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TGIF – Repeat

Finally Friday, and even if its a fact that managers hate Fridays and weekends I will try to keep my spirit up all day, not think dark thoughts and stress all weekend over work at least. I will stress over the fact that I am going to the dentist next week, Tuesday, and you who know me very well are fully aware of the panic a simple visit to the dentist creates in me.

I still wish my phobias at least is about something you really need to be scared of, like war, starvation to be murdered on your way home a late night – but no… Dentists, frozen lakes and Moray eels. What is the logic in that? Seriously…

Another logic thing to be scared of will be Covid, at least with a heart condition, but no… And here are the figures for the passed week…

So that is everything for the day – and let us hope I can take the bike back home this afternoon and avoid Moray eels.


Humongous Kissekatt

Left work yesterday and run into the paws of this little fellow feline watching Place de la Concorde in Paris. A “pop up cat” in the French capital at the same time as they dig up the street behind it. Ugly every day life meets art.

Remind me that there are a lot of Moroccans running around in Agadir calling the cats there “kissekatt” – and that is my fault…

This morning everything was ready for the first bike ride to (and later from) work when a glance at the weather app said: “no”. Maybe a good thing cause I should practice the planned route at least once before I do it for real. So, Weekend project.


4 days off

So look forward to 4 days off now, weekend and than one vacation day and the 14th of July – sounds lovely… I really need to tidy up at home, one thing about working from home is that a small apartment gets really messy. Not dirty, but stuff all over the place.

And as you can see the 14th of July is in full preparation, and again, it will be fun to see how many people 14th will put on the street now in Corona times. Maybe the fact that it is a working day on Wednesday will keep people in.

Take care now


Place de la concorde

TGIF and a amazing morning in Paris. Exit the Metro at Place de la Concorde and just realize how much you love this city is an amazing feeling.

Concorde is in its preparations for the National Day on the 14th of July and the Place de la Concorde is already closed for traffic and security everywhere.

So far I have either been abroad or stayed in the 17éme on the 14th since it is a tourist trap to go down town on the 14th and this year it’s a sunday… And as all celebrations it is the day after you want to be free not on the actual day. Or?

But enjoy Paris my friends… Impossible not to love