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Mello 2019 – Swedish only

Den riktiga startskottet

Idag presenterades alltså artisterna som skall kämpa om äran att resa till Tel Aviv och ta telefonröstrevansch för svensk räkning. Jag ska i detta nu inte skriva så mycket mer för det ska få sjunka in en smula först. Detta med att storheter som Omar förnamn och Omar efternamn är med, Arja som kommer knocka den effekt och showhungriga ESC publiken om hon hamnar i Israel för att inte tala om storheter som Marget…


Eurovision and Azerbaijan

Confirmed to participate

Sometimes small, very small news just makes you happy and restore some of the doubts you have on the current situation in the world. But it is a fact, the mainly Moslim republic of Azerbaijan confirmed they will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 hosted in Israel.

A lot might happen before May 2019 and I don’t see Azerbaijan as a very religious country but it is the fact. Hope people, hope!


Will Ferrell – Hallelujah

Will Ferrell stars in Eurovision Movie

The news kind of exploded yesterday, Will Ferrell to do the Movie on Eurovision Song Contest. For years now the word was that Sacha Baron Cohen worked on such idea but now we will see Will Ferrell in the role as… Christer Björkman????

In any case, I suppose it will be a comedy like the “Blades of glory”, and I hope for a soundtrack with 26 new songs composed by well known composers from the Eurovision World and Eurovision history. Mix them, not only the once from the last years competitions. The opportunities here is enormous to make a classic soundtrack.

I really do wish that they take the task seriously and go all in to make a good movie and even if Eurovision can be joked about not do everything to make it cheezy.

Good Luck Mr Ferrell, a whole world of fans will be watching and judge you on a scale from 1 to 12 points


Finally 1980 ready

Eurovision Section

As you know one section on this website is dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest and honestly, it take so much more time than expected. But finally 1980s been done.

I decided to publish a base and work on them when I finally have it all done so there will be updates…

My visitors

After a month some “?”

After a bit over one month as the proud owner of a website, and yes I still work on many of the pages. At this time I feel it was a huge mistake to add pages for Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. Feels a bit like placing a toddler in Sahara and say “Build a sand castle”… But I will manage and then most likely get a new bright idea and need to change it all…

But look at my visitors! Swedes in top not a huge surprise, but USA, China, Canada and South Korea? Not likely to google me or not even Eurovision, and if so I’m not likely to be at the top of the search.

Countries I miss among  my top ten visitors, Malta and Norway, my friends there obviously either enjoying the sun or are out on “tur”.

In any case, my little place in cyberspace have around 20 visits a day, not much I know but seriously it is more people than family members so good there. But during Eurovision week I reached around 250 visits a day so we have some potential here.

Have a nice day my friends, family and unknown visitors from around the world.



Let UK sing again

First Spain a few years ago and now UK

SuRie nailed it and a stupid guy (sounded to be English) run up on the stage and steal the microphone. Just to destroy it for a singer who most likely experience her biggest moment.

I can´t write what I really want to say cause I do not have a “only +18 year old rule on my site, but it is a dreadful.

All my love to SuRie and let UK sing again


A stay at home Eurovision

2018 Final

Some years you experience the final of Eurovision in a bar together with friends, sometimes you have a Eurovision party and as in 2018 a calm evening at home.

Alone you watch more intense and in relaxing clothing. Tonights outfit a hoodie and over sized underwear… More information than needed maybe…

But of course, the best choice is to have a Eurovision party with people from different countries watching, and have a 2 hour warm up with either old entries on TV or from the Stereo. If the host take the evening serious the mix will be previous winners, favorites and entries from the countries where the guests come from. And of course a voting table with clear rules. If all of the attending guest are fans the host can ask them to rank all entries and give them points from 1 – 26, if its a mix of fans and Eurovision virgins a simple Eurovision schedule is enough, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & Douze.

If you are out in a Bar it depends on how the owner put it together, important, good viewing and sound, you need to be able to see and hear and discuss. If it is a dedicated Eurovision Bar (more a case in Sweden even if the are slowly fading away) voting can be arranged before the votings done on TV. Its important to show the customers result before the voting start for real. Also important, play the Eurovision hits in the bar 1 hour pre the show and 1 hour post the show (this rule is for Bars normally not Eurovision friendly), Eurovision Bars will of course keep on as usual.

Voila, in any case, computer, iPad, wine and water + snacks (most likely to stay in their bags throughout the evening) ready and this year its a stay at home alone evening.

Have a nice evening everyone and if you like to see my predictions for tonight you can click here.

By the way, soon to be published in the Eurovision tab on my website, all charts for the 1980 – 1989….


Tonights the Night

So, tonights the night….

Eurovision 2018 Final, a more open year than ever and it might be really close for the trophy. And I also think we will see a range of differences in voting figures as well as a difference between the jury votes and the tele votes.

I visualize this blog post with a TBT pic even if its Saturday, so maybe we can call it TBS…


Eurovision Second Semi

On paper a weaker semifinal than the first one but I must say I turned after the show. So much better acts lifted many of the songs tonight but still, as always, some WTF´s.

Norway, Australia two songs not worth their spots in the final. But one song I liked from start and tonight raised even higher are Moldova. Amazing.

So, now we wait for the start order on Saturday and its time to set the final list and predictions.


Eurovision Week 2000

Thank you Charlotte

The reason why Stockholm hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 were the surprise victory by Charlotte Nilsson (now Charlotte Perrelli) taking us to her heaven. “Take me to your heaven” (the original version “Tusen och en natt”) in 1999.

The next year a friend of mine Mr Gerard James Borg in Malta won the selection in Malta together with Mr Phillip Vella and the singer Claudette Pace. All together this open a door to work backstage as the Maltese delegation guide at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000.

Change in the Eurovision mentality

Stockholm 2000, for me, will be the starting point for how the Eurovision developed up until today. Even if Israel in 1999 gave us a show and the track of the contest went from kind of strict to the party we see today the 2000 Eurovision made it a party with a focus on a fun script for the hosts and the beginning of a more party like green room.

2000 memories

The contest 2000 gave more than 2000 memories and a wonderful spring in Stockholm. It rained and was really cold up until the performers started to arrive and the sun and wonderful weather stayed until the delegations transfer bus left Arlanda Airport. From this week I still in contact with then new friends now friends with whom I shared something impossible to share again in the same way. All Eurovisions most likely create the same feeling for the once participating in the Contest, as a part of their country delegation or working with the planning and hosting.

With those words I share with you a few photos from the Eurovision Week in Stockholm 2000.