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Midsummer over

And yes, I followed some of the traditions… Drinking, dancing silly but missed out completely on the “a lot of sex” thing, and that makes me sad.

Todays gym time was a nightmare though, never felt so much I wanted to give up after 10 minutes. But I think it is a kidney stone on its way so not feeling on top of things might be caused by that. Slightly feverish 24/7, not the best feeling for a gym session.

Take care now


(and today we stand by Oslo in Norway as well as women in USA)


And not only TGIF, it’s Midsummer the Swedish way. And seriously kind of a sad day when you are Swedish and look at Instagram pictures of how fun people in Sweden have today – and you sit in an country where today is a normal, boring working day and it’s raining.

Midsummer is the real Swedish National day, whatever people say about the 6th of June – Midsummer is the day when Swedes celebrate. Just try to be a tourist in Sweden on this day and you find an empty, closed and locked down world if you don’t end up on an island or way outside the larger cities.

Midsummer for Dummies

More Midsummer info

Take care out there and go all in for a Midsummer fiesta


A lot of firsts after lock down today

A lot of first times today, first of all the surprise that you now can enter the bus from the front doors and the protections for the driver is gone. I did not know that so I went on the bus through the back door, and cause of that needed to pass through the bus to get to the ticket machine.

Next first after lock down was me going down town. I had a lot of stuff to do, but I can already now tell you not everything been done.

I went to FNAC St Lazare to buy 3 things. The new season box of Murder in Paradise, the new season of “Midsomer Murders” released last week and a new wristband for my iWatch (the old, as well as the first, broke last week). I came home with the new season of “Midsomer murders” everything else out of stock or not on sale.

But its Midsummer (not only Midsomer murders) so what else, a Swedish advert in the Metro…

Take care


Midsummer suédois

And in Sweden they enjoy a lazy weekend with ” Petites grenouilles, sac de saut, influence d’alcool” and in France it’s a normal working day… For expats I think the rule should be to have your new home countries bank holidays AND the holidays from the “old” country. Cause nothing is as depressing to watch your Instagram filled with friends tanning, drinking and having fun. Not that I cared at all about Midsummer when I lived in Sweden but now I think it’s very very important.

So I take this opportunity and wish all my Swedish friends, families a really nice Midsummer weekend. And remember when Sweden invented a completely random National Day the choice went to the 6th of June instead of this day when all Swedes really celebrate to be Swedish.

(Sjuksköterskor har vita dräkter… Jag delar ut SPRIT!)

Hugs /