Etikettarkiv: Friday to Friday chart

Time to Eeyoreize

The picture might not be the best at the moment, cause if you close to a Swede, fear might be the correct emotion. But… If we bow down, they win.

But it really is the time of Eeyoreize, winter is closer than ever, the world is crazy and I really must decide if I am going to move from France, and if yes, any other EU country or going back to a Sweden that looks everything else then something you want to go back to, snowing in Stockholm.

That said, the Friday 2 Friday Spotify chart is again up on a Friday.

Friday2Friday Songs

Friday2Friday – Artists

Friday2Friday – Albums

Have a nice TGIF.


Last day of the workweek

So finally there, a week full of work, travel, UN meeting, blisters on the left foot and most likely some KG up in weight because missed out gym time (when I was in Geneva). Lovely!

But TGIF, always a plus.

We start with the second single from Agnetha’s “A+” album, soon to be released.

Honestly don’t know what to say…. But to me it sound a bit like when you put a beat on using a online tool, and then add the lyrics by singing yourself. Not very impressed I’m must say, not bad! Not saying that, but not so impressed either.

Then of course we have our “Friday to Friday” charts. Most played songs, albums and artists this week, Friday to Friday.

Artists – Friday to Friday

Songs – Friday to Friday

Albums – Friday to Friday

With that, enjoy your TGIF, and I will soon get back to normal and explode a bit over the fact that yesterday traffic in Paris went mental.


Voila, here it is…

…The TGIF! Again, as always SO welcome. Even if it rains, if not cat and dogs, cats and hippopotamus.

Looks like the last weekend before payday will be a cold and wet one so most likely stay home and, in Swedish, “pyssla”.

With this statement I present this weeks Friday to Friday.

Friday to Friday – Songs

Friday to Friday – Artist

Friday to Friday – Albums

With that, hopefully you find a favorite you forgot about and add it to your playlist, and have a nice TGIF.