Etikettarkiv: Pastora Soler

Time for Spain

After Sweden and Malta it’s time to look at one of the big five, Spain! Again, the most played Eurovision song list is not the same as the “best” songs, but again, why listen a lot to a bad song?

Compering the countries I previously posted here Spain is a bit of a strange bird cause only 2 songs are from the 2010 – 2018 and you find songs from the 60s 70s 80s 90s on the list.

  1. 1990 Azucar Moreno “Bandido”
  2. 1983 Remedios Amaya “Quien maneja mi barca”
  3. 2001 David Civera “Dile que la quiero”
  4. 2003 Beth “Dime”
  5. 2012 Pastora Soler “Quedate conmigo”
  6. 1995 Anabel Conde “Vuelve conmigo”
  7. 1985 Paloma San Basilio “La fiesta termino”
  8. 1997 Marcus Llunas “Sin rencor”
  9. 1998 Mikael Herzog “Que voy a hacer sin ti”
  10. 2004 Ramon “Para llenarme de ti”
  11. 2011 Lucia Perez “Que me quiten to bailao”
  12. 1988 La Decada “La chica que you quiero”
  13. 2007 D’Nash “I love you, mi vida”
  14. 1993 Eva Santamaria “Hombres”
  15. 1979 Betty Missiego “Su Cancion”
  16. 2008 Rudolfo Chikilicuatre “Baila el chiki chiki”
  17. 2005 Son de sol “Brujeria”
  18. 1973 Mocedades “Eres tu”
  19. 1969 Salome “Vivo cantando”
  20. 1974 Peret “Canta y se feliz & 2009 Soraya “La noche es para mi”

Place 20 cause they have the same play count

So now lets see how the Spanish Eurovision fans react on that list…