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13th is over for 2022

The 13th of December, Lucia in Sweden, is over for 2022. A fantastic day until a “almost” fight with an idiot at a bar where I took a beer after the Lucia celebration at the Swedish Church in Paris.

I do not fight, I can’t fight to be honest, and I am nice up until a point. Unfortunately when that line is passed I turn to not be a nice boy, word wise.

But I made it and now I can remember this evening as a good Lucia day.


13th of December 2019

So, the 13th of December passed and as you know the 13th of December is the day when we Swedes celebrate Lucia. So I went to the Swedish Church in Paris together with two friends, not Swedish, to marketing Lucia.

For me as a Swedish person the celebration is kind of normal but it is obvious that Lucia is a strange animal in the zoo of traditions outside Scandinavia. Nevertheless it was a great success and to bring some non Swedes to a Church in the middle of December is actually a great idea.

And with longer opening hours on the day some Julbord was offered at the Swedish store in Paris. Julbord, traditional Christmas food. Also a success, even if I thought this point on the program might have been a larger risk than seeing Lucia.

Keep warm people

Björn N.

St Lucia

So December 13th soon pasted and it was a nice day. First of all supposed to be no work but a crisis at work made me work for a while anyway.

But the main thing today was the St Lucia at the Swedish Church in Paris. You know, you never turn out to be as Swedish as you turn Swedish abroad.

And it was, to use a famous Swedish schlager singers words “Sakralt och fint” and according to tradition apart from Lucia songs in Norwegian… Not acceptable from my point of view since I see Lucia 100% Swedish and without any connections to the Italian saint. 

After the Lucia tåg and glögg I managed a fast stop at Svenska Affären cause they supposed to have Felix delikatess köttbullar, no on that one but found Kalvsylta and Falukorv. Kalvsylta I love and Falukorv not so much but something happens with your mind when you see things you not normally find in the stores. So dinner tonight turned out to be Falukorv. 

Thats my day


Closer to Christmas

So my friends, a few days since I last wrote anything but to be frank not much to write home about to be honest. But as the header say, we are soon there, the Christmas week.

I will kind of start my Holiday season from the 13th when Im off work to join forces with the Swedish Community in Paris and see “Lucia” at the Swedish Church in Paris. And since I am aware that it might be “glögg”, i took the 14th off as well.

So some pictures expected to be published from Lucia tomorrow or the day after. 

Then of course the plan is to study some French before the last lesson of 2018 on Monday the 17th, but we will see… Right this minute the feeling is it wont happen.