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Last most played eurovision blog

So now its time to finalize this week of most played blogging, as you know the entries in 2020 Eurovision comes from:

Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine and United Kingdom


Not a country usually on my radar so there are not many of their entries making my private playlists.

  1. “Carry me in your dreams” Kejsi Tola
  2. “Its all about you” Juliana Pasha
  3. “The image of you” Anjeza Shahini
Kejsi Tola “Carry me in your dreams


Up and down like a roller coaster, and often when they have really good entries they end up on the wrong side of the score board. No one votes even if the song is good. Belgium is a mystery that way.

  1. “EuroVision” Telex
  2. “1 Life” Xandee
  3. “Love kills” Roberto Bellarosa
Telex “Euro-Vision”


Oh, my old love in Eurovision, France. Still going strong and has a stream of lovely songs throughout the years.

  1. “J’ai Cherché” Amir
  2. “L’oiseau et l’enfant” Marie Myriam
  3. “Il faut du temps” Sandrine Francois
Amir “J´ai cherchez”


Big in Germany, a phrase in the music world that is looked upon a bit like someone look at Mona Lisa, famous but isn’t it more than that. But in Eurovision they have some good times.

  1. “Dschinghis Khan” Dschinghis Khan
  2. “Telegram” Silver Convention
  3. “Frauen regieren die welt” Roger Cicero
Dschinghis Khan “Dschinghis Khan” “Gengis Khan” “Dingis Khan”


Still the Kingdom of Eurovision with their wins in the 90s, kind of they won all of the 90s, but not often on my top 10 in Eurovision.

  1. “Cross your heart” Tina Reynolds
  2. “Why me” Linda Martin
  3. “In your eyes” Niamh Kavanagh
Tina Reynolds “Cross your heart”


Wow, it is amazing that Italy don’t win every year. Yer after year they present amazing songs climbing the charts outside Italy and many of the artists actually become famous in Europe after the contest.

  1. “No degree of separation” Francesca Michielin
  2. “I Treni de Tozeur” Alice e Battiato
  3. “Grande amore” Il Volo


Sadly forgotten in the Eurovision history, but finally won 2017, and well deserved.

  1. “Amar pelos dois” Salvador Sobral
  2. “Danca comigo” Sabrina
  3. “Um grande, grande amor” Jose Cid
Salvador Sobral “Amar pelos dois”


From Portugal to their neighbors Spain, also a country sadly forgotten today. But so many fantastic entries coming from Spain. At their best when they sound 100% Spanish.

  1. “Bandido” Azucar Moreno
  2. “Quien maneja mi barca” Remedios Amaya
  3. “Dile que la quiero” David Civera
Azúcar Moreno “Bandido”


Not a favorite country for me in Eurovision, and their 2020 entry will be heavily discussed in tomorrows blog post on the 2020 contest entries. But they have had their good times as well.

  1. “Ne partez pas sand moi” Celine Dion
  2. “Mikado” Simone Drexel
  3. “Era stupendo” Paolo Meneguzzi
Celine Dion “Ne partez pas sans moi”

The Netherlands

It feels like Netherlands and Sweden had a lot of the same vibes in the Eurovision in the 80s and 90s, a kind of Swedish Schlager over many of their entries (or if you are Dutch the opposite). But they did not manage to win until 2019 with one of the more , for me, uninteresting winners in Eurovision, “Arcade”.

  1. “I see a star” Mouth and Macneal
  2. “Ding dinge dong” Teach In
  3. “De eerste keer” Franklin Brown and Maxine
Mouth & Macneal “I see a star”

United Kingdom

One of the biggest music markets in the world and still not able to score better in Eurovision, UK is a sad story lately and it seems like whatever path they take its a fail. A it unfair really cause they often better then their placing.

  1. “Ooh Aah Just a little bit” Gina G
  2. “Where are you” Imaani
  3. “Cry Baby” Jemini
Gina G “Just a little bit” “Ooh Aah Just a little bit”

So, that was the most played songs from each country in the Eurovision Song Contest history, all to try to keep some Eurovision feeling in 2020 when the Eurovision Song Contest been cancelled caused by the Corona Pandemic.

Tomorrow I will discuss my ranking of the 2020 entries and wrap this Eurovision week up on Sunday with my personal points on the development of Eurovision. Whats good and what can EBU change to make it more interesting for me. Not everyone will agree but as said, it’s my own opinions.

The former blog post on the most played can be found:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Take care


My visitors – encore

Way back I posted a blog post on the fact that I think that people reading (or at least visiting) my blog comes from strange places to visit my website.

There is, let us say, no connection what so ever…

And again, a few months later we have a new scenario

USA? Ukraine? I can say I can see a connection between myself and Sweden and France but China?

Let us see if this continues


Time for Germany

I followed the German national final yesterday so why not add Germany to the list of countries I publish the best ESC songs from? First of all not a bad choice in Germany, the song “Sister” is for sure OK, not my number one yesterday (it was Linus Bruhn) and Im happy that Makeda failed, a mainstream ballad in ESC won’t do it for Germany.

So OK, the most played entries from Germany… If Spain surprised me look at Germany, not many new entries on that list… And again, note that the list is based on my iTunes play counter today.

  1. 1979 Dschinghis Khan “Dschinghis Khan”
  2. 1977 Silver Convention “Telegram”
  3. 2007 Roger Cicero “Frauen regieren die welt”
  4. 1986 Ingrid Peters “Über die brücke gehn”
  5. 1999 Sürpriz “Reise nacht Jerusalem”
  6. 2010 Lena “Satellite”
  7. 2002 Corinna May “I cannot live without music”
  8. 1994 Mekado “Wir geben ne party”
  9. 1985 Wind “Für alle”
  10. 1968 Wenche Myhre “Ein hoch der liebe”
  11. 1990 Chris Kempers & Daniel Kovac “Frei zu leben”
  12. 1989 Nino De Angelo “Flieger”
  13. 1976 Les Humphries Singers “Sing Sang Song”
  14. 1980 Katja Ebstein “Theatre”
  15. 1975 Joy Fleming “Bridge of love”
  16. 2003 Lou “Lets get happy”
  17. 2008 No Angels “Disappear (studio version)”
  18. 2015 Ann Sophie “Black Smoke”
  19. 1981 Lena Valaitis “Johnny Blue (English)”
  20. 1978 Irene Sheer “Feuer”

So will Sisters take there song top 20?


Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong via Munich

Let us say this might have been the trip the world tried to tell me to not go through with. Trouble from entering CDG until the final steps out of the International Airport in Hong Kong.

You know the feeling when you check in your bag and a little voice say, “that’s a suitcase you never see again” – OK this never happened but the flight from CDG turned ut to be enough delayed for us to miss the connected flight to Hong Kong so one night in an airport hotel in Munich. This might not sound to bad but for heavens sake why can´t (two options here):

  • The Airline let you check out your luggage, NEWSFLASH, toilet bag and at least a t shirt is most likely stored there.
  • A airport hotel making most of their money through a contract with Lufthansa to take care of stranded passengers might see a business opportunity to sell a “one time toilet bag” and a t-shirt even if it say “I love Munich”.

In any case, next flight 24 hours later so the wait first at the Hotel and then at Munich Airport was a long one.

But I must say that the Lufthansa staff from CDG to Munich was very funny, suppose they were tiered but it was a blast on the flight.