Etikettarkiv: Mylene Farmer

What a weekend

Rain, thunderstorms and elections. Kind of what this weekend offered. Rain made me more or less watch the 13th season of RuPaul from episode 1 to to the end apart form the final episode, still pending to watch this week.

And where is my manners? Good Morning:

And of course the Covid in France update:

And today Monday we wait for what’s going to happen in Sweden, will the Government fall or will they manage to stay?


final countdown and national day

Today it’s the day before the Concert with Mylène as well as the Swedish National day, a national day without any purpose really. It is a “hittepå” (made up) National day and not even close to the Norwegian or French once.

The Swedish National day was created out of jealousy in 1983, you know: All other countries have a National day why don’t we?

So they took one bank holiday giving the Swedes a long weekend each year and moved it to the 6th of June (a day moving around in the calendar and only creates bridge days or take place on a Saturday or Sunday.

But it gives the Royal Family something to once a year so we don’t pay for them doing nothing. That’s nice of us.

But always remember that the real National day in the peoples minds is “Midsommarafton”.

But I put up the Swedish flag at my desk and wish all Swedes in France (or elsewhere) a nice National day and look forward to the concert tomorrow and try to forget the dentist today.


The 2018 BjÖrn awards

So, to finally wrap the music in 2018 up for good.

2018 most played songs are:

And for the first time in history, the most played genre not Swedish or English…

On the singer side then?

  1. Agustin Galiane
  2. Mylene Farmer
  3. Sergey Lazarev
  4. Kendji Girac
  5. Arash
  6. Benjamin Ingrosso
  7. Kylie Minogue
  8. Linda Martin
  9. Molly Sandén
  10. Madame Monsieur

And that leaves us with the albums then…

  1. Eurovision Song Contest 2018
  2. Agustin Galiana – Agustin Galiana
  3. Melodifestivalen 2018
  4. Desobeissance – Mylene Farmer
  5. Destination Eurovision 2018
  6. Amigo – Kendji Girac
  7. Golden – Kylie Minogue
  8. Night City Tribute The songs of Secret Service
  9. Dancing Queen – Cher
  10. Identification – Benjamin Ingrosso

All based on the statistics from my iTunes Library and the app Play Time.