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Toni Braxton

Had a Toni Braxton afternoon and she is a strange star on the R&B heaven. One by one the songs are amazing, album after album it’s not as fun, so a typical single artist.

The day then? Work, stressed up over the workload and in a strange situation… Working from home, perfect at the moment, cause I need to be focused and not a lot of drama around. At the same time I must have a big screen and access to paper files and a printer. So working from home is not the best option.

I need a long vacation, not carry a laptop and 6 kilos of files back and forth between office and home.

Well well, corona times.


Yesterdays fun

Cold as hell, but I’m glad I went – but it was a close shot to be honest. A typical Björn moment, again showing the world that this guy need to be in the mood for doing something specific. So how fun something sounds when I actually book a ticket, museum, concert, travel, vacation or event, on the day I might “not be in the right mood”.

It usually end up with me going, and usually it was worth it. But the mind games going on before I actually decide to go… So much energy wasted on it.

Take care,


After the chock

So, after the discovery yesterday that my weeks in lockin with Covid, started the 13th of December, my weightless that took 6 months to loose (4 kg) just vanished over a few weeks. A chock, and not a pleasant one. Maybe 2 I said to myself, but I guess the lack of diet over Christmas (and still not 100% into my loose weight mood) made it worse. Cause I did go back to the gym as soon as I been allowed too, even if it still tough to keep the same level as before the Covid infection. Mainly that I loose breath much easier now, but it’s getting better.

This evening I have a ticket to use for something I will present tomorrow. Have a nice evening


They gave up…

Lately the gym been crowded, more or less since the new year, until yesterday when it all of a sudden turned empty!!!! I don’t know if it is the “I will start a new life next year” people who gave up, or if it is Covid spreading in the gym. But so nice to be more or less alone. If no windows I could even treadmill in the nude.

Covid report this week

Too give up… Or more cave in, I actually got myself a Spotify account yesterday… I got a Apple Music account last year and hated it, so now I try Spotify (I feel so modern) cause someone promised me I could buy music in Spotify as well as stream. That turned out to be a lie, so now I am already disappointed.

At the same time it’s a wonderful project to create all the playlists again and just be a nerd. Love it…

But also noticed that the release dates are wrong in Spotify, which will make me go ballistic, and I have not even tried yet to import all the music files I have, which is missing in Spotify!? So we will see how this will end… I guess I go back to iTunes at the end and curse at them for not having a perfect statistic program built in. Why can’t I find the perfect provider?

But, today is TGIF, and hopefully I will be able too cut my hair during lunch… We will see if my colleagues allow that to happen. And of course the salon, I have no idea if they have any slots free, now soon.


Singles inferno (Netflix)

So, one show I ended the pasted weekend was the “Singles Inferno”, some kind of dating show from South Korea, and I will most likely sound like a huge piece of shit now but are they pulling our legs?

First, and this is of course not a choice, it’s biology, but when the guys and girls on the Inferno island I can’t see who is who, they look 100% the same. The girls more than the guys cause they are all nipped and tucked and look 100% the same.

Next thing is that one of the girls is the most unpleasant person ever, and all the guys try to date her? Why?

I won’t say she looks like a troll, but she is seriously the less attractive girl on the island, mean and spoiled as hell and the guys talk about her like she is the best thing since ice cream. Korean ideals is very very different from ours for sure. Both what beauty is as well as how a nice person behaves.

The guys then, what makes me most surprised there is that he who look like he is 12 years old is the oldest one… what is that about?

OK enough about that, so do not forget:

The reason for boosters is that the batteries in the chip only last for 4 months


SVTPlay and Timothy Stuart

SVTPlay is kind of a lifeline now and then, a lot blocked but some shows are available from France as well, and yesterday i found a show called “Det här är ditt land” (This is your country).

First some background, before I include my colleague Tim in this story. Carina Bergfeldt is a Swedish news reporter, not very liked by the way but this show turned out to be interesting.

Carina did a DNA test, the kind of test you can do from home, and found a half brother (same father) in USA. Out of the blue, and none of them knew about the other one for many years.

So, the show is about how different siblings can be just from growing up in different countries but the part about the differences between USA and Sweden and how different Americans are to Swedes.

So far I have seen the 2 first episodes, but I can recommend it even if you don’t know Swedish since they speak more English than Swedish so far, and the part in Swedish is actually easy to grasp even not speaking Swedish.

So why this, and WTF about Tim, my colleague in Geneva? The brother Jeffrey and Tim are SO alike and from a Swedish point of view tick so many “typical American” boxes so it’s almost parodic sometimes.

My colleague Tim asked for a shoutout on this blog, and here he get one, and not only a shoutout, a complete TV show!!!

SVTPlay link to Det här är ditt land

Also, as always, I check the FB group “Swedes in Paris” – and at least once a week there is a “I moved to Paris last week, how do I get work, apartment and do I need to speak French when I moved” questions. Mainly from girls with a selfie photo from the school of Kardashians, ducklips, filters, fillers and taken from the side a bit above.

So first of all, you take a chance and move to this:

In the middle of a pandemic, and just decide that Paris is a good choice. I suspect behind it all is model dreams, at least the photos often plant that thought in my mind. I do not know if I admire them (to dare and actually think they will manage), the 20 somethings, or if I think they are in the category “IQ = Seagull”. So why even mention this? It seems like it’s more and more now during the pandemic, and it spread to guys as well. Might be that they need to post questions cause now during an ongoing pandemic life is tougher than they thought. Or is the latest generation to grow up actually even more naive than the one before? If so it’s scary.

Take care, stream SVTPlay and see if you agree with Jeffrey or Swedes views on Americans.



Office is now a math lesson. For us born in the 60s, and in Sweden, the math was called “Hej! Matematik” (Hello! Mathematic), and focused on “mängdlära”, according to Google “Set theory”. If Google is correct or not I have no idea but office work in France the year 2022 is like stepping back in time and start to think like back in the days.

10 people in a room, each working space includes 2 people, each person is allowed to be in the office space 1 to 2 days a week. Best scenario only one person at the time at the work station and no more than 50% of the staff in place at the same time.

When can person 2 and 7 be at work on the same day? And so on…

Talking Step back in time, first… No you can’t say step back in time without a shoutout for Kylie Minogue, but when it’s done I can focus on the fact that I must change hairstyle, and was thinking of going back a few years and (9 years to be honest) and shorten it a bit…


9 years ago hairstyle

Even better of course is to find a stylist that come up with new ideas and don’t care a fuck about what I want. But just like Sweden, French hairstylists just do the same haircut you already have if you say: “Do what you want”, only no go zones is: Completely shaved and if coloring the color must be found as a normal color in hair. So no blue, green, pink etc.

But they do not dare… I can’t understand why? Must be like Christmas to a hairstylist to hear that. At the end, hair always grows back so no biggy if you look like shit for a while. Especially now when the expiration date pasted with around 10 years.

We will see… Either it will be “same, same” or as the photo above or with some luck… Finding a stylist who, as my old one, don’t care at all what I want.