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You will save so much money dear

I posted this as a very short Tweet a few weeks ago and now feel it is a “thing” to base a real blog post on.

My query to all you non smokers out there (first, do not start to smoke there is no reason today to start to smoke) whom tell me and other smokers tat quitting will “save you so much money”.

Really? Why do non smokers think smokers giving up on the habit save the 8.8 euros a day? No the majority don’t. When I had my 1 year break in smoking I can ensure you all I did not end up with 21900 Swedish Krona on my account after a year.

With the logic of the “save money stop smoking” all ex smokers are supposed to have a nice amount of savings on their accounts. Look at Mr X who stopped smoking 10 years ago, and let’s say the average sales price in Sweden during the 10 years is 57 Swedish Krona. Mr X at this stage will have a saving of 208050 Swedish Krona in his savings account. Do you really think most ex smokers really save up in this way?

Maybe some start to put the 8.80 euros (today’s price in France) in a jar for the first months, then they skip one day, then a few days all of sudden they start to take out some euros from the jar and look, the jar is empty.

So no more “You will save so much money” as the incentive to stop smoking please.