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Stats time

So time for the May 2023 Statistics.

May most streamed artists

And we go on with the most streamed albums, May 2023:

And maybe just for fun, the singers I am among the top listeners of, (Spotify streaming):

And of course on open Spotify you can find the “Most Played May 2023” playlist (Based on plays in my iTunes Player, not on Spotify streams).

Most Played May 2023 Open Spotify


TGIF 2022 10 14

So finally a Friday again, and in front of us a 100% rainy weekend. Kind of perfect, naps, tidy up and laundry – all done without going into panic mode that nothing fun happening.

Ming (von Sydow)

With some luck a lot of people will work from home today, so I can have a music Friday. I like music Fridays… So welcome to the Spotify and iTunes statistics:

Past 4 weeks – Spotify
Past week iTunes

That said it’s also time to change pictures in the dating apps, something new. I think I will go for 2022 pictures only for a while.

Björn Nordlund, all pictures September and October 2022, in Paris France

So happy TGIF

Björn (and Champagne on Fridays is not luxury, it is quality of life!

Kind of freeze my ass off

Paris in the morning and late evenings is not at all a joy at the moment. Like Swedish winter – you are so cold in the beginning, even if it’s around 5 degrees, and later on the minus 10 won’t feel cold at all… Yea, feel cold but you actually felt worse in the beginning with the 5.

Paris now is amazing as soon as you are in the sun, feels like summer, but as soon as the sun is behind the clouds and every little wind sets in it’s igloo time.

That said, time for some music updates….

First in memoriam, 2 years since Anita Lindblom left France and the earth.

And then of course the iTunes charts and Spotify charts. My own, not the official ones.

iTunes, past 7 days Katz, Bananarama, Delaporte, Mylène Farmer, Nacha la Macha, Dajte Muzika, Victor Leksell and Peter Wilson is the most played ones on my iTunes playlist.

With that let’s take a look on the 4 past weeks on Spotify.

Among the artists we find this top 10, not the most hetero normative list in the world to be honest 🙂

And songs then?

Actually a 8 song playlist I could put on repeat before a night out. All of them also get’s better with some wine.



TGIF – August 2022

So, finally the end of the week. And no morning rain so still on my bike, no Metro card bought, not even a single ticket for RATP this month. Only bad thing right now is that Wednesday next week looks rainy in the reports.

Been a strange week also for other reasons, the music selection on iTunes this week is strange… Top 10 songs:

Top ten songs on my iTunes this week.

While Spotify continue in the same way, nostalgia.

My Spotify, most played artists, past four weeks. Nostalgia goes on, not much “new” releases there.

So have a nice TGIF, and remember to pop the Champagne to celebrate weekend coming.


Laddar för 50 årsskiva

Idag laddas det för kvällens 50 årsskiva, mer om det imorgon skulle jag tro.

Today we go for the 60 y.o. party Im going to take part of tonight, more about that tomorrow I guess.

Beside that, my friend who was meant to be my companion tonight got tested positive with Covid yesterday, so I am a bit stressed to be honest. But… WTF…

Let me show you the 4 week stats from Spotify:

Last 4 weeks Spotify stats

And the same for iTunes

iTunes stats last week

That’s my life at the moment 🙂


National Holiday

“National Holiday” you say? Yes, but not here in France, but my colleagues in Switzerland will enjoy a day in their beds eating chocolate and drink red wines all day. Celebrating an old angel or saint or something. I’m not even sure it’s a national holiday, or if it’s only the French speaking part of Switzerland.

In any case, I am FREE. And can dive into my emails without a risk to be attacked with accounting queries, Luv it.

Talking about love…. A time ago, soon a year, I loved my iTunes media player, and as you know by now all of a sudden Apple decided (or more my MacBook decided) to restore my play count to “0”. And since then I have tried to put some kind of “normal” back.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, the same MacBook decided to move all my mp3 to a new folder, Have no idea why. But instead of the external disc I use for music and photos a new folder appeared on my HD.

I love Apple, and all their products, but one thing I hate is that the computer (a.k.a. Apple) sometimes decide how you supposed to work, not you… Just caused by someone at Apple think it’s the best way ever to do it their way.

If I ever leave the Apple world and go back to a PC, it will be the reason, I want to set up my folders, cloud service etc MY WAY, not in Apples way. And don’t ask me about the apple cloud and how documents change place without you doing anything.

And why todays photo? Swiss French keyboard…. I rest my case.


As suspected

As suspected me joining Apple Music fu**** up my library – not from joining but when I decided to leave, again. I tried Apple Music when it was introduced and again a few days ago, but it is not for me. I hate Apple Music, a product developed from Apple not cause their users wanted it, they wanted it. And that’s OK, but for heavens sake why not ask the users what they want before create a monster like Apple Music.

I do not want all my playlists on my phone or iPad. I want to decide, not the cloud. And OK, leave the playlists, but for heavens sake synk all songs not some of them. I have my 40 most played songs / month in playlists, but on my phone only 38 or the worst one only 14 was synced.

I do not stream music, I buy music, CDs or mp3, so I want all songs to be there, but no…. some kind of magical disappeared.

So now leaving Apple Music so did a lot of my files and most important tags… So I have work to do. But what I hate the most right now, the play count is gone. Thank you Apple.


December 2020

First of all I like to say too my fine family, thank you for spreading the word about my movie start look alike…

I know, I found it first and told the world.

Second of all I am alive, no covid, but still locked up at my home and nothing happens. I am not even trying new wines out for my Saturday wine evening. I stay with he ones I have.

But I have now started a 3 month trial of Apple Music, and so far I am sure I won’t continue – it’s not how I listen to music and as long as the social media part of the service do not work there is no reason to continue.

Take care