Etikettarkiv: Hop On Hop Off

Doin´da strange stuff

Hop on, hop off

More or less the first activity abroad, for me, to jump on the Hop on, Hop off service, just doing the circle and decide what sights to visit during a stay. And last time in Stockholm I acted as a tourist and took the ride there and yesterday I did the Paris one. I know its kind of dumb but also a good thing.

And add that you learn things. Now I know I am on the rive droit, my Paris friends have not been able to come up with a 100% clear answer, mostly droit but a few gauche also been told during my three years in Paris.

I know the green book boxes at the Seine banks might disappear, not a good thing, they been there forever… And for me a kind of Paris thing. I think I will end up owning one… Or not…

But most of all a tour like this wake up that feeling I get now and when, “WOW, I actually live in Paris”, maybe not forever but the minimum 5 years I decided upon when moving here seems reachable and not only a dream.

The Gallery from yesterday.