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I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder, I wonder if Annie Lööf took a psychology examination, what would be the outcome? Phsychopath? Narcistic disorder? Full blown maniac?

I wonder when the world will see that the Green party movement globally is like a huge sect, and believe me, I will not be surprised if we soon find them in the jungle drinking cyanide.

I wonder when people will understand that Greta not write her blogs, speeches, Tweets herself… And actually see that the speechwriters is very active in antifa.

But all the above is I wonder on a large scale, and there are more, so much more. So why think about things you can’t influence and instead wonder over things around your own person.

I don’t know, seriously, if my co-workers forget that I’m not in their age at all. I am in the same age as most of their parents, who they are worried about cause they are “older”. I am in the same age that, in some parts of the world, is the presumed life expectancy.

Add to the above that it seems like they forget that I have a serious heart condition which don’t impact my work per se, but there are things that make stuff tougher. And my glyceryltrinitrat spray, who I always mention is there when new people arrive, seems to be forgotten an hour or two after the introduction of it.

That I can pop a vein within a minute, or in 5 years time is kind of forgotten (or ignored).

I know this post is very much me me me, almost Annie Lööf ego, but I am amazed how stuff is just forgotten by people you meet more or less daily. I mean… Do I look like a healthy 30 years old? NO!

So with all the above taken into account, add the kidney problem, I can say I am happy to not have one sick day as long as I have worked for my current employer, and only 1 day in 2013 and 21.5 in 2014 after the heart failure. Looking around me I must say that outcome is not too bad.

OK, no more about it, just needed to ventilate, I binge watch too much “Chicago Med” at the moment.


This is Pop

First of all I like to push for the Netflix series “This is Pop” – actually really good. And of course for people in France, who think I am strange, episode 3 about the Swedish music wonder.

Not only a fantastic story about the Cheiron studios in the 90s but also explains a lot why Swedes in social situations are plain Swedish and behave like we do. Even I got an epiphany from it.

But even more, the big news yesterday… Mylène Farmer will go on tour again. Ticket release in October 2021 for the shows in the summer 2023. So now my main goals will be to manage to buy tickets (only 2 shows advertised), and remember that 3 weeks of Mylène in 2019 sold out in a few hours (but then it was one venue for all Europe).

Even Geneva is on the tour plan so I guess I have to start to spread the world also for my colleagues in Switzerland. But back to the goals, get tickets (save the September paycheck to afford them) and stay alive until June 2023!

And also from yesterday, Financial Times, the UK reacted on the Governmental crisis in Sweden and did it in a very accurate way really…

But to be honest I have not seen the article in the Times, so I can’t verify it actually was in yesterdays edition. Why I’m not sure? Do a magazine like Financial Times misspell a name like this? Lofven? His name is Löfvèn – To not have 100% knowledge about å, ä and ö, I buy that, but when they write names they usually get things right…

In any case, true or not, it’s very accurate and true. But they missed the part to explain that his choice to bring the Green party in to the Government must be his mistake of a life time. It’s actually more them the Swedes want gone than Löfvèn (even if I am happy if both leaves). But he has a week to try to find a solution to stay and believe me they will try.


Oh God

The week started with me not doing the thing I was supposed to do. I did a lot of other tasks but the one thing that I actually needed to finish today, not so much. Its embarrassing really.

And the Corona thing continue, now its Austria, Greece and Copenhagen on the list over red marked countries in Norway. So the confused rules keep on going.

And in France we try to keep distance:

Picture from France24 and Bordeaux.

But the good news, new season of “Rita” on Netflix, evenings fixed for a few days.

Rita on Netflix


Back home

As said before, working from home is both better and more effective but only when the technical side of things work.

Today I had some trouble with the connections so tasks added up and it ended a bit stressful, but still… Compere to sit in an open space office working from home is way better. It might be different if your working place provides you with your own office and a door to close.

Apart from that not much happen today, no need to go out and do any shopping so its been a complete day without pants. Or at least nothing else than sweatpants.

And remember, soon time for the Eurovision movie


Another mp3 Sunday

Another Sunday dedicated to new mp3 tags. It’s nowadays kind of my Sunday “enjoyment”. And hopefully someday in the future I will be satisfied with all the tags and stop invent some new info I must include in the tagging.

When done I will try to decide if I shall put all mp3s into the cloud. Most likely to then need to re tag again. A never ending story.

I hope, when my time is over, someone will take care of all the mp3s. Someone as much of a nerd as I am when it comes to my music library.

At the same time as my own tag factory is in work I watch TV series and I must say I fallen for the TV series “Instinct” and think I will start to watch “The Good Fight” (replaced “The good wife”) as well as “Bull”. But I can’t find where “Bull” is streamed. It’s not HBO or Netflix.

Yes I know, I might have bigger problems don’t I?

Take care, this last week locked in.


The Will Ferrell Eurovision movie soon here

2018 in June I posted this link and now its finally time, the Will Ferrell movie on Eurovision will be on Netflix in June 2020. A single with Will Ferrell & My Marianne (Molly Sandén) been released, “Volcano Man”, unfortunately its not long enough, only just under 2 minutes but it fits into the Eurovision concept. It actually sounds just like the Norwegian entry to Eurovision in 2019 by Keiino, “Spirit in the sky”.

At the moment the funniest thing ever is to remind the fans whom liked Keiino a lot in 2019 about the fact that the two songs remind of each other. As you know Keiino won the televote in 2019 but did not receive enough jury points to win. And the fans of “Spirit in the sky” still going on about this in social media. “The real winner of Eurovision”, “Norway was robbed” etc. The same guys (yes it is most guys) for some reason hate Will Ferrels song, so to make them really upset it is so much fun to talk about how alike the songs are… Try it…

Note: Only work on Eurovision / Keiino fans 🙂


“Volcano man” Will Ferrell and My Marianne (Molly Sandén)

Will Ferrell

Not again

Yes it happens, now and then you watch a TV show from Italy, France or Spain and the espresso maker ou can see in the picture is used over and over. This time I watch the amazing “Il Processo” on Netflix, from 2019. And this coffee maker is used a few times. I have one… And I like the coffee when using it so it’s not a question about the taste of the beverage, it is how it works back home and on film.

In the movies they take the device of the heater with there bare hands, please, in real life do not try that, it’s hot, really HOT, not only the coffee the complete thing is hot.

When pouring the coffee, again with there bare hands, no coffee ends up outside the cup, in real life when you start to pour the first drops will end up more or less all over beside where it is supposed too.

So what is the secret? Is this something the South Europeans just are born with, to manage this thing? Or is it like a friend just told me, a special effect in all South European films and tv shows?

Buy one and try yourself, with oven gloves.


For once Sweden is popular in Trump land. I look forward to see the Swedes reactions since they normally say no to everything Trump followers like… Will they admit to the mistake in the pack immunity idea?

The Circle Games

So after USA and Brazil the French “The Circle” now released on Netflix. For you who never seen the circle I can say that it’s hard to not stop watching when you start.

The American version started it all for me and it was really good, whilst the Brazilian one kind of never got to the level of the American one. I think it is cause the humor in Brazil is very different from mine, also the fact what is considered as a beautiful or sexy person.

And from yesterday Netflix stream the French version of the circle, in France named “The Circle Game” cause in France they don’t understand it’s not a game if you don’t add “Game” to the title.

So what is the Circle? It is a social media game, in the beginning created to show how people judge others on social media and how much people lie on social media. And as long as the series is in it’s first seasons it is really interesting, but I think it will be more game less experiment when people start to understand how to play it. Just like Big Brother were fantastic the first season and than when the participants started to play for TV more than inside the house the show went downhill fast.

The circle is made to see all episodes direct during one or two days, it’s addictive so make sure you have time too watch it all before you start. Perfect for “lock down” weekends.

As said I am in the French version right now, I have many episodes lift even if I sat up too 2 this night but I will for sure see all the episodes tonight.

So, this is my watch in Corona times recommendation, see the Circle.

Apart from that I am not happy that most of Europe is free today, bank holidays, but not the Catholic France. So strange

Photo Netflix original


Nothing to report

Monday just passed by and actually not as slow as Mondays usually do so not much to complaint about.

But I found the first season of “Blown away” on Netflix and got stuck. The complete season in one evening.

Glass for me is something you use in daily life not into glass art really if not a every day product is designed an labeled art not only a drinking glass. But this show is amazing. Not only for the final results and the way to go from sand to a glass egg, with or without legs, but the way creative people think…

I recommend this series even if I don’t agree on the final winner. What’s your opinion?