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So, here we go again

Not the largest kidney stone that left my body, but for some reason this was a tough one. Am I getting less resistant to pain? Or was it caused by it’s form? More thorny than smooth (and may autocorrect not change “thorny” please).

Not that kidney stones are smooth, at least not mine, but this one was a hell of a lot of work to pass.

So it ended today, thanks heaven, after half of week of pain coming and going. Maybe I can feel ok now for a while? I do expect more though, cause the workouts makes me sweat and I am bad at drinking water… Or shall I say, bad at drinking enough water.

Take care


Friday – A day off work

Not a holiday in France, but 14th of May still a day off for me, but not at peaceful as I wanted it to be, it is tough to relax from thinking of work at the moment. C´est la vie.

And a new kidney stone arrived today, so the collection is growing. I wish kidney stones was as valuable at its similar stone in oysters, the pearl. Voila, I will be a rich man.

And this weeks Corona report:

Have a nice weekend


2020 – Not a good year for stones

Yesterday, kind of a surprise, a new Kidney Stone was brought into the world. I knew I had a few coming, both kidneys been working hard for a few weeks, but to translate it into pain I was kind of expecting more like gravel than stones. The one popping out yesterday is not enormous but bigger that the passed pain told me. So it was a surprise.

But it seems, like I said in the beginning of 2020 this year is a Kidney Stone year. 9 stones of different sizes already passed, all from stones to gravel – I now only expect a cliff in need of medical care so they look me in for a few days to crush it.

Until then I either thanks heaven for Spasmofen or my colleagues not to ask when I almost chew their heads of as an answer on a simple query, just cause I am in pain.