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A “Friends” weekend

So, a four day weekend over, with friends in Paris for different reasons and different agendas.

Started with the Irish couple, a visit which included birthday, food and a bit 40+ party. Me, I was included, or forced myself into the food and party bit and if was nice to meet up again, I have not seen them since I visited Dublin years ago even if there’s been a social media contact more or less monthly since then.

Second visitor in Paris this weekend was more of a surprise. The plan from start was to have a late lunch or early dinner but life decide to go other ways sometimes.

Note that we now talk about a old classmate I more or less not meet since school around 1981/1982 even if I was reminded of a weekend with a 5 years reunion the class had. A happening I forgot about.

So, if you not seen a person in almost 40 years things change. No one is the same and when a hotel booking mistake outcome was to stay at my place for one night this arrangement might have ended up in a situation no one of us would have felt comfortable in. Maybe most me who actually much more private as a person than most of the human kind.

But all went well and it was actually a nice visit and included the fact that I also discovered some new bars and Restaurants in my area of Paris.

So, today, back at work for one day before a national holiday and some days off again. Needed and hopefully productive.