Etikettarkiv: Petites grenouilles

Midsummer suédois

And in Sweden they enjoy a lazy weekend with ” Petites grenouilles, sac de saut, influence d’alcool” and in France it’s a normal working day… For expats I think the rule should be to have your new home countries bank holidays AND the holidays from the “old” country. Cause nothing is as depressing to watch your Instagram filled with friends tanning, drinking and having fun. Not that I cared at all about Midsummer when I lived in Sweden but now I think it’s very very important.

So I take this opportunity and wish all my Swedish friends, families a really nice Midsummer weekend. And remember when Sweden invented a completely random National Day the choice went to the 6th of June instead of this day when all Swedes really celebrate to be Swedish.

(Sjuksköterskor har vita dräkter… Jag delar ut SPRIT!)

Hugs /