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Another mp3 Sunday

Another Sunday dedicated to new mp3 tags. It’s nowadays kind of my Sunday “enjoyment”. And hopefully someday in the future I will be satisfied with all the tags and stop invent some new info I must include in the tagging.

When done I will try to decide if I shall put all mp3s into the cloud. Most likely to then need to re tag again. A never ending story.

I hope, when my time is over, someone will take care of all the mp3s. Someone as much of a nerd as I am when it comes to my music library.

At the same time as my own tag factory is in work I watch TV series and I must say I fallen for the TV series “Instinct” and think I will start to watch “The Good Fight” (replaced “The good wife”) as well as “Bull”. But I can’t find where “Bull” is streamed. It’s not HBO or Netflix.

Yes I know, I might have bigger problems don’t I?

Take care, this last week locked in.


On the edge to jump into a music file tagging nightmare

Apple Music / iTunes Match

First, if any Apple person don’t like that I use this image, please let me know, i will change it.

So, after chatting with the iTunes support at Apple it seems clear that my worries to finally update to iTunes Match and/or Apple Music was true and it will take a huge amount of time to fix the music library if I subscribe.

But since I really want the service it might be the only way, even if the “only way” will render weeks of restoring the tag system I have in place.

I wished for Apple to admit that I’m not the only one with a huge music library who wait and wait for some kind of solution, like when you first start to subscribe and upload a large amount of files to have the options

1. I’d like to match all files

2. Only upload mp3 files without iTunes Match

This should really benefit Apple cause anal music files tagging persons like me reject the service or even more for a DJ with a large collection tagged for his or her work… They not going to use the service and go bananas over the changes of the tagging and must redo it fast.

In any case, I want to subscribe so I might need to take deep breath and with horror watch the files change names, genre, album name, artist name (mainly an issue when the artists have names in Arabic, Russian, Chinese etc) – yes I think about it… Scary.

Or, I wonder if I can create a second library and just use one of them for the cloud service. That way its possible to upload in sections, just though of this. WOW, new mail to the support 🙂