Etikettarkiv: Most Played Songs

TGIF-, Goal-, Covid- & Music Friday

Where to begin this Friday? I think I start with yesterdays celebration, sadly forgotten by the community. No parades, No Macron speech and not a word from the PM in Sweden… But I reached the goal, 365 days of workout. 365 days in a row! Goal, done! Prize? To allow myself, if needed, to have maximum 2 days of rest each week. Mainly Sundays to be honest.

365 days of work out, 365 days in a row.

With the celebrations done let me tell you of this strange morning. Friday mornings usually means a early rush hour, cause people want to go home early if they can. But today, not a car on the streets of Paris. It was so strange I actually started to think I missed out on a public holiday or something.

But I guess the reason is that “working one day from home” mainly is done on Fridays now. Which leads us to todays covid update.

So, we reach the end of this post, and I do that with some music. Still update my iTunes library after Apples decision to “delete” my tracking in iTunes. I have now tried to get as close as possible to how it was before my play count all was set to “0”. Still, after 8 months, still far from done. which gives strange “most played” charts. Not much “new” music there. I present you with the “last 7 days most played songs” & the “last 30 days most played songs”.

Passed 7 days most plays, my iTunes
Passed 30 days most played, August 2021, My iTunes

With that I give you TGIF, and let you all out to “behave”, and do it “bad”.


Most played 2010 – 2019

So now it’s time to see what kind of music made my decade, 2010 – 2019…

Just let me say that I never would have guessed that my 80s idol Amanda Lear should end up with the most played song between 2010 and 2019. But there she is with “C´est la vie” – most likely cause it is one of the best pre-party songs ever recorded so she never left the playlists.

  1. C´est la vie – Amanda Lear
  2. Something in your eyes – Jenny Silver
  3. Agathe – Roberto Bellarosa
  4. Signed on my tattoo – Army of lovers feat Gravitonas
  5. Can’t take my eyes off you – Jimmy Somerville
  6. All about the bass – Maghan Trainor
  7. Aldrig, Aldrig – Andreas Lundstedt
  8. Story of a heart (7th heaven radio) – Steps
  9. The fire – Elin Bergman
  10. En una vida – Coral Segovia

The list of most played Swedish and French music 2010 – 2019 looks like this

And a quick look at the albums over 10 years then…

  1. Agustin Galiana – Agustin Galiana
  2. Veritas – Agnes
  3. A – Agnetha Fältskog
  4. Monkey Me – Myléne Farmer
  5. Tears on the dance floor – Steps
  6. Désobéissance – Myléne Farmer
  7. Ensemble – Kendji Girac
  8. Undressed – Kim Cesarion

So, maybe you find some new songs finding the once above on your streaming platform, if so let me know


So time for 2019 most played

So we finally reached the point when it’s time to award the “Björn Award” – without any red carpet or journalists. People kind of do not care at all when it’s time for the “Björnie”. But still, in my little world of lists I do them and have done so since the 80s. Crazy I know.

So, the most played songs 2019:

  1. So am i – Ava Max
  2. Better than me – Ten Tonnes
  3. L´escalier – The Pirouettes
  4. Vakuum – Orup
  5. Look back at it – A Boogie wit da Hoodie
  6. Goodbye – Jason Derulo & David Guetta…
  7. Ta main – Claudio Capéo
  8. How do you sleep – Sam Smith
  9. Uninivited – Freemasons feat Bailey Tzuke
  10. Happy Thoughts – Felix Sandman & Benjamin Ingrosso

And break this down in most played Swedish songs… (don’t ask why Azucar Moreno is in there, wrongly tagget)

And at the same time, we need to check to most played French songs in 2019…

And the fun thing with making lists of music right now is that it’s time for a 2010 – 2019 lists – but we do them tomorrow.


Time to sum up the music year 2019

So we finally there, time to check the iTunes statistics and actually see what I was listen to during 2019 and as natural order I start with the most listen to Melodifestivalen songs followed by the most listen to Eurovision Song Contest songs.

Then upcoming weekend focus on the complete iTunes library and what song, album and artist got my attention passed year.

But today, Melodifestivalen 2019, looking at the amount of playtimes for the Melodifestivalen songs 2019 it was a bad year, a few songs stand out but the rest did not reach a lot of plays.

  1. Mina Bränder – Zeana feat Anis Don Demina
  2. Ashes to ashes – Anna Bergendahl
  3. Känner dig – Anton Hagman
  4. Habibi – Dolly Style
  5. Too late for love (single version) – John Lundvik
  6. Ashes to ashes (Soundfactory radio) – Anna Bergendahl
  7. Somebody wants – The lovers of Valdero
  8. Tempo – Margaret
  9. I do – Arvingarna
  10. Stormbringer – Pegan Fury
  11. I do (English version) – Arvingarna
  12. Too late for love (Palego remix) – John Lundvik
  13. Hello (Remix) – Mohombo & Youssou N´Dour
  14. I love it – Oscar Enestad
  15. Om om och om igen – Omar Rudberg
  16. Norrsken – Jon Henrik Fjällgren
  17. Victorious – Lina Hedlund
  18. Not with me – Wiktoria
  19. Kärleken finns kvar – Ann-Louise Hanson
  20. On my own – Bishara

I think even I will be surprised if any of the songs end up on the general list over most played songs in 2019.


The 2018 BjÖrn awards

So, to finally wrap the music in 2018 up for good.

2018 most played songs are:

And for the first time in history, the most played genre not Swedish or English…

On the singer side then?

  1. Agustin Galiane
  2. Mylene Farmer
  3. Sergey Lazarev
  4. Kendji Girac
  5. Arash
  6. Benjamin Ingrosso
  7. Kylie Minogue
  8. Linda Martin
  9. Molly Sandén
  10. Madame Monsieur

And that leaves us with the albums then…

  1. Eurovision Song Contest 2018
  2. Agustin Galiana – Agustin Galiana
  3. Melodifestivalen 2018
  4. Desobeissance – Mylene Farmer
  5. Destination Eurovision 2018
  6. Amigo – Kendji Girac
  7. Golden – Kylie Minogue
  8. Night City Tribute The songs of Secret Service
  9. Dancing Queen – Cher
  10. Identification – Benjamin Ingrosso

All based on the statistics from my iTunes Library and the app Play Time.