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Time to Eeyoreize

The picture might not be the best at the moment, cause if you close to a Swede, fear might be the correct emotion. But… If we bow down, they win.

But it really is the time of Eeyoreize, winter is closer than ever, the world is crazy and I really must decide if I am going to move from France, and if yes, any other EU country or going back to a Sweden that looks everything else then something you want to go back to, snowing in Stockholm.

That said, the Friday 2 Friday Spotify chart is again up on a Friday.

Friday2Friday Songs

Friday2Friday – Artists

Friday2Friday – Albums

Have a nice TGIF.


Finally, the work week is over

Nice TGIF on all of you, the work week is soon over and today I only noticed 2 flat pigeons on the way to work. On the down side it is a French team Rugby game today, so we need to park our bikes outside the closed area around the “Rugby Village” at Place de la Concorde.

Today the world also woke up to a new release by Army of lover’s. Life IS wonderful! Superb little tune.

And of course, no TGIF without the Friday to Friday most played songs on Spotify. Yes, Most played at my house, not global. People do not have that much good taste as I do.

Friday 2 Friday – Songs

Friday 2 Friday – Artists

Friday 2 Friday – Albums

With this very important update I bid you a Nice weekend, and publish, for you all, the cover of the remix single by John Duff.


Last day of the workweek

So finally there, a week full of work, travel, UN meeting, blisters on the left foot and most likely some KG up in weight because missed out gym time (when I was in Geneva). Lovely!

But TGIF, always a plus.

We start with the second single from Agnetha’s “A+” album, soon to be released.

Honestly don’t know what to say…. But to me it sound a bit like when you put a beat on using a online tool, and then add the lyrics by singing yourself. Not very impressed I’m must say, not bad! Not saying that, but not so impressed either.

Then of course we have our “Friday to Friday” charts. Most played songs, albums and artists this week, Friday to Friday.

Artists – Friday to Friday

Songs – Friday to Friday

Albums – Friday to Friday

With that, enjoy your TGIF, and I will soon get back to normal and explode a bit over the fact that yesterday traffic in Paris went mental.


Voila, here it is…

…The TGIF! Again, as always SO welcome. Even if it rains, if not cat and dogs, cats and hippopotamus.

Looks like the last weekend before payday will be a cold and wet one so most likely stay home and, in Swedish, “pyssla”.

With this statement I present this weeks Friday to Friday.

Friday to Friday – Songs

Friday to Friday – Artist

Friday to Friday – Albums

With that, hopefully you find a favorite you forgot about and add it to your playlist, and have a nice TGIF.


So, TBT today then

We have the #TBT day, we past the hump, and facing the TGIF. Sounds like a good idea.

Surprise though to, as every fu**ing Thursday arrive to work with a new record of emails in the inbox. I do not understand why Thursdays is the email day. Or yes I do, we work mainly with the Middle East so they are off Fridays, and most likely want to close the week, so Thursday is the closing of the week day.

Finally also made my pick on “Artist of the month”, you can find:

My Yaki-Da Playlist on open spotify by clicking HERE


New week,

and more panic… Or something. I have no idea what is happening in the world. Today I learned that HEETS Blue will be cancelled in France. Not a good thing, cause the alternatives is actually not that good to “smoke”. And still no date for the new IQOS system, that now is the “normal” in the rest of Europe, but not in France.

We also wait for the instructions on the upcoming World Championships in Rugby, that will start this week. The Place de la Concorde will be the place for the “Rugby Village” and game days might be tough to get to work. So… Not the best of times ahead.

I also keep my head under my arm and forget things I seriously should not forget.

That said, feel free to use Open Spotify for the “Most played in August” playlist. You find it here.

And tomorrow I might publish the June-Aug, summer 2023, most played here as well. So far only at “X”.


The slot.

It’s amazing really. That 5 minute spot in the morning when you go from “no cars in the streets” to “motor vehicle anarchy” on the streets of Paris. From “I can take my bike and almost close my eyes for 20 minutes” to “My God, why is there cars and Motorbikes in the cycling lane?”.

Well, hump day starts and soon the Countdown “3” before the forced 2 week vacation start. The only thing I am 100% sure of is that after this week , and the perfect weather, next week will most likely be a rainy mess.

The only thing planned so far is the 25th when Laila (my bike) will be at the “Bike doctor” for maintenance de luxe.

And this months music post:

The past 4 weeks stats from Spotify.

/ Björn