Etikettarkiv: Pride

I forgot

Yesterday I forgot about the fact it was the Pride parade with the party after… What happened in Oslo show that Pride is needed, but seriously… It is too much for me nowadays, and I can maybe agree on 70% of where this community is going right now.

So, I went back home early, too much people around and my brain went into “need to be by myself” mood. Hopefully over by tomorrow Monday.


June ended with a bang

The last Saturday in June 2019 I went in to the more central areas of Paris and sat down in a Café to watch the French Paris Pride Parade, Marches de fiertes. And with the Swedish parade in mind I have to say the French one turned out to be a very un tight parade. To keep the flame up and the viewers interest they really need to work on the match so somethings happening from the front until the last vehicle passes.

It took sometime to long between the floats and the political statements need to be more mixed between the party floats. And I am surprised, as not French, that none of the vehicles had a “Mylene” theme or the in Sweden mandatory “Eurovision” party.

I give you some pics to enjoy and hopefully it will be more tight next year.