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“Wow, I will buy myself a big electric scooter so I can take it with me on the Metro”. It’s spreading people, it’s spreading. RATP should ban scooters for adults in the Metro during rush hour (and if do so maybe also make controls, cause checking things is not RATPs best feature). And I thought that people got a scooter, bike or even roller blades or skateboards to be free from the Metro and cars.

Just read the text under the picture, it’s a huge “why” in my life.

And happy TGIF



It seems like the pollen this year is extra truculent… Or if it is a normal development to more or less been inside for 2 years and for that reason not been exposed to pollen as during a normal year. In any case, it is awful mornings, hard to breathe at the gym to get a bit better over the day and start again in the evening. And without any care in the world mother nature also decided to make people with allergy a little bit more stupid than normal, a tad more idiot with occasional drooling moments. Sexy as hell.

Talking idiots. We still have “mask on”, when you travel by bus, metro etc here in Paris. And without pointing anyone out, if I could take a photo of everyone not wearing a mask, I promise you will se that 95% of them comes from the same geographical background. Seriously, why? How hard can it be? And since most of them have their mask pulled down, it’s not a “I forgot the bring one” situation going on.

And why RATP staff don’t bring masks with them and actually, by offering a mask to these people, tell them in a nice way to mask-up is beyond my imagination. A wild guess is that it is the same group of people who can’t control their temper.

With this complaint post I rest my case for the day.


RATP celebration of SL

This morning, without any reason at all, RATP (The Paris local transport system) decided to make a unexpected celebration of SL (The Stockholm local transport system) by adapting the “no sense” approach between information given and what actually happens.

Bus 31 – next departure in 12 minutes, the bus arrived in 2 So missed that one. Bus 21 – next departure in 13 minutes, the bus arrived within 4 minutes and best of all the Metro ligne 13, direction St Denis, no traffic at all (scared me cause the strike here is actually still ongoing) and the opposite direction 28 minutes. Have no idea if any trains eventually showed up cause I took the ligne 21.

But it is #TGIF and the end of this week feels warm, fuzzy and cozy. My new colleague whom I meet for the first time in Geneva last week will visit the Paris office today in a phase 2 introduction so not much else will be done today. So important work without doing much work is a perfect end of the work week, n’est pas?


When things bugs you

Some mornings things gets on your nerves more than usual and today is one of those days.

I am so sick of RATP bus drivers letting people on the buses without paying! Yes I know if they protest the bus will be late and if they protest they might not be safe but as said… Some days it bugs me more than others. And mainly when young guys, with no reason for not paying enters in a pack and just don’t care.

Or when a group of so called “Syrian Family” (even if it sounds more like they speak Romanian than arabic) takes the last bus from the city out to St Ouen’s tent camps.

It’s, like today, a blood pressure moment.

So more controls on the buses please cause in the Metro they check more than what might be necessary.



Told you all a few days ago how RATP hated me and the Paris population by cancelling the perfect bus line 81 in Paris and I needed alternatives. One option was to either buy a Scooter (Trottinette) or use the system with public scooters. All since the best and by me most wanted option, to buy a bike, not an option since I have no place for a bike.

But, now knowing that 81 will be replaced by 21 I think I will survive. The only change is that the bus last stop won’t be Chatelet it will continue out in the suburbs.

So no need for panic yet


Why do RATP HAte me?

The perfect route, the perfect bus No 81 is cancelled from the 20th of April 2019. How can they do this to me? Its the best bus line ever. Takes you direct to, or close to all places you want to go in all Paris and most important you do not need to take Metro Ligne 13

2019 is a bad year – “I hate my life so all the pretty things must die” ou “Je déteste ma vie donc toutes les jolies choses doivent mourir ” (so very Google translated)