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TGIF – With the learning French twist.

“Still struggle” I hear my self saying, still a problem with the French language. In fact I also start to have a problem with Fridays cause I have French class on Fridays. Sounded good when we planned it but now after two months of changes, postponed sessions etc I can see I need to change the day in the week I take the classes.

The choice of Fridays is on paper the best choice, not likely to have late meetings, not likely to be away on a business trip or any plans for the evening. But no one counted on the complete close down of the brain at 17h00 on Fridays.

So the second best day to have some kind of continuity in the lessons is Mondays. For the same reasons as Fridays really, not likely on a business trip, no after work activities and late meetings mostly happen between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So I have now asked Inlingua to look into the possibility to change the day for my classes. We will see if they manage to do this or not.

But deep at heart I really want the classes to be before work or even better, over the lunch hour. But since we don’t have any office space to take the classes it is kind of impossible. And no teacher seems to think a 6 o’clock class is on their menu.

So we will see what happens in the future.

Have a nice TGIF now,


Da Buzz

Besides being a pop band and the former Prime Minister of Sweden favorite band a buzz is also an rumor flying around and from yesterday the word is that on Friday the strike takes a new turn here in Paris… Well, if true we had 4 normal days. But seriously, the big unrest, sorry, demonstrations been on Thursdays since the beginning of December 2019, awful enough, but on a Friday? People want to go home, prepare the weekend and maybe even start the weekend with a small apéro after work. Apéro, the French AW (After Work), normally also includes food. Not only, as in Sweden, the famous “I stay for one beer”, and 6 beers later you find yourself out clubbin’.

So the unions here have decided to attack the weekends and go crazy on a Friday. Merci Beaucoup!!! For me another issue raised, my French Classes start on Friday and Inlingua is located kind of behind Champs Elysees. A total blockage of Champs Elysees is not unheard of when the Unions and Yellow west movement destroy peoples way back home after work so I don’t know if I shall cancel or not. If I cancel today the lesson is moved into the future but if I cancel tomorrow it’s “used”, strike or no strike.

And in all this I start to think that with Marine Le Pen in charge some order will return to the streets of Paris, remember that Macron did not win the President election cause people loves him, the reason were they don’t like the alternative, in this case Le Pen. But I’m sure she would have contracted the Légion étrangère to take care of the strike horny part of the population.

Yes, that is how tiered I am of the Unions and the Pension discussions in France at the moment. I am so sorry, I will be nicer to you all when life is back to normal.


2nd English Class and 2 new Metronom

Free from work today but to not miss any of the English classes I decided to keep the schedule and do the 2nd class today and when in the neighborhood around Invalide and Champs Elysees Clemenceau I decided to do two more chapters in the Metronom book so from today I have visit half of the stations.

Beside the above still hot in a sticky not always nice way during the sunshine hours. Despite the heat I still enjoy heat every day of the week before the weather we have in front of us.



So the french test done

And let us say it in real Swedish, “Det gick käpprätt åt helvete” (this is what you say when things not exactly goes as you plan it).

First of all this is the second kind of test I’ve done. Last year I made a Lilate test which was hard enough but at least you have a person on the other side so there is some kind of communication between you two. They can re-phrase if there is a word you don’t know and the person actually notice if you know what to answer, understand the question, but find it hard to express your answer.

The Bright test is 100% on-line and if you don’t get it with the words used the question is kind of dead. You also have a specific amount of time for each question so sometimes you not even ready to read or hear the question or find the alternative among the answers so the question is dead based on that. So what do you do? Yes, 10 seconds left to answer you panic and click on an answer whatever just to not leave the question blank.

This turned out to be a huge mistake. Now, looking back at it the best thing is to leave it blank and not answer at all.

The questions are, as said, set and do not exactly follow your knowledge base. In many cases they included words I never heard before or if heard at least don’t know the meaning of them. The same thing as when 25% of the classes are on line classes to do by yourself alone. You can’t answer them correctly cause you have no idea what they mean. It’s useless. And when it comes to the online learning you sometimes know the answer but write e instead of é and of course get a red result and in my word I try to find another solution and mix things up even worse. I have said it before and say it again self studies and this guy will never be a match, I need lessons.

So the result was as awful as you can imagine and even outside in the real world my French not as bad as I did on this Bright test. It only gave me the feeling of giving up completely and go for the option to never learn French. Frankly, in Paris it’s not needed in your daily life apart from interaction with Governmental institutions and proven today sometimes when you need medical assistance.

But I will address that in another blog post.

Björn (now decided to not even think in French for 14 days)

Going backwards

As you all know by now I try to learn French and this is my at the moment second most stressful task and problem. I really want to learn French… I have dreamt of learning French since my first visits to France in the 80’s so even if I never expected it to be easy I actually thought I was motivated enough the learn fairly fast.

O la la, not even close. And now I actually go backwards in my knowledge of the French language. A year ago I had my test and ended up as a A2 (not anything to be proud abut after then 3 years in Paris but still…), and doing a second level test a month ago I just learned I’m now a A1+, so I actually getting worse and I have my language class test on Monday and will get a new evaluation. With this speed it might be A1 then…


French Class started

Here we go again

Yesterday my French classes started again, with the hated 30 minutes on-line studies added to each face to face class. Again I tell the world I am not a self study person, it’s a way of learning not suitable for “moi”. I do not learn a thing from the on-line sessions. Pointing that out the answer boomerang back “it’s a package”. Yes a package of 10 wasted hours.

Home work, not my strongest suite either. At home, chez moi, to many distractions. To do home work I need to leave the apartment and sit somewhere outside. It’s fine when I do laundry, go to the language school or travel far but to just sit in a cafè or in a park… No, I do the parts I am suppose to do and then nothing more. Kind of not my kind of learning.

The same for working from home. I do not mind to put in more hours when the work load dictate it’s needed. Just look back at the past at my old work I sometimes went into work on evenings and weekends even if the supposed work was 100% suitable for logging in from home. It’s not me…

And also, when you bring work home your home turns into an office and will never be a place to relax, so boys and girls, never transform your own living room to an office space. It might be a different thing if you actually have an home office space, then that room will be for working, I don’t know. It’s just me and all the weird stuff going on in my head.

Apart from this life lesson have a Bon Journee


French test

D Day

So total it finally was time for the Lilate, the French test… Test my level (by the way in September 2015 they said it was on the level of a four year old). And I don’t have the result yet but let us guess, 2 year old maybe?

First I lied terrible about my age, cause 50 in French was gone, my brain told me that 50 in French is something you never heard about Mr. So I grabbed the first number I could think of, 38! And the darling person on the other side told me she thought it was less… Bad line obviously but good to know… I look good on Skype with a dirty lens.

Then all the expected verb confusions before what I been told, read a short text and answer queries on the text. OK went not completely  bad even if the text on sun hours in Sweden during Spring, summer and winter kind of included words in French I never ever even heard before.

Then the fun part, to tell the test lady about something she asked me. I was told this will be on work, my hobbies and so on. I was asked to explain the phenomena “Northern light” in French “Aurore”. Hello? I can´t explain that even in Swedish! Electro magnetic fields in French?

But now its done, no more thoughts on that.