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Music in June 2019

Finally had some time to look at the smart playlist for June 2019, the songs listen to the most and here are the top 10 (see picture). I know, not much match the official charts in Sweden or France… Not the world to be honest but still the best party playlist ever.

Hopefully my blog followers will take a few minutes to listen to some of the songs and maybe, just maybe, find a new summer 2019 favorite tune. It’s time to create that “Summer 2019 Soundtrack”.


1st of july 2019

Welcome the first day July 2019, this picture is the first one taken this month, Metro Station Guy Moquet and the early Paris life, a Paris waking up to another nice day (even if not as hot as the pasted week).

At the same time my random playlist decide to pitch “Clabbe” and “An evening in Paris” – Can life be better?


Today it’s ticket releases

Today, have no idea from what time (can’t find the info) for the release of the tickets to Myléne Farmer 2019 – The film in November 2019.

I struggle… Buy or not, for heavens sake the film will be released on DVD and I have seen the show twice already, I kind of between two bales of hay or maybe a rock and a hard place.

Again it is a once in a lifetime experience but for a movie? Really Mr Björn, think think think

Beside this it is another major hot fantastic day in Paris. And of course it’s never fun to work when it’s extremely hot and the Paris Metro ligne 13 smells extra nice when people sweat as pigs but still… It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s amazing.

Remember this in February when winter never seems to end, whatever Greta Thunberg say.


Summer – drink water

The so called African Heat already in Paris and the Swedish News are full of it. Panic! Thank you Greta Thunberg. It’s not unheard of weeks with tropical nights in Sweden. I remember many summer nights when people sleep on their balconies and that was way before Greta entered the scene.

In any case, this is kind of 1000 times better than -40 and winter so enjoy it while it last. Myself, I am terrible when it comes to drinking enough water during heat waves and that’s why I always have a kidney stone attack a few weeks after some time in warm weather, and I expect the same now in France.

It works during weekends, at home, then I drink so much Perrier that the trip to the supermarket carrying it home is an work out on its own merits. But in the week… No… I do’t know why, but I can’t drink when I’m not thirsty.



paris – Summer

So, yesterday Paris really meet summer, for real. Finally according to me… But as always heat is only fun when you don’t work so I hope for more modest temperatures during the week. A week full of stuff I must do before one week of “vacation”. Vacation within brackets since having visitors from Sweden over actually not so much of a vacation. It’s fun but you need to do the tourism tour a Paris… This time I can enjoy the fact that my guest been in Paris before so not son much sights this time.

Enjoy Paris now… Locals and Tourists


Daylight saving

Maybe the best thing EU ever done

So finally we might get rid of the stupid idea of daylight saving time in Europe. Face the facts, Sweden don’t need it, if anything we need winter daylight saving. And to move the the daylight to appear in the evening during winter one hour is a joke. We need to adjust the “normal” time with 4 – 5 hours. Try that as a project…


The picture found on internet, please tell me if not allowed to use it

Canal St Martin

A fantastic day for a walk, lets experience Canal St Martin.

Imagen, two Swedes living in Paris and decides on a nice walk and take a look at Canal St Martin, have dinner and maybe sit down having a drink alongside the canal watching the sunset. Yes, it was the plan. But when you put two Swedish brains together, with no sense of direction whatsoever the nice walk changes into a, still nice walk but in the wrong direction. We found the canal and than decided on lets walk that way… Wrong answer, wrong way.

After around 13 km the decision to look at Google maps told us we were way off on our way to Bistros, food and a drink in the sunset. On the other hand we experienced the banlieue without any meaning to do so.

So, St Martin still on the Paris bucket list for me.


A “Friends” weekend

So, a four day weekend over, with friends in Paris for different reasons and different agendas.

Started with the Irish couple, a visit which included birthday, food and a bit 40+ party. Me, I was included, or forced myself into the food and party bit and if was nice to meet up again, I have not seen them since I visited Dublin years ago even if there’s been a social media contact more or less monthly since then.

Second visitor in Paris this weekend was more of a surprise. The plan from start was to have a late lunch or early dinner but life decide to go other ways sometimes.

Note that we now talk about a old classmate I more or less not meet since school around 1981/1982 even if I was reminded of a weekend with a 5 years reunion the class had. A happening I forgot about.

So, if you not seen a person in almost 40 years things change. No one is the same and when a hotel booking mistake outcome was to stay at my place for one night this arrangement might have ended up in a situation no one of us would have felt comfortable in. Maybe most me who actually much more private as a person than most of the human kind.

But all went well and it was actually a nice visit and included the fact that I also discovered some new bars and Restaurants in my area of Paris.

So, today, back at work for one day before a national holiday and some days off again. Needed and hopefully productive.



The feeling

You know the feeling when you go to work in the morning and the city is kind of empty? This happened to me today and as always, not having a 100% overview of public holidays in France, was “shit, I am on my way to work and it’s a public holiday I’ve missed”.

But no, it seems like it’s a normal work day, at least the cleaning ladies was here in the morning.