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Welcome to a new week

Let us see what this week might bring us… Still in panic mood to get all work done before vacation (the forced 2 weeks). I also need to get a dentist appointment before 1st of August (when the dentist leaves for a month), since I am 6 month late for it… Guess that will turn out to be an hour of chisel the tooth bone again… Pain and blood.

Friday I am off cause of Magdalenas 50 y.o. birthday party over the weekend, nice, fun but also extremely stressful for someone like me.

And at work it is hell week again, read: Conference. Never a good thing.

So take care lovely people


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Can it be too much wine?

Yes, yesterday was not my finest moment to be honest. But I blame my friend who was late and made me drink wine without any food before he arrived… Not a good idea at the end of the evening. But it was good.

Saturday have so far been lovely, and I even finally got all my white t-shirts washed… Took too long. Hopefully I can remember to (remember = find the will) to do the rest of the laundry tomorrow at the laundrymat.

Also had a incident today, stand up to fast and dropped, right over my living room table, on my back wondering WTF I did there, and for how long???

C´est la vie.


TGIF – Try something new?

I am told that if I want more visitors to my web / blogg / Eurovision information site the best way is to add words like PornHub, Cam4, Xvideos, GuysWithiPhones and maybe a “naked male celebs” – But I dont know if I want words like that on my site, So I decided to not take that road to be fabulous.

So not much to say today really. I will meet up with friends this evening, which stresses me, as always when my free time is “booked” by something (fun or not fun). And to make sure I will be in time for the after work I took half day off today. Yes, if not it’s not sure you will be able to leave in time, even if you worked your hours.

But have a nice TGIF and I leave you with a rerun of a favorite:

Shoplifters will be Prostituted – Todays TGIF


1 year to go

Today is the day when it’s one year until the Mylène concert in Paris, the “Nevermore” tour… And fans is waiting for an answer if the tour name actually indicates it will be her last huge tour. Also we wait for the album we all expect ahead of her tours… Around Christmas I guess.

Enough about that, just wanted to remind you suckers who don’t have tickets… (I am a bastard).

Jumping to the interesting query “When did France close their mental hospitals”? Was it before or after Sweden did that mistake? Cause there are so many obviously not mental healthy people in public in France. They usually make long speeches about religion. Let us say that 90% is religion, 10% politics. And of the 90% religion rants 85% is about one specific religion, none mention, none forgotten.

Today, on ligne 13, there was a political speech, included march on the spot and salute… Repeating the same message… Algeria should rule over France, and if people in France don’t speak French they should not be allowed to visit or live in this new “Algeria”.

At least this was what I was able to pick up with my very limited understanding of the French language. But since he repeated the same speech, marched for 30 seconds and then stated the same thing again I got more of it between every stop.

Who knows, I don’t think Algeria ever will get France to approve a name change to “Algeria 2.0”, but who knows… I never thought Sweden would agree to throw out Kurds cause Turkey asked them too do so to be a member of NATO. But we are there now.


Björn Nordlund in Paris, France 2022 06 29

Why are we doing this???

Every morning it is the same thing, I sit there and in my mind, on repeat, “No, you don’t have to go to the gym, it’s stupid, take another cup of coffee”. Then, still going… And it’s kind of a huge “why?” in the thought process.

Just like work… Who force anyone to actually put the alarm and go to work at a specific time? Why are we doing it? Why not follow the build in clock, and sleep when we are tiered, work when we are rested?

For the election in September, the Swedish one, I will vote for them who say we need to change the way we work. Maybe not like my words above, but at least go from the 5 day week to something else.

Me, now I am dreaming of being rich enough to work 50%, won’t happen, but hey… Let a boy dream.


Sunday, I thought

The thing with waking up a Sunday and then realize it’s Monday is not the best feeling in the world… OK, just took a few minutes before it hit me, but still…

So back at work and hopefully we can turn this ship around and get a good feeling back. Cause it must calm down soon, and go back to a normal work load with normal problem to solve. If not I am sure I will flip out soon.

This week is also a week of some “must do” that I don’t want too do. Include the fact that I have to book a time at the dentist before he leave for vacation. It’s not 6 months late, and for every day I don’t go the panic to go just increase.

Have a nice week,


8 most played songs the passed 4 weeks (source: Spotify)
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I forgot

Yesterday I forgot about the fact it was the Pride parade with the party after… What happened in Oslo show that Pride is needed, but seriously… It is too much for me nowadays, and I can maybe agree on 70% of where this community is going right now.

So, I went back home early, too much people around and my brain went into “need to be by myself” mood. Hopefully over by tomorrow Monday.


Midsummer over

And yes, I followed some of the traditions… Drinking, dancing silly but missed out completely on the “a lot of sex” thing, and that makes me sad.

Todays gym time was a nightmare though, never felt so much I wanted to give up after 10 minutes. But I think it is a kidney stone on its way so not feeling on top of things might be caused by that. Slightly feverish 24/7, not the best feeling for a gym session.

Take care now


(and today we stand by Oslo in Norway as well as women in USA)


And not only TGIF, it’s Midsummer the Swedish way. And seriously kind of a sad day when you are Swedish and look at Instagram pictures of how fun people in Sweden have today – and you sit in an country where today is a normal, boring working day and it’s raining.

Midsummer is the real Swedish National day, whatever people say about the 6th of June – Midsummer is the day when Swedes celebrate. Just try to be a tourist in Sweden on this day and you find an empty, closed and locked down world if you don’t end up on an island or way outside the larger cities.

Midsummer for Dummies

More Midsummer info

Take care out there and go all in for a Midsummer fiesta