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Jean Paul Gaultier – Fashion Freak Show

The highlight of this weekend

So it was finally time to watch the “Fashion Freak Show” at the Folies Bergeres in Paris.

I just want to tell that if you get a chance to see the show when visiting Paris, do it, cause its a amazing show and not att all what I expected from the beginning. I was prepared for a cabaret with Gualtier designed clothes. But this is really a show with a story about Gaultier and end up in a very important message about beauty.

And leaving the Folies Bergeres and actually run into Jean Paul Gaultier on the street… Voila, star strucked.

See it



Yes, I start my weekend after todays work. Not that tomorrow will be a bundle of joy, 6 month check up at the doctors office, doing the laundry (big one not fit for doing at home), des devoirs and tidy up my place.

But all to prepare for the “Gaultier Fashion Freakshow” on Saturday. And looking at the weather, since rain when you going somewhere like that is not fun, might be ok. Even if Sunday screams rain and it might rain leaving Folies Bergeres, I will be dry getting there.