Etikettarkiv: Game of Thrones

Sunday – Before work

So, last Sunday before work week at the office start again. I have been so stressed to forget anything so it feels more like going to a new job than back to the old one.

So with a smooth start, 3 days in the office and 2 back home I hope to be able to not catch the virus. Strange isn’t it, I feel I care more now after the tests than before.

And then the pasted weekend, I wanted a glass of wine after work on Friday but when I finally turned the computer off I actually only opened a bottle of Perrier. And Saturday did not offer any party mode at all so it was a very calm weekend but I started to watch Game of Thrones as you know. And no, it’s not my cup of tea. I’m not drawn in to the story and with dragons, zombies and ghosts… It’s a no from me. Maybe I will be able to finish all seasons but it’s not a priority.

Take care


No theme today

The blog post today might be random but still there.

I have never ever seen a episode of “Game of Thrones”, really, not even “only the intro”, “passed the TV in the middle” or “missed all but the end”

Read that two STARS broke up in the United States of America. Clicked the link and the names Emma Roberts and Evan Peters popped up. Stars? I never even heard the names or seen those two faces. Normally, when this happens I notice that the “stars” are huge names in sport or so… But this is actors… Feel so lost.

Still to cold mornings and evenings in Paris to be spring.

Finally, I want Ariola to release new crisp remastered versions of Amanda Lear albums, mostly the 4 you can see bits of on today picture

Have a lovely Friday, Go to school the climate will change anyway.


Oh dear malta

I actually don’t know what to say… The original was more beautiful perhaps but at the same time the suggested new Azure Window is kind of amazing (if it can keep surface as shiny as on the picture). I am actually happy that I’m not the one to decide on this building.

An exhibit hall in 5 floors where the “Window” once was? It is both a crazy and ugly idea at the same time as it looks great and will attract visitors. 50% of me say “Hell yes go for it” and the other 50% tells me “no for heavens sake don’t put that monster up” – It will be interesting to see what Malta decides upon.

But to call the construction “The heart of Malta”? The heart of Malta will never be made out of steel and cold as ice, the Maltese heart is big, warm and welcoming so if built… Rethink the name

For you who not know anything about Gozo and the Azure Window Google it and look at the original natural window.