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“Open up”

When do you count your country as opened up? Paris is sizzling, soon will the cafés open their outdoor seating and people gets a little twinkle in their eyes just thinking about it.

And seriously it is lovely but at the same time, the first weeks, we still have a curfew from 19h00 (will after a while be 23h00) – so open up?

It means in the week you can, after work, sit down, having a beer with friends for maybe 15 minutes before you need to leave to be home before 19h00. OK, this is a grown up problem since the responsible generation, now between 20 to 35 years of age already have given their finger to rules, masks and curfews. Why stay at home when you can Uber home after Midnight?

But, at least we look forward to the new world in front of us.

And note that “Open up” is also the slogan for the Eurovision 2021.



So it start, or kick off… The Eurovision Stage looks amazing on pictures.

And the rehearsals have started and as always, since some years back fans go wild. I still remember the good old days when the first time you actually had a chance to see the performances was on the night of the competition.

This years big war is between Malta and Cyprus. Cyprus announced their song very early, and was the fan favorite until Malta (last to announce their song) announced Destiny’s song. Since then a Cyprus group and a Malta group formed and attack, not each other but the singers. In what media would call toxic way if it was about politics, race, gender etc. And it exploded this weekend when Maltas first rehearsal took place and Destiny (who is a big girl) entered the stage in a short pink dress. Oh Lord Eurovision Internet was set on fire. That is todays Eurovision world. We have gone from a “Agree to disagree” contest to a contest where a country is trashed for everything between their politics, refugee situation to how they can afford to host the contest if they win (coming from Cypriot fans its actually funny). And all based on a pink dress at a Eurovision Song Contest rehearsal.

But, one step at the time, the contest is next week and I can’t get into it too much cause of work issues – read: Conferences, work shops and international meetings.

Enjoy this week. For me planned to be 3 days, 1 National Holiday and a bank holiday off… But all is up to me manage to do 5 days work in 3 and be ready for the Conference on Wednesday this week.

With kind regards



Slept too much again, actually woke up at 11, and yesterday I thought 9 was late. Just shows I need rest when I actually can get some, body say no more.

So today a long, nice, calm (no “power”) walk down to Parc Monceau.

Have a nice Sunday and a great week


Today been a good day, maybe cause I was able to sleep the complete night without fever attacks, and also slept until 10h00 (when did that happen the last?).

OK, sleep for long is kind of mess up the rest of the day but it still is a nice feeling to feel rested.

Took a long walk, for once not a power walk, around my neighborhood and it is a holiday, and a market day in France so it was really nice.

And in the afternoon the sun made its comeback, so maybe we finally will have spring?


Then, first vaccine jab taken and as always when I take any vaccines I get so sick for one or two days. Thats the reason why vaccines should only be given on Fridays so you can sleep through the fever and pain.

But also, received yesterday the three fragrances, I not tried, from Cristiano Ronaldo. So it feels better now. I have stock of good smells again.

Ronaldo C7

But remember to read all the info on shippings from the UK if you buy on internet nowdays. I noticed the pop up window about taxes but just clicked OK… So at the end not so cheap as it looked from start.

And let us end today with a French thing


The ESC CD arrived

So, with the arrival of the official Eurovision CD my “real” ESC season takes off, even if the streams and mp3s been available for long, in some cases since December 2020 (Albanias selection).

And later this week the rehearsals start in Rotterdam, something to discuss at a later stage when I as always need to write something about the new ESC fans contra the old school.

But at least something to look forward to in these times when the world do it’s best to test my patience.

Another good thing is that we, the enormous body kind, finally got mannequins more fit for the normal human being and not only for models and vegans.

mannequin in the UK

Actually something I support. Not only for the obvious reasons but it might also give a hint to people that even if it is 100% OK to dress as you want maybe, sometimes, you should not…

And remember, all clothes look good on skinny people so to actually see a mannequin like this gives a fair image on what different body types actually looks good wearing. So now we also hope for some with longer legs, shorter upper bodies etc etc.

Have a nice day and never forget that Bill Gates is single now, on the market Boys and Girls.


The upcoming weeks

We all have them, kind of hell weeks when everything is supposed to happen at the same time, and for me (or all of my work place) it is the weeks before the huge conferences and until the last one is done. May and June, weeks when you are more stressed NOT being at work than being at work.

When home its more like “Did I send all emails”, “Did I forget a PPT”, “the agendas” and so on and so on. Brain stress, nothing else.

So why this stress? It is tasks added to your normal work load and you know if somethings been forgotten.. Oh la la, it feels like Place de la Concorde will see more heads rolling.

So I wont be at the best of mood for weeks ahead now. A neverending story.

With this “positive” note for the day I wish you all a nice week, nice May and go for it.


Life in Paris

Sunday, you know the day that is perfect until 12h00 and then iy hit you, tomorrow its a work day again, so weekend is over. Sunday is the day when its not allowed to take a 1 hour nap, cause if you do you can’t sleep when its time to. A day, as today, when its time to go out and explore the city, but its raining and actually is very very cold.

The rain today makes me a bit worried about tomorrow as well, I want to continue to ride the bike to work – Im not good at intermissions, and its fine if it rains in the evening, cause then its just going home, so getting wet is fine, but in the morning not possible.

And this Sunday… What can I say? woke up, power walk, shower and since then, dressed in sweatpants, I have not moved from the sofa. Thats another kind of Sunday – but I do not look forward to work until after the summer conference, then things might be normal again until the December conference.