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Is it even possible….

At the moment I am so tiered of winter so if I were suicidal my family most likely would have put some kind of spy ware on my person. But it is too close to Eurovision to take a chance and jump from the Eiffel tower. I am too curious to see if Ukraine will win again (now when they actually have a good song).

So on Saturday the first semi final takes place in Sweden, and the week after I am punished by my work and have to go to Geneva in Switzerland. Nightmarish.


Yesterdays battle

Melodifestivalen is over for this year, and I can’t be disappointed. My top three ended top three, Cornelia, Anders Bagge and Medina. Cornelia won the jury votes and Anders Bagge the popular votes, but not with enough to be the winner at the end.

So… I am sure Sweden will do very very well in Turin in May, top 5 is not to be over optimistic.

But most of all I am happy that Klara Hammarström and Tone Sekelius actually failed. But now SVT need to look at the voting system for next year, a jury group with three year olds is not even sane, it is stupid.

Beside all that I try to prepare and get some kind of enthusiasm to go to Belgium tomorrow and visit a new work partner, so called on site visit. Right now I can’t find it to be honest… The “YES!” inside me. Mainly cause I miss one gym day the week before my medical.

Take care


Finally the grand final

Och ostkrokarna ligger sedan igår på segling.

Partcipants this evening. Final Melodifestivalen, photos from SVT

So, for tonight I am vary very happy if Cornelia, Medina or Anders Bagge will win. I go to bed angry as fuck fick Klara H wins, and if jury and televoters see Faith as peace piece for Ukraine and the woke´s out there vote for Tone to make a sick statement, they might be dangerous.

I also like little Theoz, which is stupid since I call Klaras song a children’s song, I guess he’s not far from there either, but it reminds me of the early 80s.

So we will see tomorrow how it ended, and how my mood will be.


Sweden / France

So, second chance contest in Sweden this Saturday, when all the losers from the semifinals team up to complete the final start field for the final of the Melodifestivalen 2022. Too pick the Swedish entry to the Eurovision.

Tonight France also make their pick, so TV evening, from 20h00 to 23h00.

But, also, got an email from FNAC today that season 22 of Midsomer murders is out so I went to FNAC (after laundry and workout), and that was a mistake. Cause I also found out that “Murder in Paradise” have a new season out. Got way more expensive than I thought.

Let’s talk Eurovision entries tomorrow


Not a word from me about Mello

No, I actually still in chock over what Sweden watched Saturday evening, the 5th of February. SVT usually really good on presenting a nice show, even if the songs turn out to be not all that.

But this Saturday… It’s live, but seriously, everything that could go wrong seems to have done so. Not even the new exciting (yes according to SVT new exciting) vote system failed, so back to the old “call your vote in”. And when they announced that the vote app is working again, it took 5 minutes before they said: Sorry, the app is down again.

And we know, from the past, that Melodifestivalen, more and more turn into a children show, but this year it’s more obvious than ever. And in all this my favorite actually made it to the final, Cornelia. I can promise you all that do not happen a lot.

On Corona pandemic side, while Scandinavia open up 100% and all restrictions will be scrapped, 9th of February for Sweden, France go on with Vaccine pass, and I am now not “vaccinated” in the eyes of the Government in France. And can’t take my 3rd dose until March 2022.

So, here are a selection of cases lately:

So, that is it for today


A few comment only

First of all SVT and their big plans for Melodifestivalen 2022, new, exciting, surprising etc… It’s the same fuc**** composers and singers as normal… And after Sestre, Conchita, DQ, Dana International, After dark, Babsan and Richard Engfors do SVT really think a trans person is something NEW? Or a rock group in skirts?

That said, no shadow to fall on the songs until we hear them, but I think Sweden again will send a generic pop song of the kind that worked for Sweden up until a few years ago. Well produced, fit for radio but boring.

Apart from that it’s pre “big conference” time and people go crazy, as they do every year. It is like we never have arranged a conference before. And I not talking about the events department, They are fab, I talk about colleagues running around like headless chickens doing their best to put themselves in the best of light, even if they must stab their best friend in the back at the same time.



So, over for 2021

2021, again a year when my favorite did not manage to win the Swedish selection to the Eurovision and a gain a year when it was easy to guess the top 4 songs.

Knowing the Swedes, they are so afraid to stick out they know what top songs to vote for, from reading the media, and that is one reason why the old system with one final was much much better. New songs to all, no one was able to say this is the right song to vote for. Add the act that Melodifestivalen now is a children’s program makes it a strange tv show.

In and case, Tusse won, and let’s start with he good thing… It can sing, that is for sure, but all this gender bending and non binary shit going on, political correct voting sending a song to Europe that most likely will be parised by the jury and fail in the televote is strange. The song is woke, the singer is woke all about the act is woke and I published that I had his song as number 12 out of 12 on my Twitter and was marked “Racist” a few minutes later. I had The Mamas high up on my list, but that is not the thing for these people going all in BLM and HBTQ + around 5 letter more now,

Tusse mark almost every box to be 100% the perfect woke singer, as a friend said, only a few things was missing, a niqab, a fleeing Belarusian and a wheelchair.

That is what Sweden send to Rotterdam in May, thanks heaven we have some good songs from other countries.


So now it´s over for 2020

And at last we have a winner, congratulations to The Mamas and their song “Move” who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam. Not a huge disappointment, the song is good and the Mamas are a group of really talented girls so well done.

At the end the main thing for me was to not send Dotter so for this I am happy even if neither Hanna Ferm of Robin Bengtsson won (not expected them too).

But the big news in the Eurovision world is that Finland did not send Erika Vikman and her fantastic “Cicciolina” to Eurovision. A decision even more strange when you have seen her stage show from UMK the Finnish selection, also taking place yesterday. I feel sorry for the guy who won cause his song is actually not that bad but the Eurovision world, the fans, almost already booked our tickets to Helsinki 2021 since Erika Vikman already won the Eurovision, and now she not even passed to the Contest in May.

Denmark, also hosting their selection yesterday picked a good song, actually already on my playlist but in Copenhagen they decided to hold their finals without any audience caused by the Corona virus. Imagen a complete concert venue and no one in the audience, must have felt strange for the singers.

The same, by the way, watching the final Biathlon races in 2020, no audience gives a strange feeling to the races.

Another thing, I don’t know if its worth mention but is it sane to have a jury group aged 3 – 9 years old? Like in the Swedish Eurovision selection? 3? really?

Now life turn normal again until the Eurovision Week in May (if the almighty Corona want the Eurovision to take place).


The Mamas “Move” Swedens entry to the Eurovision 2020

Erika Vikmans number at the Finnish selection, kitsch and perfect.

Finals tonight

Let me start with the important thing tonight. It’s not to pick a Swedish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam, it is what Finland decide to send in their contest tonight.

If Erika Vikman ends up not going to Rotterdam I think Finland made their worse eurovision decision ever. Enough said about Finland.

Let me now take you through the final line up in Sweden for the last time. First to my non Swedish followers, the show start 20h00 tonight and you can watch it on SVTPlay by clicking HERE. Note that the streamed version start 20h01 / 20h02 so don’t panic. And why should you watch it? Cause this is the largest music show in Sweden with a lot of music and at the end the thrilling voting, international jury and finally the televotes. It is worth the time if you like pop music and a good show.

Todays line up:

Victor Crone “Troubled waters” Victor sang for Estonia in Eurovision last year and this is his second entry in the Swedish selection. The song is a Country, Avicii rip off performed with Victors Crones typical “I am a real boy” style, he is so boyish masculine on stage that you can’t do anything else than smile. At the same time as a friend of mine said “All that charm might hide a massmurderer”. I do not have a lot of mean things to say about the song, it’s a modern dance song and with a remix it will fly over the dance floors in Europe this summer. But it’s not a winner in my book.

Paul Rey “Talking in my sleep” Hard to take this entry in, is it good or is it just big pharmas new sleeping pill? I like it on a Monday and can’t stand it the next and end up liking it again on Wednesday. But for sure it is the same feeling seeing the act or just listen to it at home. Might get jury votes but I am not as sure the televoters will go all in and vote for him tonight.

The Mamas “Move” Last years backup singers for Sweden, The Mamas, comes back with their own act. Something anyone following Melodifestivalen guessed already as soon as they performed together with John Lundvik in last years semifinals. “Move” is not as Gospel as the Swedish entry last year, but this is good and the Mamas can sing, no doubt about it. This entry is hard to place, cause at the end they can end up on top based on charm and enthusiasm. But I hope they end up top 5 but not win, cause I want them back with something better in the gospel style next year.

Mohombi “winners” Yes I know I sound like a broken record, but for heavens sake Mohombi, give up Melodifestivalen and go to the French TV station and sing for France. You are a star in France, so why try this hopeless task to win in Sweden? It is his second year in Melodifestivalen and this years entry is nothing else than a ok pop tune. And this year he can’t boost his final votes with a leaked dick pic, cause that was done 2019, so he need to bring his everything to the scene to win. Hight points from the French jury is expected but nothing more.

Hanna Ferm “Brave” Swedens own “Look I am a fan of Eastern European female singers in Eurovision” girl, Hanna Ferm. She bought it all from former singers from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Poland etc. Not necessary bad or ugly, but the main word here is plastic. But if she relax more on stage and not doing her choreography like a robot tonight it will look great. Her voice is, even if music Sweden tells us she is the new pop Maria Callas, just OK Britney pop girl, but the song is one of my favorites tonight. I love the beginning with the backup singers I love the ending with its Ladidadi da. I am sold on this. With some more East European juries tonight it might have been a slam dunk but she face only one eastern jury. Might be tough.

Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella “Vamos Amigos” Good for Mendez and Alvaro, to bring something else than English language wise. It is happy Spanish rap, Latin rhythm a la Suède and really enjoyable. Not a winner even if Sweden loves “our” Mendez. Guess more televotes than jury votes. I just wish they skip to talk about Alvaros baby, growing in the belly of one of the dancers, it’s not giving you votes it just sound desperate to bring it up. OK, that’s mine thought about it.

Dotter “Bulletproof” This years hate object in Melodifestivalen, and I only speak for me. As you know my take on this contest is to make it exciting you need a song you really like and one you hate fighting in the top during the voting. Dotter will for sure bring the “hate” part into it. The song, for me is crap, it has nothing, a normal typical Swedish radio hit you hear without listen to it. She looks like she is trying to not fall from a invisible horse saddle, and the hair thing… No no no, it’s not even close to sexy, even get me thing of more horses. But she is a favorite to win tonight, she even a favorite to win Eurovision if she pass tonight. It’s 100% insane. And as always, it feels better when a hate song wins and you kind of can make any sense on why people like it, but here I can’t understand. I was so sure she would end up 7 in her semifinal so I never gave the song a second glance back then. This will be brutal.

Robin Bengtsson “Take a chance” Another of my main favorites tonight is Robin “The hips” Bengtsson, or Robin “how far apart can I put my feet without falling over” Bengtsson. This number is so nice to watch, Robin come close to Ricky Martin sexy (and that is kind of the best result you can get. But it’s not a winner, and for sure not a Eurovision winner, but it is one of my choices tonight. Fantastic.

Mariette “Shout it out” Mariette usually sings my hate song in the finals, and I do hate it but she is so far away from having a chance to win tonight that it is not worth to spread the word around. There are not enough lesbians in Sweden to vote and put her on top, the song is so bad so my ears hurt and she even manage to more un-showered than ever. So, no risk of Mariette hysteria tonight. Calms me down.

Felix Sandman “Boys with emotions” This year Felix is back with a song with a message… Oh God… And the message is that it is OK to be a hipster and live as an so called “Latte daddy” at Söder (south) in Stockholm. As with Paul Rey it might get some jury votes but I don’t see him get televotes from any others than the girls who was young and his fan base when he was a younger performer and had his entourage of teen girls. And by the way, wimpy men are not sexy, at all. Even if I agree it’s OK to be one.

Anna Bergendahl “Kingdom come” Anna made me eat my right show last year when I had to convert from not like her at all to rule for her and her song “Ashes to ashes” in Melodifestivalen 2019. She turned everything upside down with that song and I had to admit it was an amazing song. So back this year with a song they call “Ashes to ashes” part II. It’s not a part II, even if it’s not bad it’s far from last years perfection. And here we can see what a great act do to a song today in Melodifestivalen and Eurovision. Cause without the dancers at the end of the song “Kingdom come” do nothing. Just listen to it don’t make you tingle anywhere, while the dancers on stage makes you tingle all over. Thats how you get points in Melodifestivalen. Fair in a music contest? Not really. But she might win tonight.

Anis Don Demina “Vem e som oss” You might think we are happy to have a Swedish song in the finals… We are, but since most of the lyrics are so called “Rinkebz Svenska” (Swedish spoken in the areas populated by a large amount of immigrants) I am not sure it is a real Swedish song. Not a problem but it is sad that not more songs in Swedish went through to the finals. Rumors also say he added English tonight for the International juries… He sailed up as a huge favorite ro win during the rehearsals yesterday when the audience voted. And he won, the winner in the exit poll usually win at the end so I was surprised. But no, I don’t believe it, can’t happen. Rap and this years most expensive outfit can’t buy you a ticket to Rotterdam, can it?

So, what do I want and what do I think about tonights show?

After the jury vote I guess the top 5 will be (in random order): Dotter, Anna Bergendahl, Felix Sandman, Paul Rey and The Mamas.

And the top 5 songs among the televoters: Dotter, Anna Bergendahl, Hanna Ferm, Robin Bengtsson and Mendez feat Alvaro Estrella.

So at the end I regrettably must say Sweden most likely will send Dotter or Anna Bergendahl to Rotterdam. And of those two I really hope it will be Anna.

But my list tonight is presented below and as always it might be a few changes, it’s always someone who change stuff during the finals so the song gets worse (most times) or better (it happens) but for now:

  1. Hanna Ferm “Brave”
  2. Robin Bengtsson “Take a chance”
  3. Mendez feat Alvaro Estrella “Vamos Amigos”
  4. The Mamas “Move”
  5. Anna Bergendahl “Kingdom Come”
  6. Victor Crone “Troubled waters”
  7. Mohombi “Winners”
  8. Paul Rey “Talking in my sleep”
  9. Anis Don Demina “Vem e som oss”
  10. Felix Sandman “Boys with emotions”
  11. Dotter “Bulletproof”
  12. Mariette “Shout it out”

And this year I won’t do updates on the website here, it will be done on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (links up to the left to Twitter and Instagram. If you send a following request please add that it is cause Eurovision so I know.

Have a nice evening, if possible I will review the show later tonight or tomorrow morning


What just happend?

This might not be at all strange if you where born outside Sweden (maybe as well in Norway, Denmark and Finland, I don’t know). But for a few weeks now they have called me from my bank and wanted a meeting. If something like this happen in Sweden you can be sure something is very very wrong… And someone, Bank or State will empty your account cause unpaid fees or taxes. So I caved in and finally went there yesterday.

One difference between your bank in Sweden or your bank in France is that you have your own “office” and a personal adviser / Bank person. And this person, in this case, was a new one for my account and he wanted to meet all “his” clients. As a Swede read this again… My Bank adviser, I almost not knew I had, wanted to meet with his clients.

Coming from Sweden this is chocking, cause banks in Sweden look at their clients more as something they must have to be able to work. The clients are cumbersome “must have”. And not only that, he actually knew what happens on my account… Scary. Nevertheless the main reason why I was called into the bank was not only to present himself he also wanted to offer me a loan OR find out if they can help me finance to buy a Paris apartment (if I ever thought of buying my own apartment).

Anyone in with a normal bank account (AKA you don’t have millions in your account) experienced the same? I think a Swedish bank rather close their business than offer their clients anything. So I am a bit impressed and to add I have been thinking of a loan in France to close my loan in Sweden cause, even if it’s not large amounts, exchange- and transfer fees irritates me. And a normal February or December or when the salary reach your accounts on a Friday, it is even hard to make sure you are able to transfer the money before they due dates for the loan.

So far I have not accepted, cause the monthly deduct with a French loan is a bit higher than my Swedish one, no huge difference, but we will see in a few months how I feel about this.

And again, let me remind you all of the Melodifestivalen 2020 finals tomorrow Saturday 6th of March, 20h00 (SVTPlay, and remember that SVTPlay broadcast with a 1, 2 minutes delay). My pre finals opinions can be read at the links below – and tomorrow I will present the final once.

But even if Melodifestivalen is a huge thing tomorrow, the day in the year when Sweden comes to a stop for a few hours, the most important thing tomorrow is the Finnish Selection finals where Finland can pick a Eurovision Winner for Rotterdam 2020 by sending Erika Vikman and her amazing “Cicciolina”.

The glow is thrown…

The glow is thrown 2020

Have a nice day and remember, work outs are dangerous!


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