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Some Politics and Motorsport

On Instagram Mr Bali took a stand for Motorsport

Hanif Bali, one of the more successful politicians on Social media in Sweden (mainly on Twitter) took a stand for motor sport on his Instagram Account today. And at the same time gave some political comments on the Swedish Government and their policy against driving and Motor Sport.

The main issue been the Green party, Miljöpartiet, in Sweden and their latest comment that families who travel to huge supermarkets outside the city centers to save some money when they do their weekly shopping can take their bikes to do so. So they want to put a fee for cars to park outside those Supermarkets.

The same thing with driving in the cities with a diesel vehicle. If you don’t, as the leader of the party, sometimes drive heavy rocks, then it’s OK to drive diesel.

The same party, also introduced the flight tax in Sweden but use Business class when they fly. For me not a huge issue cause if you sit in the Government flying coach might be a nightmare. But as someone said: “Its not that they fly Business Class that’s the problem. Tjhe problem is that they want to forbid others to fly at all.”