Etikettarkiv: Mylène Farmer

Why can’t I resist

All my Swedish Friends know about it, some of my French friends as well, and living where I’m living it is kind of not a struggle to find butchers, and especially halal butchers.

My first year in Paris i enjoyed myself with asking for “filet de porc” passing those establishments. Just the faces is worth it. Unfortunately you can only do it maximum two times at each place, so that kind of enjoyment is kind of over in my area.

So, since a few months back I have a new thing going. To give the answer “Escort” when someone ask me what I do for a living. You get the same kind of face as the butchers asking for pork at a halal place.

Some quickly pick up the joke, but when people buy it you can go on forever to embroider the history.

So why can’t I stop doing stupid things like that?

But something that is 100% true is that the Mylène tickets is promised to be delivered in December at the latest. I kind of never see any purchase on the internet as done until I get the articles ordered. Too many stories.

SMS yesterday, tickets on its way

And for you who like me hate winter…

Take care


Same, same but different

So, cause of a meeting this evening (one I, really not need to taking part of) I needed to plan a bit different today. No gym after work, but in the morning. Actually I arrived 2 minutes before the card started to work, extra points for dedication.

All went well, and as a nice surprise my company turned out to be Sting and Mylène Farmer…

Sting and Mylène Farmer “Stolen car”

Anyway, back home, turbo shower and try to be dry (stress after shower is a fungus infection in the near future) and bike to work.

Going to work in rush hour takes some planning, another route to be a bit more guarded (meaning broad roads, not the narrow ones). But it worked out well, even if I for some reason now have missed to stop the app on my watch when I arrive home or to work. Not good cause it change the daily calorie burning. Instead of 7 km in 20 minutes, 7 km in 1 hour and 20 minutes is not the same.

But all done, workout in the morning, bike to work, and still I’m first in place. But today I have to stay longer than 16h00. I guess the morning workout will be standard when we go back to original core hours.

So, that was this mornings struggle, let us now survive the day.


Green friends

No, this post is not about green friends, not from outer space or Greta-fans. Just wanted to use the photo.

But, a part of this post will be about the fact that on Friday Mylène release the concert tickets for the concerts in June 2023 (hard to say if you will be alive or even still living in Paris). 2 concerts in Paris. If you remember the former concert it sold out for two weeks almost at once. But… This time its a tour so maybe added cities and countries will take some of the pressure off the Paris concerts.

Myléne Farmer, Nevermore2023

But I will try to get a ticket, even if it will make me a very poor boy for the rest of the month… I also have to buy flight tickets to Stockholm over Halloween.


This is Pop

First of all I like to push for the Netflix series “This is Pop” – actually really good. And of course for people in France, who think I am strange, episode 3 about the Swedish music wonder.

Not only a fantastic story about the Cheiron studios in the 90s but also explains a lot why Swedes in social situations are plain Swedish and behave like we do. Even I got an epiphany from it.

But even more, the big news yesterday… Mylène Farmer will go on tour again. Ticket release in October 2021 for the shows in the summer 2023. So now my main goals will be to manage to buy tickets (only 2 shows advertised), and remember that 3 weeks of Mylène in 2019 sold out in a few hours (but then it was one venue for all Europe).

Even Geneva is on the tour plan so I guess I have to start to spread the world also for my colleagues in Switzerland. But back to the goals, get tickets (save the September paycheck to afford them) and stay alive until June 2023!

And also from yesterday, Financial Times, the UK reacted on the Governmental crisis in Sweden and did it in a very accurate way really…

But to be honest I have not seen the article in the Times, so I can’t verify it actually was in yesterdays edition. Why I’m not sure? Do a magazine like Financial Times misspell a name like this? Lofven? His name is Löfvèn – To not have 100% knowledge about å, ä and ö, I buy that, but when they write names they usually get things right…

In any case, true or not, it’s very accurate and true. But they missed the part to explain that his choice to bring the Green party in to the Government must be his mistake of a life time. It’s actually more them the Swedes want gone than Löfvèn (even if I am happy if both leaves). But he has a week to try to find a solution to stay and believe me they will try.


The badge

Story of the badge. I arrived back home from work yesterday and the door code box was brand new… Shiny and silverly and now 1 2 3 was on the top row, and whatever I tried the famous “click” when the door unlocks never came. After a while the gardienne came out and told me the code been changed, and not only a new code – we are with “Badge”. Lovely, cause I never remember the code, its muscle memory open the door when I am involved.

So waiting to sign the “I received my 2 badges” form I got an envelope with the badges, and actually not thought more about it until I decided to test the badge this morning. Cause perfect time, no one is up when I am on my way to work so I could test and be an idiot without anyone knowing.

So I opened the envelope prepared to find two badges size like a 2 euro coin and out fell two badges huge as a lap top heavy as hell. Humongous badges, maybe made to hide behind if someone chase you. I don’t want that on my key chain, I have a lovely Mylène Farmer key chain for heavens sake.

Well… It is a French thing to take a good idea and tweak just a bit, just enough to make non French wonder, WTF? And act normal about it. Some things made the same way:

Doors opening “in”, drive on the right side but all pedestrian activities is left, call a baugette a she and not produce any 1.5 btl of sprakling water.


New single from La Farmer

The passed night at 00h01 Mylène Farmer released a new single, a really good one… She also released a new film but only on Amazon, why? Hopefully we will be able to see it on other platforms or as DVD later on. At least on her own website.

And since it’s Friday:

Read about dick tattoos on the web and suddenly this picture gave me some ideas

Cuddle up folks, Björn


Today it’s ticket releases

Today, have no idea from what time (can’t find the info) for the release of the tickets to Myléne Farmer 2019 – The film in November 2019.

I struggle… Buy or not, for heavens sake the film will be released on DVD and I have seen the show twice already, I kind of between two bales of hay or maybe a rock and a hard place.

Again it is a once in a lifetime experience but for a movie? Really Mr Björn, think think think

Beside this it is another major hot fantastic day in Paris. And of course it’s never fun to work when it’s extremely hot and the Paris Metro ligne 13 smells extra nice when people sweat as pigs but still… It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s amazing.

Remember this in February when winter never seems to end, whatever Greta Thunberg say.