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ABBA – New Songs

A surprise if any, new songs by ABBA… The original ABBA… Amazing. Let us hope the boys managed to write a new “The winner takes it all” and we will be home. OK, even if I rather had seen a new 12 track album by Agnetha solo two new ABBA songs will for rock my world when released.

But we have the “but”, at the same time ABBA will tour as avatars, a real band, a real tour but the group will be there as digital avatars. I just ask why? And what will happen with touring in the future? Will Cher go on her “Farwell Tour” after her departure from earth?

And at the same time, with Avicii in mind… This way of touring might have saved him from breaking.

But still, new songs, the second Mamma Mia movie, avatar tour is a marketing package others would kill for.

With that, sit down and sing one of ABBAs best songs, “Money Money Money”

The picture from “Dagens Nyheter” where Björn U claims he bought the world forgot about ABBA… In what universe?