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A weekend just faded away

Back to work, French kids back to school, so more cars, more people and more car horns all over Paris, needed or not… Make a sound. My new invention idea is to connect the car horn to a very strong electric shock so people only use their horns when it’s needed. Not just when someone else doing what in their minds is wrong. Like break when it’s a red light. So more electricity to make people change their behavior.

The weekend also meant the last heat before the final at Melodifestivalen 2023. And even if it feels like the result already 100% decided, with a win for Loreen, traditionally I watched the 5th heat, the so called “2nd chance”. The 2nd Chance is where songs already being knocked out of the competition compete to go to the final. Like a loosers club. So it’s not very exciting, none of them will win at the end, some might place better than 7 on the night of the final.

But we at least have the running order for the final race now on Saturday.

Startlist of Melodifestivalen final 2023 11th of March.

Who is your favorite before the show? Is it Loreen, or do you think like me? The song is amazing when you watch the performance, but listen to it without the “show” is painfully beige. Nothing special, sound like “Euphoria” Pt.2 and if the competition was a radio show whe would never be such a high favorite.

But among the songs that passed to the final not many can be looked at as a good entry for Sweden in Eurovision in May. Her biggest competition is Maria Sur and Marcus & Martinus, Maria Sur cause the teary backstory and Marcus & Martinus since every teenaged girl in Sweden will sit an vote as maniacs on the night of the Final.

Me? Still hope Nordman.


And the answer on todays question is?

“It’s unacceptable!” – So whats the question you might ask? Todays degrees with a question mark is enough. -1?

So lets jump on to something else. My current standing among the ESC songs released so far:

My current standing among the ESC songs. So many more songs to come, and changes will happen until May, so it’s not really saying that much.

More close in time is the Semifinal at Melodifestivalen, now on Saturday. I don’t think much will change there… What can someone do to change their act that much?

Melodifestivalen 2023, Björns current votes

Enjoy your day, and remember that tomorrow we enter March, so it’s time to make your budget for the upcoming month.


TGIF, Mariette & Loreen.

First of all let us remember Ukraine today, just as the Eiffel tower is blue and yellow.

Picture copy from Reuters Instagram account.

From the more serious stuff back to the bla bla bla… It is TGIF, and in the beginning of the week I looked forward to a +12 degrees, no wind and a moderate chill in Paris this evening. Favorite Brasserie, “Le Championnet” in the 18th district and a bottle of wine to celebrate the end of the week.

Today it’s more of an “Stay at home in your One Piece drinking hot chocolate”. It’s so grey and cold this morning so if the grey skies actually will change it’s a miracle. And it’s windy and it’s degrees under the two figure limit I have for stepping out.

So we will see how much TGIF it will end up to be. But it is Friday, and it is Thank God for that!

So from that to tomorrows 4th part of the Swedish selection on who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. And it is amazing how SVT managed to put two of the most, according to me, overated singers in Sweden in the same heat. For me the world would be a better place if none of them been allowed up on a stage again, ever! But both is also, without me understanding, very popular even if it is by different groups of people.

Before I start I also want to add that I have never meet any of the two ladies, Loreen and Mariette, and they might both be the best people ever if that ever happens. My view of the two is simply based on whats in the media. And I think Mariette might be a great lady in private cause if I remember it right she is the owner of a boxer. And those people is usually 10+ people.

But the fact is that without Melodifestivalen and Pride Mariette won’t have a singing career. And the same for Loreen without Eurovision. To me they still are “Magica de Hex” and “Medusa”.

But both will most likely end up in the final of Melodifestivalen 2023, even if there is a small chance that Mariette only will reach the “second chance” (now called semi final by SVT). So I really hope there songs are good, more than good, cause both song will get a huge deduction in my book caused by the singers. And from what I think both will take part with generic pop songs, if performed by anyone else, no one would vote for.

And when it comes to Loreen she will for sure drop some pretentious shit and go 100% artsy. And Sweden will end up in Eurovision again with a boring well produced number accompanied by a great visual show. Thats how we won with the said Loreen and also with Måns. More show than heart and a good song.

And if I hear Loreen, again, explain that she’s not a singer, she is a “creature”, and twaddle about how everything is connected with her inner feelings I will scream. But fact is fact, she is the front runner tomorrow, the one to beat and Swedes who in their anxiety is so affraid to not do as everyone else will read the magazines and see that rock and pop critics praise the act (not the song, the act), will vote for her. Swedes should never be allowed to vote, in anything, remember that.

And no, “Euphoria” is not a good song, it’s an amazing stage act. But I also must admit I loved Loreens first attempt at Melodifestivalen “My heart is refusing me” (2011) so there is hope. But back then her, by me, suspected munching of magic mushrooms not gone overboard yet.

But both girls, Magica and Medusa, need Melodifestivalen to stay on top, to make an impact. And for Magica another Eurovision win is almost necessary now when Chanel from Spain took the crown from Loreen in the annual fan vote of best Eurovision song ever. She is slipping. Which, I guess, also is the reason why she decided to return. Who knows what would have happen if not? No more invites to Eurovision parties all over the world?

And there is hope, remember her “Statements” 2017? No Eurovision there, not even the final in Melodifestivalen.

A second hope is that the force of teenage girls will hit and Marcus and Martinus will take the public vote. even if I’m not a fan of that song either, again the same pop with a good visual show.

In any case, my maybe not so nice post is done for today, and it’s still TGIF and no Magica or Medusa can stop that from happening.


So, then we are on our way

The Swedish selection to Eurovision started yesterday, at the same time as Norway and Spain had their finals. Both picked wrong songs so no success there.

The first 7 songs in Sweden did not make anyone happy either. Very weak, but I guess SVT want Loreen to win so badly they only picked OK songs, nothing that might compete with Loreen.

In any case, the only “schlager” was Eva & Ewa, and they also got the real entertainers award. The rest ended up looking like amateurs. And of course they ended last.

But we will see if there is any surprises down the line.

Next week I am away, but hopefully I might be able to post something here.


Is it even possible….

At the moment I am so tiered of winter so if I were suicidal my family most likely would have put some kind of spy ware on my person. But it is too close to Eurovision to take a chance and jump from the Eiffel tower. I am too curious to see if Ukraine will win again (now when they actually have a good song).

So on Saturday the first semi final takes place in Sweden, and the week after I am punished by my work and have to go to Geneva in Switzerland. Nightmarish.


Yesterdays battle

Melodifestivalen is over for this year, and I can’t be disappointed. My top three ended top three, Cornelia, Anders Bagge and Medina. Cornelia won the jury votes and Anders Bagge the popular votes, but not with enough to be the winner at the end.

So… I am sure Sweden will do very very well in Turin in May, top 5 is not to be over optimistic.

But most of all I am happy that Klara Hammarström and Tone Sekelius actually failed. But now SVT need to look at the voting system for next year, a jury group with three year olds is not even sane, it is stupid.

Beside all that I try to prepare and get some kind of enthusiasm to go to Belgium tomorrow and visit a new work partner, so called on site visit. Right now I can’t find it to be honest… The “YES!” inside me. Mainly cause I miss one gym day the week before my medical.

Take care


Finally the grand final

Och ostkrokarna ligger sedan igår på segling.

Partcipants this evening. Final Melodifestivalen, photos from SVT

So, for tonight I am vary very happy if Cornelia, Medina or Anders Bagge will win. I go to bed angry as fuck fick Klara H wins, and if jury and televoters see Faith as peace piece for Ukraine and the woke´s out there vote for Tone to make a sick statement, they might be dangerous.

I also like little Theoz, which is stupid since I call Klaras song a children’s song, I guess he’s not far from there either, but it reminds me of the early 80s.

So we will see tomorrow how it ended, and how my mood will be.


Life lesson

One of the most important life lessons in a mans life must be that if you decide to, or always do, go commando, be sure to button up your pants or zip them up. Extra important when you sit down with baggy pants. Like in the Metro, par exemple.

Let us leave the subject for now. Today is the last PCR test arranged by work. Or at least the last planned one. The reason is that staff don’t care anymore so no one do the test. Seriously, even if you not sick it’s free, done at work at office hours why decide to not take it? I really do not understand.

Beside that today is the third day this week I think it’s Friday. The horror when you get the fact it’s not…


Timehop reminded me that 4 years ago I hosted the Melodifestivalen (Swedish selection to Eurovison) final at home with some French friends over… Looks like I went for it 100% – SWEDEN….

Sweden / France

So, second chance contest in Sweden this Saturday, when all the losers from the semifinals team up to complete the final start field for the final of the Melodifestivalen 2022. Too pick the Swedish entry to the Eurovision.

Tonight France also make their pick, so TV evening, from 20h00 to 23h00.

But, also, got an email from FNAC today that season 22 of Midsomer murders is out so I went to FNAC (after laundry and workout), and that was a mistake. Cause I also found out that “Murder in Paradise” have a new season out. Got way more expensive than I thought.

Let’s talk Eurovision entries tomorrow


Not a word from me about Mello

No, I actually still in chock over what Sweden watched Saturday evening, the 5th of February. SVT usually really good on presenting a nice show, even if the songs turn out to be not all that.

But this Saturday… It’s live, but seriously, everything that could go wrong seems to have done so. Not even the new exciting (yes according to SVT new exciting) vote system failed, so back to the old “call your vote in”. And when they announced that the vote app is working again, it took 5 minutes before they said: Sorry, the app is down again.

And we know, from the past, that Melodifestivalen, more and more turn into a children show, but this year it’s more obvious than ever. And in all this my favorite actually made it to the final, Cornelia. I can promise you all that do not happen a lot.

On Corona pandemic side, while Scandinavia open up 100% and all restrictions will be scrapped, 9th of February for Sweden, France go on with Vaccine pass, and I am now not “vaccinated” in the eyes of the Government in France. And can’t take my 3rd dose until March 2022.

So, here are a selection of cases lately:

So, that is it for today