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why did i eat those frogs

Frogs, making fun of the French?

Not at all, “varför åt jag dessa grodorna” is a way of saying (if you are older than 35) “shit happens” or maybe “that was stupid of me”.

So what now? What have you done? I kind of ended up in the same situation as last year, alone to plan a conference. Not planned but still happens.

Hopefully the escalator take me up there again in the future


And today he will arrive

And today he will arrive

And no, It’s not a religious statement, the person to arrive today is the new manager at work. We are not many in my department at the moment so when he is here we will be 2 1/2 person (including the new manager). So lets say we look forward to some days with a lot of updates and training and then together we will take a deep breath and work.


When the salary is late


When something is late it’s never a good sign. Late bus, late train or even the late flights, no good. Late for a meeting, women when the “curse” is late or when someone hand over the really important power point presentation late (second before you need it).

But one thing bugs me a lot, when the salary is late. For heavens sake you had ONE job.

In my case a late pay check means I can’t transfer money in time for my loan, Abracadabra, 50 euro penalty. And do work take care of that? Not likely.

Just bugs me

  • In a Global world when banks have offices all over Europe why cant the same bank in France take over the loan? To save transfer fees for me?
  • Why do the 3 bank day rule exist? If the bank need money there is no three days but transfer does.

Globalization is not for the man on the floor


Now official

If U not noticed, it’s official, summers over.

Yes, from 30 degrees to what I consider as minus degrees even it it’s not. And the dark dark mornings. Not as bad in Paris as in Sweden when you during winter with no problem at all can miss daylight completely if you have normal office hours. And I said it before, if anytime of the year Sweden need daylight saving it’s during winter, NOT summer.


Weekend’s over

Weekend – What a drag

No, the weekend as such is a nice invention but still… Doin’ nothing, nada, rien… For a lot of reasons. First of all rain, so much rain, and I need to downsize my money spending for October and November cause of the tax I wait for to be paid and then add the Halloween weekend in Norrköping and Stockholm. So stay at home and do the French homework and fresh up the mp3 tagging and have a look at this, my website. Amazed on how long it takes to get the Eurovision info ready….

But, now it’s Monday, after some bad nights with not much sleep cause of the full moon (picture bad I have no idea how to snap a good picture of the moon, cause it looks so much better IRL). And I know it’s only make believe but and maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy but I do sleep bad when the moon hanging over the Paris roof tops or where ever I am.

But let us hope for early nights this week and long sleep without interruptions from the younger crowd in the house either having a neverending apéro or storming in around 05h00 in the morning. As some of you know by now happening Mondays and/or Thuesdays.


What is considered a disease?

Today’s big question is what is considered a disease? And when is it OK to stay home.

Flue? A simple cold? Rain?

I go for rain…. I think rain is a valid sickness. It’s annoying, if you don’t stay in you will for sure catch it and like a pandemic all citizens in a huge city like Paris will be affected.

So Parisians… Shall we stay in today and call the Mutuelles?

Bonne Weekend folks


Going to work in the morning

Samhall or what?

Not Swedish? Feel free to Google “Samhall” and then you can launch an upset campaign telling me I have a lot of prejudices and really can’t say stuff like that… Oh yes I can.

Going to work in the morning here in Paris, most likely all over the world, is a interesting experience depending on the time of the day. I won’t talk metro now cause it’s a bit different but by bus.

Leaving around 07h00 (early for the French way of living) by bus makes me wonder if people working for the French equivalent to Samhall start their days earlier than offices etc.

I manage to take the same bus as the following people every day.

  • The man who, always and no exception +5 degrees or +30, enter the bus in his, even for Swedish winter circumstances, warm jacket and woolen cap and start to close all the windows in the bus. Without AC the windows kind of save you from looking boiled when you finally can get off the bus. It’s oxygen for heavens sake, we humans need that.
  • The Girl, clearly working for the Paris municipal transport company RATP (or have a weird sense of fashion). The procedure start even before the bus arrives to bus stop. She wait, at least 15 meters from the stop and when the bus arrives, and when everyone entered the vehicle she RUN to get on the bus. Well inside the change places game begins. IN the bus, until it’s time to exit at her stop, she change seats. It is very stressful when people move around without any obvious reason for it*.
  • Then we have her counterpart, the guy arriving well in time before the bus arrives, and standing where the doors most likely will end up when the bus finally get’s there. If he’s not first at the bus stop he sneaks around the stop so from being last end up first. Then he must, and i mean MUST enter first to take his place standing at the same spot every day facing the window. Never sit never change place. The thing is the place he prefer is also the dedicated space for Wheelchairs, suitcases and strollers – not many in he morning but I do wait for that to happen.

I also have my favorite space in the bus but so far I have not considered murder to get there, to my space. Or I lied, the thought actually entered my mind but to make it reality seems a bit over the top.

*) A good reason to change place on buses and metro i Paris is accordion playing, mostly Romanians, passengers. One more bad sounding “La vie en rose”….

Enjoy your day