Etikettarkiv: Metro

Pull a leg in the Metro

If you lucky and find a almost empty Metro in Paris, and a person sleeping and you have a suitcase with you… Follow those steps.

Cause Metros are often overcrowded in the morning, so to find someone like in the picture is rare.

Push the suitcase and yourself as tight up against the sleeping person as possible, he will wake up thinking “Shit, crowded” and stand up. Then and there he will start to look around and see it’s empty around him.

And, voila, you have a joke!


France up over 10 000 cases again, 1 day after the Dutch and Belgium increased there lock downs.

First Metro trip in a month

Serious, to make this day work it’s a puzzle of time, tasks and transport to take into account, and of course we add some shit weather to it all. Why not? It just show the world that Eeyore (Ior) not depressed, he is only objective and see the world as it is.

But back into the Metro for a day then. Why? I need time to go back home before lunch so I can workout during lunch, and be ready to participate in a “end of the day” meeting. Add that it’s storm outside so to use the bike is not an option, the wind kind of push you over and into the traffic, insane.

But at the moment life is telling me to just stay in bed and never leave it. Just what Eeyore stand for, again, when things turn to something amazing the pendulum swings back to the dark side with some added force. And in all this there still is people out in the world thinking positive. Be realistic, if what is good in your life reach a +8, the “swing back” will be -8.1, it’s how a pendulum and life work.

So there is where I am today, the 2021 10 21 – and by the way… French daily new Covid cases is going up again – why not?


Sudden death

To wish people to die a sudden death in Covid related sickness is not a nice thing, I am aware of that, but seriously… We hit almost 85.000 new cases yesterday and this stupid stupid woman (girl), with a runny nose enters the train, pull the hood up and mask down.

reintroduce pillory please


When things bugs you

Some mornings things gets on your nerves more than usual and today is one of those days.

I am so sick of RATP bus drivers letting people on the buses without paying! Yes I know if they protest the bus will be late and if they protest they might not be safe but as said… Some days it bugs me more than others. And mainly when young guys, with no reason for not paying enters in a pack and just don’t care.

Or when a group of so called “Syrian Family” (even if it sounds more like they speak Romanian than arabic) takes the last bus from the city out to St Ouen’s tent camps.

It’s, like today, a blood pressure moment.

So more controls on the buses please cause in the Metro they check more than what might be necessary.


Summer – drink water

The so called African Heat already in Paris and the Swedish News are full of it. Panic! Thank you Greta Thunberg. It’s not unheard of weeks with tropical nights in Sweden. I remember many summer nights when people sleep on their balconies and that was way before Greta entered the scene.

In any case, this is kind of 1000 times better than -40 and winter so enjoy it while it last. Myself, I am terrible when it comes to drinking enough water during heat waves and that’s why I always have a kidney stone attack a few weeks after some time in warm weather, and I expect the same now in France.

It works during weekends, at home, then I drink so much Perrier that the trip to the supermarket carrying it home is an work out on its own merits. But in the week… No… I do’t know why, but I can’t drink when I’m not thirsty.



Why do RATP HAte me?

The perfect route, the perfect bus No 81 is cancelled from the 20th of April 2019. How can they do this to me? Its the best bus line ever. Takes you direct to, or close to all places you want to go in all Paris and most important you do not need to take Metro Ligne 13

2019 is a bad year – “I hate my life so all the pretty things must die” ou “Je déteste ma vie donc toutes les jolies choses doivent mourir ” (so very Google translated)


windy city

This morning Paris turned Chicago and went 100% Windy City. The so called “GatuPratare” outside work was for sure not standing up and I still do not know if the flag on the building where I work was taken down by the staff or if it actually blow away. I was lucky enough to not enter into the Ligne 13 later this morning cause when the weather is bad all the people takes the Metro.


Monday, Tuesday….

When do people work?

OK, it is a fact that the working hours in France in major different from the Swedish one. In Sweden we start earlier to be able to go home before the evenings get to dark, and yes there is as always not applicable to the service sector.

In France you begin later, have lunch later and work kind of forever. Still after three years those facts still makes me wonder how the French have time for anything, but fact is I’m the strange bird here. And after years raise up early and be able to have hours after work to do things is kind of in my genes, I am more productive in the mornings than in the evenings. A situation my more South European co-workers don’t agree with at all. Culture differences raised from the sun raise and set. With the French way of living a Sweden would never see the sun, EVER.

BUT one thing is the same in both Sweden and France.

  • Monday morning, not chaos in the Metro or buses, there are people but as a commuter you do not feel the need to fight for your right to take a place on the commute alternative of your choice.
  • Tuesday, what? Is it a holiday? Why is the Metro empty? Why is it only Japanese tourist? Yes the Japanese tourists start early here in Paris, while Tuesdays in Stockholm have the same feeling but without the early bird tourists.
  • Wednesday, OK, what happened now? Why is all of Paris suddenly on their way to work at this hour? Your choice is to either piggyback or by force rip off your co-commuters backpacks (still one of my favorite French words: “SACK-A-DOOOO”, of course you say it tilting your head and face the moon like a wolf). Why on Wednesdays? And it’s the same in Stockholm.
  • Thursday, more or less like Wednesdays but with some luck depending on the time between buses and metro there are if not empty carriages at least with some room and no need to fight for your life to get on.
  • Friday, not a soul… Empty. And I understand this in Sweden since so many office workers for some reason always feel the need to work from home cause they need to concentrate, ON FRIDAYS. But in France not so many have the possibility to work from home and to believe they by choice start later on Fridays so they can get home later is kind of not a believable option. So what are people doing on Friday’s if not working? Cause the way home is the same if you compare it to other weekdays, not many people on the bus or metro. Maybe people take their car to work on Fridays to get home faster, but since the rush hour in Paris or Stockholm don’t offer the option to get to work or home fast don’t think so.

In any case, it’s a thing Paris and Stockholm have in common and I am equal surprised of it.



The beauty of Saint-Michel


Meeting up with friends for a brunch, dinner or just a drink in the Paris areas you not usually visit bring you to areas you only can dream of from a apartment point of view.

Saint-Michel is not a new area to me, visiting Paris in the 80s I always tried to stay around Saint-Michel but since I moved here Im not there that often. Just happened twice in soon 3 years. Shameful.

But it is an amazing area.