Etikettarkiv: Melfest2019


Turned out to be an expensive Saturday, Swedish Shop (only candy), some stamps to send some fun stuff to friends in Stockholm, food for two days. So all necessary but not fun.

And all to repare for the third semi final of the Eurovision tonight. More about that tomorrow.

I also watched up with the Biathlon World Championships, and let me say there is nothing so grumpy as a French athlete after they made a bad bad run.

Todays photo, Cinnamon buns from the Swedish shop in Paris


Wrap up this years Melodifestivalen

First of all this years Melfest was a step forward after a few years of not so fun TV shows so for that kudos SVT. This before I give my views on what I think need to change to keep Melodifestivalen as the main annual TV event. And let me point out that this is only my views no others even if I appreciate if someone might think the same.

The 6 week tour. Even if winter is awful six weeks are to long time. One solution might be to once again try to have the contest on Fridays. Why? 6 Saturdays blocked in the calendar for us who want to see it all kind of block you’re weekends. But even if Fridays is an option I still think the best idea is to shorten the tour.

I want a three week contest where 10 songs compete week 1 and 10 songs week 2, place 1 to 4 reach the finals and meet 4 jokers, a total of, as today, 12 songs in the final. The jokers will be chosen by SVT based on different themes for the jokers. Can be only female songwriters, songs in the Swedish official minority languages, composers with the most songs on Svensktoppen the year before etc etc. This way the tour is shorten by three weeks and the second chance contest is finally history.

If SVT plan to continue with the six week tour at least change the Second chance to a normal vote and scrap the duels.

At once, with or without a 6 week Melodifestivalen tour, put in the rules that no composer can enter with more than max 2 songs. I would even take it one step further and add “No composer can enter Melodifestivalen with more than 2 songs and cannot compete with any songs in other countries selections or compete for other country in Eurovision”. Its only my opinion and most likely not something that ever will happen. But a max 2 songs in the selection can happen and should to get more composers in the mix.

Go back to have the same rules in Melodifestivalen as in Eurovision, no pre recorder choirs and 6 people on stage. The risk to see a winner in Sweden that on the Eurovision stage will be a completely different song after changes to follow the Eurovision rules are to high even if Sweden mostly managed to avoid what happened with “La Voix” in Russia.

When talking about how many votes received do not count the “heart app” votes. Of course it will be records over and over again cause people can vote via the app. For me take the app away from the voting, but I think the app is here to stay. But tell the viewers X votes from the app and X votes by phone, total: X votes.

And learn from 2019 and keep the voting exciting and don’t rush it. The rush this year took away all the fun with the voting.

But overall the 2019 edition of Melodifestivalen was better than 2017 and 2018 and the winner was more than OK so lets wait for Tel Aviv and Eurovision in May and next years Melfest.


Melodifestivalen 2019 – Final results

Melodifestivalen with the final scores and my own take on what really happened last night.

This blog post won’t cover any of my views of the touring monster called Melodifestivalen, I will just look at the results of the Melfest2019 but promise to get back to the changes I feel is needed to keep the Melodifestivalen as an relevant TV show.

The juries, all of them obviously went all in for John Lundvik, all jury groups gave him the top score of 12 points (not happened since Carola 1983?) so I will focus more on what happened behind his perfect score.

What surprised me most was Nano and “Chasing rivers” to end up as the runner up with the juries. I would have thought his points was coming from the Swedish public who know about his history and his extremely well planned spreading of how hard life has been for him and a shameless use of his son to draw attention to it. A tactic that works world wide. But the international jury groups actually placed this excuse of a song second? You never know how “experts” vote.

I was also very surprised to find Finland trashing Jon Henrik song, if not 12 points I was sure they were the once to understand it and give it a 8 or 10… In the same way I was 100% certain that Israel would give 12 points to Bishara, not happened either.

But the big surprise, Anna Bergendahl, train wrecked with the jury and I must say also with the public. This is the big surprise of the evening for me. Together with the fact that I really want to sit down with some people who actually took their phone and placed calls on Malou Prytz, Mohombi and Hanna & Liamoo – what where you thinking?

But Anna Bergendahl returning to the Melodifestivalen with a amazing song, fantastic staged and soo much airplay before the final completely run into a full stop yesterday. The juries had her 11th out of 12? And the public 7th? Since everything pointed on success she must be so disappointed and I must admit I am too. “Ashes to ashes” is a amazing act well worth a final placing 1 – 4. So what happened? And what happened during the rehearsals that made the juries (who voted from the rehearsal performances) place her in the bottom 2?

A 10 from UK to Arvingarna was also a surprise, but a happy one. Cause songs in Swedish is needed in the Melodifestivalen to not turn it into a 100% English contest. I actually also welcome more of other languages on the line up to void everything sounding the same. But this is more for my upcoming blogpost on the contest and changes I feel needed.

I also think the jury got Bishara better judged than the public and also proof of my point yesterday that if you don’t know the story behind his break he is not that special even if extremely talented.

From my point of view who gave my own 12 points to Arvingarna I must say to the people trashing me for this that I am fully, 100% aware they most likely would have ended up outside top 10 in Tel Aviv, but still, the song made me happy and I liked it. At the same time, with no connection to yesterdays result I get a bit worried why Nanne (one of ht composers) not even turned up during the final. She’s been sick for a long time bur from what I am aware feeling fine again. Her absence worries me for real.

Lina Hedlund must also be a bit disappointed but she will have years of being a favorite in the SchlagerBars in Sweden in front of her but for example Malou Prytz must feel her career in music died yesterday while Wiktoria, as I wrote yesterday will get few jury votes since the Eastern states not invited to vote this year. Her song and performance kind of screams 100% Ukraine (withdrawn from esc by the way), Belarus, Azerbaijan and Russia. And since she is one of the singers in a group of performers in Sweden only having a career based on Melodifestivalen participation she most likely will need to sit down and think about her next moves in the industry.

But the show ended with a well worthy winner, John Lundvik will fly the Swedish flag in Tel Aviv with honor and I am actually sure he will end top 3 during the final night. Based on what other countries presented up until now. It won’t come as a surprise if Eurovision Song Contest will be back in Sweden 2020 and listen to the second half of “Too late for love” what a amazing song to end a Eurovision Song Contest TV broadcast from Israel in May. With an arena singing along in the gospel tune.


My rating Melodifestivalen 2019

12 points Arvingarna

10 points Anna Bergandahl

8 points Joh Lundvik

7 points Jon Henrik FjÄllgren


6 points Lina Hedlund

5 points Wiktoria

4 points Bishara

3 points Lisa Ajax

2 points Hanna Ferm & Liamoo

1 point Mohombi

0 points Nano and Malou Prytz

I can survive Wiktoria and Lina also, but not until May, I will not be happy tonight 🙂


Final Melodifestivalen 2019

So after weeks of “Melfest” – Finally there the final of the contest and tonight we will know if John Lundvik, Wiktoria or Anna Bergendahl will fly the Swedish flag in Tel Aviv in May. Looking at the jury groups and a feel of how the Swedish public usually votes none of the other 9 entries will have a chance to win tonight. But I will write one more post on that tomorrow on my views on Melodifestivalen over all. Here I will make a summary of the blogposts on the subject made earlier this week. Feel free to read them too. At the end of this post you find the links.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren with “Norrsken” one of two songs in Swedish tonight and I am sorry to say that I do not think this entry is the one taking JH to Eurovision. And please remember I really want us to send him and his hybrid of Joik and pop. But even for me this song is not strong enough he is neither the hunk of the final this year so the “he is cute” support votes won’t end up here. I am also very surprised that no one think about the different rules in Eurovision with only 6 people on stage and no pre recorded backup chorus. It is so obvious he sing tonight with a lot of recorded singing AND joik (to see him spinning around without joiking and at the same time hear him joik is stupid) something not possible in Eurovision so the song will be a completely other experience if it reach Eurovision. We done that mistake once with Malena Ernman and lets us say that was a failure.

Lisa Ajax and her “Torn” is a song that maybe could have been saved by Sanna Nielsen but Lisa do not have the “shine” to carry this ballad from start to end. It is boring and the lyrics, according to her very very deep and personal, do not impact me at all. I also wonder how a song can be so personal and be the most true thing she ever performed if she’s not involved at all in the composing of the song. Both music and lyrics belongs to someone else and might be personal to her but not to Ajax.

Mohombi enter the Melodifestivalen with one goal in mind to reach the Guiness Book of records as the person saying “hello” most in 3 minutes. But as written before he also think he can gain some votes in other ways and for all of you who know what I talk about I am sure you won’t even listen to the song, you will look for sign of proof. Mohombi released so many brilliant pop songs o I really don’t understand who he decided to enter with this one. His last try in Melodifestivalen with Group Avalon gave him some votes when he ripped his t-shirt off, maybe loose some clothes tonight again and as back then go full Carola throwing flowers on the audience and go for the explanation “I got feeling”.

Lina Hedlund enter the contest with what will be a ESC fan favorite if going to Tel Aviv, and we all know what happens with ESC fan favorites. Good for the CD sale or streaming but not a winner in the long run. I think “Victorious” is a amazing Schlager pop tune in the chorus but the verses is impossible to like. But Line go full out and save it as much as possible but still… Who is supposed to vote for it? Its not the older viewers, not the kids and the ESC fans have other favorites tonight.

Bishara, again I do not hate him! But I must be honest I think he is in this contest at least 2 years too early and the person behind him who decided to enter him with this song should be bitch slapped by the Swedish people. Two things can happen, he will fail with only 12 points from the Israel jury (that’s for sure) and end up in the middle with the telephone votes or he will win cause he is him and it will have nothing to do with the song. And in Eurovision the other countries have no connection to Laila Bagge so the background story fails and we might even not reach the final in Tel Aviv. Cause the song is boring how talented he is the song is crap.

Anna Bergendahl, “Ashes to ashes” One of the songs I think can win tonight and one of the songs I actually don’t mind to see going to Israel in May. Who guessed that knowing what I feel about Anna Bergendahl under normal circumstances – actually not bad at all and her voice fits this song like a glove, good staging and outfit. Go for it girl.

Nano, “Chasing rivers” Again Nano manage to present a cry story in Melodifestivalen and the Swedes fall for it. Why? We will not be able to explain the Europe and Australia in May that we voted for him to support his brother! Last time he entered he had one of the worst entries in Melfest history and I am surprised to find out that he managed to come back with something even worse, it must be a world record in bad taste.

Hanna Ferm & Liamoo I have NO connection to them since I moved before they participated in IDOL in Sweden. Liamoo I know from last years Melodifestivalen when he destroys a good song with adding rap and Hanna I expect her to be a beauty or fashion blogger after her time trying to be a performer. Maybe also a Miss Sweden candidate? She look more like a beauty queen than a singer. The song is “mellanmjölk” de luxe, amazing staging really like that and Liamoo managed as a guy to kick the girls ass when it comes to clothes but again the song is not all that.

“I do me” Malou Prytz, Good bye… Nice to have seen you on TV Sweetie but go back to school now and study. Before that give the girls who wrote the song a finger and blame the Swedes voting you to the final to be the obvious 12th placed song.

So the huge favorite to win tonight, the Swedes will be split between him and Wiktoris but I think the telemeters will push John to Tel Aviv even if the juries will have Wiktoria as number one. Joh will win on performance without a gimmick on stage, joy, talent, body and looks. Live this entry is amazing with he backup from the girls (who must enter alone as group next year) and simple but great to watch. But listen to the recording only the joy fro the live performance kind of not there even if its still an amazing song. But again, I think John will enter the flight to Tel Aviv.

Wiktoria and “Not with me” will be the Eastern part of Europes huge favorite if she go to Tel Aviv, its 100% slick, fake, over the top a la “In Eurovision only”. And even without any eastern states voting this year in the Swedish Selection I think the jury votes will keep her on top but John will pass her after the televises. From the Swedish point of view Wiktoria is not as easy to like as John, and it will be what decide this.

I do Casper, I do, so Arvingarna back with the song “I do”, I know its not a winner tonight (looking at the polls in Europe both songs in Swedish is 11 and 12 in most of them) but I think the televises will save them from ending up 12, but I´ll be surprised if the Swedish public place them higher then 9. But I would have voted for them, even with John and Wiktoria in the final I like this song, it makes me happy even if it is “old School” schlager. Just imagine in a dream that all “Dansbands” fans (most likely watching, cause Melfest and Dansband go hand in hand) decides together to save Dansband as a genre in Melodifestivalen and all voted Arvingarna…. Exiting.

Thats it for now, if you want more views on each song, please check the links

First 4 songs

Song 5 – 8

Song 9 – 12

Melodifestivalen 2019 – de sista 4

“I do me” – Malou Prytz

This years most unlikely finalist. A really bad song, a girl with not much to offer the world. Malou will kind of both start and end her career here in Melodifestivalen 2019. I am sorry but I have nothing more to write about this song.

“Too late for love” – John Lundvik

Much better this year than last year, which also was a really good song. But he returns with a fantastic voice and a fantastic performance. John Lundvik has a lot of talent obviously and I will not cry if he end up as nr 1 on Saturday and I really think he will have a good chance in Eurovision. And then next year I hope the four ladies behind him will have a group name and enter as team. Four amazing voices. The only thing is that on CD the song is a bit flat if you compare it to the live performance.

“Not with me” – Wiktoria

This is this years the show makes it better than it is. She goes all in with water and tears but beside all the gadgets we stand with a nice, Eurovision ballad. Nothing wrong with it but not a real winner even if I sort it as OK if it won. But again, more show than a song.

“I do” – Arvingarna

Since I live in France I’m not able to vote in Melodifestivalen but if I was I would have called on the number connected to Arvingarna. I like this, I get happy from this and it has no chance in hell to win cause of the International jury groups. Why? Reading the Eurovision fans blogs and Tweets etc almost all place the two songs in Swedish in the final as number 11 and 12, and the jury groups most likely got Christer Björkmans instructions to find “modern, young and radio friendly” hit music and possible ESC winners. This is not it and the kids will vote for the kind radio pop songs. But in any case, this makes me happy and 3 minutes Casper is better than no Casper at all.


Melodifestivalen 2019 – The next 4

So let us go on with the next four then.

“On my own” – Bishara Morand

First of all… No I do not hate this guy he is a piece of pure talent with a future in the music industry if he wants to and with the right management. But the same management should have hold him outside the Melodifestivalen maybe two more years? 2019 won’t be his year even if it will be his break. And for the older crowd, 1983, a 16 year old girl won the Melodifestivalen and thanked God for the victory, the Swedish music industry never been the same. Here we have a 16 year old guy, thanking God for his advancement into the final, and yes, his break. But he will get the votes cause of him who nail the song on stage not because of the song which is 3 minutes long but feels like 20 minutes, nothing here excites me. Just a boring ballad.

“Ashed to ashes” – Anna Bergendahl

I did not like her in Idol and I was the first who said Sweden won’t reach the final when she won the Melodifestivalen 2010 – and my lord did people trashed me then… I never liked her so reading she was launching her comeback to the music scene this year I was less then excited. But wow, “Ashes to ashes” nailed it. The song is smart, fit her voice, the performance is amazing and even the clothes make this act 100% right. A hit song for Anna, I take my “mats ur stolen” as we say in Sweden and congratulate Anna. So far the most played entry among the once being released as a single in my home. Not sure I will put her no 1 on Saturday, but the chance is high (together with a few other songs she’s up there)

“Chasing rivers” – Nano

With a B song he entered a few years ago and got so much votes that I am chocked, all cause his cry story about his gangster life but when he turned out to be a father he needed to take care of his family and could not be a thug anymore. This year the song is even worse, its not even a song its just simple shit BUT wow he has a even better cry story this year so Sweden will vote, thanks heaven for the International jury who will give him lower scores.

“Hold you” – Hanna Ferm & Liamoo

The talk in town said this might be the winner, and fans went crazy. Many of them the same fans who trashed “Running scared” when that song won the Eurovision for Azerbaijan. And this is the same song a bit re arranged which shows that Eurovision fans are a strange crowd, fun but strange. The stage set up tho´is amazing but no, this is not a winner.

Tomorrow we go the last 4


Melodifestivalen 2019 – the first 4

So time to go through the first 4 of the song in the final of Melodifestivalen 2019.

“Norrsken” – Jon Henrik Fjällgren

I had some hopes for a song in the style of “Hon var vacker” but they never even came close with this song. But I like it even if 2019 not Jon Henrik year to win. Most cause I am afraid “Norrsken” (Northern Light) will sound like shit in Eurovision. Going from pre recorded chorus to the Eurovision rule with only 6 on stage and no pre recorded singing will not help this song at all. Again a reason for Melodifestivalen to have same rules as Eurovision. In any case a good song but not enough this time.

“Torn” – Lisa Ajax

A strange song to write about. Listen to it I sometimes like it and others I just skip it cause I cannot stand it. So It is not a number one favorite for sure. Lisa do what she can to bring the best out of it but it turns out to be a bit to much screaming going on. Not a winner and not the Swedish entry 2019.

“Hello” – Mohombi

Wow was my reaction reading that Mohombi will return to Melodifestivalen and at the same time surprised. IF he ever wanted to go to Eurovision I thought it would be for France where he actually is famous. But he went back to Sweden to sing “Hello”, and he sings “Hello” around 200 times in 3 minutes. If we count I think he will beat Karin Risbergs words on repeat record in “Stopp, stopp, stanna” from Melodifestivalen 1986. So the song fails cause its to repetitive. But he also manage to “leak” a so called dick pic (if it is him or not we will never know) in time for the final, so all who seen it will not listen to song they will look at his crotch figuring out if its true or not and it will most likely render one or two phone calls.

“Victorious” – Lina Hedlund

Huge surprise! From Alcazar to this? I was sure she would sound more Alcazarish but she went 100% Charlotte Perrelli “Hero” style. And that is the problem with this song. Sounds dated even with the modern production. The verses are hopeless even if the chorus is really good. I do not dislike this but its not a winner and for sure not a Eurovision winner. But Lina sing amazing so IF it happens that she wins we can at least relax knowing that she won’t make a fool out of us in Tel Aviv in May.

That was my first four, four again tomorrow and four on Friday and a final all 12 Saturday.