Etikettarkiv: Passport

So finally I got it…

Happy to have the day off today and managed to do the stuff I planned, and number one on the list was collecting my new passport so now I can go to beaches sipping umbrella drinks and enjoy the sun as well as travel around in work again.

Otherwise, not much to add apart from the release of the French entry to Eurovision by Tom Leeb. I don’t want to go there today but it will for sure be mentioned during the week.


New passport

So finally I managed to find a day to apply for a new passport, in good time I must say, for both work and leisure. Time to plan my annual trip to Morocco. Seems like May will be the month 2020 for a nice relaxed vacation, we will see.

So the Swedish Embassy is located in the 7eme in Paris, and after walking from the Metro to the Embassy I noticed that the 7th must be the area with most dogs. How I noticed? I am to much of a nice guy to tell.

See ya!