikes are a danger to the world!

TGIF, have it…


TGIF from me to you. Björn Nordlund